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Translator for web pages. Translate words and phrases. Full page translator based on Google Translate.

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Description from store Web Translator is your everyday helper to translate an unknown foreign word, sentence, or whole article. It’s a simple and fast way to translate text into another language without breaking away from work. Translate while you read and write with Web Translate, the world's most accurate translator. With this translator, you can enjoy Google translate unbeatable translation quality without leaving your browser. You'll be able to translate effortlessly and instantly whatever you're reading or writing within Chrome. Select and right-click on any text and choose to translate this selection. Due to a language barrier, you no longer must worry about missing any information throughout the web. Download Translator for Chrome for free to start translating today. FUTURE Translate while reading Learn a language by reading whatever you like. Translate words & phrases live on any web page. Click words or phrases on any site to translate them. Translate your writing With the translator, you can write your content at the top of the pop-up and get the translation at the bottom. All translations (like French, German, Spanish, Arabic, and ninety-seven other languages) are powered by neural machine translations by Google Translate that accurately translates your content. Double click translation You will be able to translate on double-click to get a quick translation of words. Text-to-speech Use TTS function that helps you learn how words sound as well as phonetic transcription. Full-page translations Translate entire web pages into your desired language with just one click. This is a new feature provided by Google Translator for free that we integrated into our translator. Translation History All translation history is stored in your browser's local storage. To find or delete your translation history, click the extension icon in the top right corner of your browser. Then click the "Show translation history" icon in the pop-up window. This translator does not use any cloud storage. Therefore, after removing the extension, all your translation history will be deleted from the browser's local storage without the possibility of recovery.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-23) Hamza Br: good experience
  • (2023-03-23) Just W: nice,it help me a lot
  • (2023-03-23) Welinton Zampirolli: unica forma de funcionar é se curtir a pagina do app
  • (2023-03-23) Phạm Duy Trực: ok
  • (2023-03-23) Manh Duy (tynno): ok
  • (2023-03-23) Peter Mahfouz: nice
  • (2023-03-23) SeeleMyLuv: It's super handy and useful, easier to use than the google translate
  • (2023-03-22) Defz _: пон
  • (2023-03-22) Marco Antonio Solorza Nolasco: Bien
  • (2023-03-22) Smile Show: круто
  • (2023-03-22) احمد نبيل: good
  • (2023-03-22) Imma Sj: El trobo a faltar.
  • (2023-03-21) Kostiantyn Zheliezov: Есть баги, озвучка работает через раз... Но в целом - сойдет
  • (2023-03-21) moh reemas: ok
  • (2023-03-21) Hoi Wan: good
  • (2023-03-21) Camilo Rosero: Funciona muy bien
  • (2023-03-21) Amigos Farm: ANUNCIO PARA AVALIAR ESTÁ APARECENDO E NÃO SAI DA TELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2023-03-21) Piotr Razniak: Dziala prawidlowo.
  • (2023-03-21) Vural Şahin: zorla puanlatıyor
  • (2023-03-21) Xiong Peng: 非常不错,很实用,翻译的效果跟GOOGLE TRANSLATOR 目前还没有比较过
  • (2023-03-21) 胡宏升: 目前试用还行
  • (2023-03-21) Borges Fabiana: Nice
  • (2023-03-20) Pascal Salvador: Works well, allowing me to read foreign languages fluently without stuck on weird words that I don't understand because I can get their meanings with a single left double-click on them. Very useful for a fluent experience on reading web content.
  • (2023-03-20) Shashank Tripathi: It's very helpful tool.
  • (2023-03-20) xiaomeng wang: 非常不错,小窗口用起来很方便
  • (2023-03-20) Vi Kock: keren
  • (2023-03-20) iTech Computers: awesome
  • (2023-03-20) ROBIN DANIEL PELAEZ TORRES: util
  • (2023-03-20) Trọng Ngân Nguyễn: good
  • (2023-03-19) Agatha Harkness: Muito completo e simples de usar.
  • (2023-03-19) Erivan Salas: util
  • (2023-03-19) xuecheng li: very good plugin for learning
  • (2023-03-19) josita :3: muy util, ahora puedo entender las paginas completas sin tener que pasar uno por uno las palabras je
  • (2023-03-18) adry srz: good
  • (2023-03-18) روتبيل الشنهاوي: ممتازة
  • (2023-03-18) Greynjer Gittins: na herramienta muy útil para traducir texto entre diferentes idiomas. Sin embargo, recientemente ha comenzado a ser molesta, ya que requiere que los usuarios califiquen la extensión para poder usarla, incluso si ya la han calificado. Esto ha causado frustración entre los usuarios que ya han calificado la extensión, y ha llevado a algunos a dejar de usarla.
