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The most secure way to share files over email.

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Description from store Skizzle is built to be easy to use without giving up privacy and security of encryption. It encrypts and decrypts files locally, maintaining Privacy of Gmail attachments so that no one except the sender and intended recipients can access the file(s) shared. Not even us! You don’t have to trust any third party with your data. Protect your personal or business data every time you share and collaborate. Features: 1. Secure file sharing Protect your attachments and control who has access to it Locally encrypt file attachments and upload and share it with anyone via Gmail You only need the receivers email ID to share a file with them 2. Easy to Use Just turn on a toggle in your Gmail compose window to attach a file and encrypt it. No hassle of managing your keys, but only you can retrieve them. Create an account with your existing Gmail ID to fetch your keys and the extension takes care of everything. 3. Data Privacy Comply with data privacy requirements by encrypting all private and sensitive file attachments shared through Gmail 4. Manage Access Control View everyone you have shared a file with, in one place Revoke access to one or more users even after you have shared the file with them 5. Transparent Verification on Blockchain All actions performed on your file can be verified on a blockchain so you can know what is happening to your files at any point 6. Multi-Account Support Signup with more than one account and manage each of them separately Pricing: Skizzle comes with a free plan to get you started. Coming soon: - View only permissions with local decryption and disabling the download of files - Team plans and features - Time-based access and auto revoking How it works: - SENDING FILES Skizzle “talks” to your Gmail and inserts a security switch in your Compose window, once turned on, it edits your standard Attach action which encrypts files you choose, in the browser, and uploads the encrypted file to our distributed storage servers. The encryption keys to these files are stored, locally, in the extension and we or any other service do not have access to them, and hence they cannot be snooped on or exposed even if we are hacked. Your public-private keys are decentralized through over 100 servers, from which only the user can retrieve their keys. You send these files by hitting the Send button, which “shares” the file(s) with your intended recipients and stores these logs on a public blockchain(Ethereum). This enables public verifiability of who has access to which files at any point in time, in a privacy-preserving manner. - RECEIVING FILES The only time Skizzle reads your emails is when it encounters one with Skizzle encrypted attachments in them. Even when doing so, we completely ignore all of your email’s content. The extension only checks if there are any encrypted attachments and fetches them. When you hit the download button, your access permissions are checked and the encrypted file is downloaded and then decrypted locally with your keys, ensuring End to End Encryption. - REVOKING ACCESS Skizzle allows users to remotely revoke access to files shared. This means that the intended recipient, whose access has been revoked, can no longer download the file. The true power of this will be in effect when we release our “View Only” permission very soon. Users can set this permission on files they share so recipients cannot download these files(and then re-share with others) and revoking access remotely ensures no further access is possible. Notice: We are currently in public beta and would appreciate any feedback or features that you’d like to see in Skizzle. Contact us on [email protected] or https://www.twitter.com/SkizzleDotEmail Our Story: We built a decentralized and distributed cloud storage platform at https://newfang.io. Think of it as AWS S3 with a focus on security and privacy. When looking at applications for our storage platforms, it became clear that sharing files over email or even via various cloud sharing tools was a major security/privacy sink. With Skizzle, we feel we can completely fix this and ensure that your data(files+information), whether in a personal or professional context, can remain private and completely in your control. As it should be.

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  • (2020-10-19) satu dua: nice tech and need more adoption
  • (2020-10-17) yang punya channel: if in the future there is an application it will definitely be even better
  • (2020-10-16) K. Haald: cool
  • (2020-10-16) Karan Singh Chauhan: Awesome!!
  • (2020-09-24) Abhijith Shetty: Tackles the one thing that's missing in file transfer services right now - exceptional security. Adding it as an extension is a cinch and using it is extremely intuitive. If you deal with sensitive data like I do, Skizzle's highly recommended!


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