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Render LaTeX in Discord chat.

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Description from store This addon will render LaTeX formulas in the Discord browser client. To type a formula to render, use $e^x$ for inline or $$e^x$$ for display mode. Note that Discord can be a bit funny with the characters *, _, and \. Adding backslashes \ before those to escape Discord's message formatting functions will fix your messages.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-12-10) hau ruck: Many, many thanks for finally inventing this. It almost works flawlessly. Why just almost? Because firstly, you have to put crazy amounts of escaping backslashes into the equations and secondly, because things often render in a rather ugly way. For example the integral symbols are just one line high and don't reach the lower and upper limit's position. Also the big parenthesis are rendered as small standard ones which makes things like putting fractions into functions like sin, log or powers hard. Another thing that bothers me is the false rendering of script or calligraphy letters. Other than those negative things which probably could and hopefully will be improved in the future, I love the idea, function and usability.
  • (2020-11-23) Ghospeas: Isn't it crazy how no-one has written a review for this yet? I'll gladly put in my two cents. I often find myself needing to format math equations when I'm trying to explain some homework to my peeps, and LaTeX was the first thing to pop into my mind as a solution. Sadly, since Discord doesn't natively support it, I've been trying to find ways to easily sneak it in. I've heard that Discord bots are a good remedy for this, but that only seems to work for servers, not when it comes to direct messaging. That brings me to this neat little extension! After downloading and testing it out, I saw that the latency between it reading the message and displaying it correctly was hardly noticeable—and the formatting was better than I expected! The only downside I found was that it only displays it when you have the extension, ruling out mobile users being able to view it as well. I think this could be solved by converting the math to images, although that would take quite a bit of heft to work out.


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