  • (2023-03-17) Angela Babko: Super
  • (2023-03-17) Mateusz Zębala: Ok
  • (2023-03-17) Moises Reyes: exelente
  • (2023-03-17) Matteo Signori: Utile, anche se a volte appare la finestra in mezzo al testo e disturba un pò
  • (2023-03-17) Matias Lillo: good app
  • (2023-03-17) yk c: 很不错
  • (2023-03-16) louis: gostei e é bom um ótimo amigo para te acompanhar na jornada internetrt
  • (2023-03-16) Gbnman 0198: It can translate a whole website in one click
  • (2023-03-16) Zhixiong Zhuang: nice
  • (2023-03-16) Amy Cervantes: VERRY GOOD
  • (2023-03-16) Jesica Rodriguez: Me encantó, super útil y fácil de usar.
  • (2023-03-16) REYK: Gut
  • (2023-03-15) Você ,: legal
  • (2023-03-15) Світомир Писанка: Був випадок, як замість перекладу з рос. на укр., чи навпаки, результатом було просто копіювання вихідного тексту...

Latest issues

  • (2023-03-21, v:1.0.8) MIREYA HELENA ZAVALA LAYA: Problema
    No me traduce
  • (2023-01-27, v:1.0.7) Phatsakorn Chosungnoen: รีวิว Loop
    ไม่ให้ใช้ต้องมารีวิวก่อน พอรีวิวเสร็จ ก็ยังไม่ให้ใช้ ให้ไปรีวิวอีก คืออะไร?
  • (2023-01-17, v:1.0.7) Jawad Abu Zakhem: History of popup translation isn't included
    It's a lightweight easy to use and understand tool, however I expect that the history of popup translation is also kept. this is not the case.
  • (2023-01-04, v:1.0.6) hidro forix: Broken my website
    This extension auto append some HTML to our editor on my admin website (Shopify admin)
  • (2022-12-28, v:1.0.6) Mikhail Lazarev: Проблемы с использованием
    Здравствуйте, проблема с использованием, при входе в плагин выводится "If you like Translator please take a minute and rate it on Chrome Web Store", но суть в том что я уже оставил отзыв. Или я что-то делаю не так?
  • (2022-12-21, v:1.0.6) Liliia Lahoda: It pastes unnesesary text
    It pastes unnesesary text with "translate to languages (and dozen of languages links)" to all the documents I'm writing in my browser! It's unapropriate and frustrating! Please, check this issue. You can try creating an article in Zendesk where this bug reproduces every time.
  • (2022-11-26, v:1.0.6) TIGER 5541: does not work
    If you like Translator please take a minute and rate it on Chrome Web Store This is what happens when I start using the extension i rate it on the site but it didn't work I hope to solve the problem as soon as possible Thanks
  • (2022-11-10, v:1.0.6) Nick: Focus on text field
    Hi! This extension is amazing! I used google translator extension for the long time, but it's very limited in comparison with your extension! My proposition is to activate focus(cursor for typing) when icon extension was clicked. It will allow to type text without additional mouse-move and clicking manually. Google translator extension has this behaviour and it's very convenient Thanks in advance!
  • (2022-11-03, v:1.0.6) Kusal Darshana: Add Sinhala Language too...
    This is very cool and usefull ectension and I love to use it. But there's no Sinhala Language in the Language list. Please add it too. It will make us more easier....
  • (2022-10-25, v:1.0.6) United We Stand: Translating Window
    When I highlight text to translate near the bottom of the screen most of the translator box can't be seen because it appears below the text off the screen instead of above the text. I use the highlight & translate a lot & it works great. This is the first time I tried to highlight text near the bottom of the screen & discovered this problem. Here is the link for the text near the bottom of the screen so you can test it https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/ycyo8z/what_is_the_greatest_video_game_quote_of_all_time/ My PC is Windows 11 Home 64-bit 21H2; using the Brave browser version 1.44.112
  • (2022-10-01, v:1.0.6) G. G. P.: Feedback request doesn't let me use the extension
    Greetings, I've been using your extension for a few days and it was working wonderfully. However, when I click on it it now shows a grey screen that says "If you like Translator please take a minute and rate it on Chrome Web Store". It doesn't let me translate and I can't close it, which is already annoying, but after leaving a (positive) review on the store it still comes up every time. What can I do? Thanks.
  • (2022-09-12, v:1.0.6) Титан Первый: Triple click support
    That's quite easy to add and you don't need even to add an option to the interface. Just re-get the selection on the third click. So, if double-click mode enabled and you click three times (select the line), the popup-translator would translater whole line. (Currently it's translating just one word despite the fact whole line is selected)
  • (2022-07-10, v:1.0.6) Bulut Ke: Pop Up out of screen
    Hello, i found out a bug that if you translate by double click or select to translate on the sides the pop up is inaccessible(out of screen). In order to fix this i recommend moving the pop up if location is off by the page's size. Regards.
