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Description from extension meta Unofficial Dreamwidth Tools
Image from store Dreamwidth Tools
Description from store Tools that make using Dreamwidth for roleplaying purposes much easier! Version 5.0.0 Customize text buttons Experimental blacklist Features: Comment page autoscroll Load all comment pages at once Action Tag text insert button "Text Message" text insert button Imgur album icon insert and Icon Selector Icon Selector on unpaid accounts Batch Icon uploading
Latest reviews (2017-10-29) Rhin Rowlands: A great app, makes bracket action tags easy and html error free. I have a friend who uses the imgur icon function and since we both have the tools app her imgur icon perfectly replaces the DW icon. She functionally has unlimited icons on a free account with no visual difference between hers and a paid account at all. (But...only if the person viewing her tags also has the tools app. So it's good for characters used in PSLs, not so great for games.) (2015-11-30) Kerry Wilkinson: I'm not sure what happened recently with Chrome or Dreamwidth but as of today it's stopped working. I have no buttons on the reply boxes and the next page of comments doesn't load. (2015-08-08) Jesse Warren: It was great, but the buttons stopped showing up with the last Windows update. (2015-04-27) Samantha Lim: This is a great extension for RPers! However, there is a bug where it won't work if you load Dreamwidth using https://, the buttons simply won't show up at all in the reply form. (2015-03-18) Mags Newson: I love this extension so much - I was having some issues with it the past couple of days, but that's fixed itself one way or another. Great tool for RPers on dreamwidth! (2015-01-09) Charles Matthew Smit: My favorite Chrome extension! (2014-06-10) Jay Emme: I found this immensely helpful! The only issue is that the imguricon function makes the formatting of the comment look a bit messy. It would be easier with this code: <table><tr><td style="vertical-align:top"><table height="100" width="100" background="USERPIC"><tr><td></tr></tr></table></td><td style="vertical-align:bottom">TEXT </td></tr></table> Which aligns the icons and text to make it look cleaner and doesn't bunch up the options (thread/reply/etc) after the icon is inserted into the comment. (2014-06-01) Melly B: It's alright! I enjoy the fact you can change the action tag meaning it's multi-purpose for all your accounts and, more or less, it's easy to understand. my only issue is the imgur icon option since it isn't exactly clear what one does with this. Still this is a useful app for anyone who uses Google Chrome for DWRP and is a must have for anyone who has multiple accounts/multiple tags waiting for them. (2014-05-25) Jay Tea: I downloaded this as soon as I found out about it, and I have to say I'm in love with it so far. Having a button to generate the code I need for text and action tags is going to be a life saver and spare me from having to edit if I mess up my html. I haven't used the imgur icon option yet, but I have a feeling I'll be using that somewhere down the line. (2014-05-25) Amanda Melanson: 3 out of 5 because while it's great I don't have to keyword my icons and have a browse button to find them, this does not give you reactivated icons when your paid expires. Which, okay in reality that's fine because cheating the system and what not but still what's the point of it in that case beyond 'hey i don't have to keyword my icons!'

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