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Type Superscripts, Subscripts, and Other Scientific and Mathematical Symbols Directly Into Google Forms and Google Sheets

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Description from store No need to copy and paste from other sources! For Superscript: type ^ before the character you want. For Subscript: type _ before the character you want. For Science or Math symbol: type \ then the character you want. For Accent or other symbols: type ` then the accent or character you want. To toggle Superscripts: press ctrl and the . key. To toggle Subscripts: press ctrl and the , key. This extension applies only to Google Forms and Google Sheets. More Details: For most fonts these Unicode glyphs for super and sub scripts are actually the numerators and denominators for diagonal fractions and so they may not look exactly the same as the equivalent markup. There are super and sub scripts for all numerical digits. However, there are some super and sub Latin letters that have not yet been encoded by the Consortium, particularly for subscripts. In those cases a message will be displayed on the screen and the original typed character will appear instead. Once installed, click on the SuperSub Extension Icon (top right corner of Chrome) to see the list of characters that have already been encoded and the required key to type. I will of course update this list as soon as we get more super and sub glyphs encoded by the Consortium. For the science and math symbols, I chose those that are, from my experience, the most commonly used in high school science and math and I tried to match the Greek letters to the closest corresponding Latin equivalents whenever I could. For the overhead vector symbol, the vector symbol needs to be typed first and then the letter for the base. Placing a space before the overhead vector symbol may be necessary in some cases. For accents above the letter: 1. the letter needs to typed first, 2. then press the ` key (usually found at the top left corner of QWERTY keyboards), 3. and then press the key corresponding to the accent that you want. Here are the keys for some of the most common accents: `1 for acute `2 for grave `3 for circumflex `4 for macron `5 for tilde `6 for breve `7 for hacek `8 for diaeresis or umlaut `9 for dot above `0 for ring above There are other keys that will also trigger these accents. Click on the SuperSub Extension Icon for the full list of accents and some other international symbols. In situations where you want ^ or _ or \ or ` to appear in the text just press the key twice. Short Bio: Hi, my name is Hyoun Park and I'm a high school teacher and developer living just north of Toronto in Canada. I built this extension primarily for teachers and students. These days the need for simpler, more effective time-saving tools is an even greater imperative. I am also an associate member of the teachassist foundation.

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  • (2021-03-21) michael cortwrong: doesnt even work and most of these reveiws are bots you can tell because they are all saying it changed their life and made them succsesful
  • (2021-02-26) Taseen Hossain: first of all i cant even se how it helps. it just gives a list of charecters
  • (2020-12-11) seanblit: Truly a masterpiece from the doctor. The mastermind Hyoun Park raises the bar so exquisitely and delicately as if he were a ballerina on ice. His work revolutionized our previous understanding of quantum mechanics and innovated Einstein's theory of relativity. His capabilities are endless at this rate. Exponential greatness. Outstanding work Dr Park!
  • (2020-11-27) Ronel Buzer: Absolutely Incredible
  • (2020-11-27) Charlie Kamra: I may not know it now, but I am at least 83% certain this extension is the reason I am going to succeed in life. Don't hesitate, download now!
  • (2020-11-02) David zu: This was more than just a Google Chrome extension. It was the catalyst that motivated me to unravel the deepest secrets of the Universe. All the meaning and truth contained within the mortal domain of my life was unleashed by the symbolic strength of the subscripts and superscripts, transcending dimensions and Google Forms API to deliver to me the answer to life and beyond. Truly a mystical experience like no other.
  • (2020-11-02) Gavin Song: Absolute banger extension. Once again Dr. Park outdoes himself!!!


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