  • (2022-06-07, v:1.0.6) Ricardo Urrecheaga Gilarranz: It don`t work
    I had set it to translate sites, but it don`t work
  • (2022-05-16, v:1.0.6) Celia Clara Càceres Gimènez: Inscripción
    Cómo es la inscripción , cuánto cuesta , por cuando tiempo, qué capacidad de letras, que edad, que conocimiento exigen, qué temas ofrecen y, que tiempo,- Por empezar no amo a los del norte, por lo tanto desconozco el idioma inglés, manejo más o menos portugués, francés. italiano, guaraní y castellanos. Soy paraguaya, nacida en Asunción, criada en Villarrica. Hice el primer grado en el Colegio María Auxiliadora de Villarrica y pasé, con mis padres y hermanos a vivir en Resistencia Chaco Argentina. Me casé y pasé a vivir en Corrientes, capital de la provincia del mismo nombre Argentina. Tengo tres hijos Argentinos. Uno quiere vivir en Paraguay, pero se ató a una misionera que lo detiene en Corrientes. Soy hermana del Ingeniero Civil Carlos Augusto Tadeo Cáceres quien trabajó mucho tiempo con ustedes, ahora vive en Corrientes, su hija, mayor, es odontóloga y trabaja en la zona de Cerro Porteño y un hijo, el menor también ingeniero que vive y trabaja en Asunción, el mediano Contador Público Nacional casado con una Ingeniera en Sistema , ambos viven en Corrientes, Tengo tres hijos argentinos, el mayor y el mediano son Ingenieros en Sistema, el menor técnico agropecuario, herrero y electricista. Olvide comentarles que mi padre fue excombatiente y ambos : papá y mamá son de Villarrica mi padre Cáceres Ruy Diaz y mi madre Jiménez Narváez hija de uno de los fundadores de Coronel Oviedo, Mis abuelos paternos Cáceres Aguilera y mi abuela paterna Ruy Díaz Cristaldo. apellido pariente de Rosa Guarú Cristaldo, madre del General San Martin.- La Historia es muy bonita y muy larga para recordar, pero con el apellido del historiador Argentino Felipe Piña Cristaldo , salimos todos parientes y lo más lindo es que vivimos para contar y darnos cuenta que los días pasan, pero mediante la historia, no estamos lejos de nuestros antecesores, tampoco estamos lejos de la historia paraguaya y argentina. Nos enseña que todos somos hermanos y que debemos vivir en una franca harmonía .-
  • (2022-05-10, v:1.0.6) marioara terpian: reclame porno si !!!!!!!!!
    sunt copiii
  • (2022-05-07, v:1.0.6) Jacobs Boringlife: when i hover over text it shows original text, anyway to hide it ?
    when i hover over text it shows original text, anyway to hide it ?
  • (2022-05-05, v:1.0.6) Shukhrat Nurmukhamedov: the widget stopped working
    The widget asks to rate it and write a review and doesn't work without it. I wrote it long time ago, but it's still not working. How can I activate it back?
  • (2022-04-08, v:1.0.6) Ahmd Fsl: Mistaken Japanese Kanji for Chinese characters
    Most often when trying to translate Japanese words filled with only Kanji characters was mistaken with Chinese characters instead. The auto-detect language unable to identify the source language. Even with manual translation, the selected language was automatically switched to Chinese instead of maintaining it as Japanese.
  • (2022-04-02, v:1.0.6) Edward Kelly: Good to see that
    What's doing you like
  • (2022-03-17, v:1.0.6) Александр Старцев: Ошибка ГУИ
    Нашел ошибку в работе приложения Нажимаешь перевести - окно перевода высвечивает за границами пользовательского интерфейса
  • (2022-03-14, v:1.0.6) Kel Nonato: Parou de funcionar
    Parou de funcionar pedindo avaliação e mesmo depois de eu ter avaliado ele não voltou a funcionar
  • (2022-03-11, v:1.0.6) Aaron Jones: is google translator being used?
    i dont like google's data tracking practices.. does this use google translation services to do it's translation?
  • (2022-03-06, v:1.0.6) Ray Gun: dogum tarihi
  • (2022-02-16, v:1.0.6) Carnival Channel: Doesn't work
    I used it for several days, then it just stops translating, I press the "Translate" button, nothing happens, I tried to find a solution, I did not find it. The extension works but does not translate
  • (2021-11-30, v:1.0.4) Anderson Souza: Não funciona na versão 96 do google
    Parou de funcionar, clica no botão pra traduzir e nada acontece.
  • (2021-11-11, v:1.0.4) Mohamed Medhat: The translation box position
    The translation box is not in the right position on the screen. In most cases, I can't see the top half of the box. My screen resolution is 1920 * 1080.
  • (2021-11-01, v:1.0.4) Marads Yuuka: Reddit weird spacing between words
    With this extension active while accesing old Reddit the words under the posts (comments share save hide give award report crosspost) get spread out instead of the normal align left. Note that I use old Reddit, so I don't know if it affects the new design.
  • (2021-09-29, v:1.0.4) ronrishadi ronrishadi: no work
    it dosent work when i double click on it it just flashes and removes and i cant translate what is going on
  • (2021-09-29, v:1.0.4) ronrishadi ronrishadi: no work
    it dosent work when i double click on it it just flashes and removes and i cant translate what is going on
  • (2021-08-14, v:1.0.2) Tinkervon: LISTADO DE IDIOMAS
    Cómo activar otros idiomas?
  • (2021-03-17, v:1.0.2) Tattoonie TattooArt: Añadir idiomas
    Buenas, la extension tiene buena pinta, pero No encuentro el listado de idiomas


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