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Auto Swiper for Tinder, Bumble and more!

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Auto Swiper Extension to Swipe Tinder, Bumble, Lovoo, PoF and OkCupid Profiles.

Image from store Auto Swiper for Tinder, Bumble and more!
Description from store The Auto Swiper Extension enhances your experience on dating sites such as Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, PoF, OkCupid and more, allowing you to spend more time getting to know people. For optimal usage of the Auto Swiper Extension, I suggest loosening the filters on dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, PoF, OkCupid, and others, and then using the Auto Swiper to adjust the filters based on your preferences. This will result in more swipes to dislike profiles, ultimately boosting your reputation on the dating site. The Auto Swiper Extension provides various ways to filter profiles on dating sites such as Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, PoF, OkCupid and more. The free version of the software includes the following features: - A maximum of 100 swipes per run and 500 swipes per day. - The ability to define age range. - Minimum photo requirement. - The option to filter out unwanted words (up to 10). - Swipe speed ranges from approximately 2.5 to 4.5 seconds per swipe. If you want even more features and options, subscription options are available at https://auto-swiper.ch/#pricing. However, please note that dating apps frequently update their interfaces, which may affect the functionality of the Auto Swiper Extension. If you experience any issues, please inform the developer. A list of Supported Dating Sites you find under: https://auto-swiper.ch/#features Because Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, PoF, OkCupid and others are always changing their apps there can be problems with the Auto Swiper. Please inform me if the extension does not work properly anymore. Changelog: https://www.auto-swiper.ch/changelog.html

Latest reviews

  • (2023-11-27) Raphael Ali: Bonjour, super application rien à redire. Deux idées: serait-il possible d'ajouter le nombre de match réalisé lors d'une session de swiping ? Et de garder un historique du nombre de swipes gauche, de swipes droit, de matchs lors d'une session de 100 swiping ? Pour la data analyse ce serait super. Merci à vous.
  • (2023-11-15) Rishav Saha: This was brilliant, very useful to say the least. But now it's paid.
  • (2023-09-18) Thiago: O melhor gratis
  • (2023-09-10) Johnny Tung: awesome
  • (2023-08-07) Titan: Its ok
  • (2023-08-05) Tu Tu: Currently has a huge bug when using on Tinder and Bumble. Crash every 15 minutes. Please fix this
  • (2023-07-25) Patrick Rice: Solid! You can use on multiple website if you create new Google chrome instances on seperate Chrome accounts!
  • (2023-07-23) Superhost Services, LLC: Fraudulent advertising. Marketing as 'unlimited unwanted words' for the 'pro' plan but they were capped at 50. Contacted developer and showed him screen shots as proof and he just said 'that's wrong, only the 'ultimate' plan gets unlimited unwanted words, and refused to honor what he advertised. Read the other bad reviews. This isn't the first time he's pulled something like this. Dude is scammer.
  • (2023-06-30) Austin Beck: works good, you should add a random swipe timer tho.... ,makes it less obvious you are auto swipping no one swipes at the exact same rate so its obvious ur a bot
  • (2023-06-28) Oliver-Beau du Rivage: is good
  • (2023-06-14) Connor (The Redline Network): By far the best autoswiper on the market, extremely well priced, updated regularly with constant dev support. Couldnt be happier 5/5
  • (2023-06-13) Deep Temperance: 13/06/23 not swiping in bumble, can you fix it?
  • (2023-06-10) Murilo Muller: Bão, app bem bom e economiza um bom tempo
  • (2023-05-18) Sal Eriotes: Its great and unique compared to the other ones.
  • (2023-03-27) Spydominator: Does the job
  • (2023-03-09) Gregory F: Actively supported (join the discord link on the support page for fastest support). Works amazingly well. The filter features like "bad words" makes this app ideal.
  • (2023-02-22) senthil subramaniam: good one must have
  • (2023-02-18) Banane: Cheap and efficient !
  • (2023-02-11) JOY Entertainment: No longer works from the last 2 updates. Always said reach limit per day during 3-4 days
  • (2023-02-08) Gold Grrl: Most issues on this app were cured by refreshing the page. Easy to use and sorta whimsical! I recommend upgrading to paid for the extra features. The only feature I would add is a shutdown timer. I routinely forget to turn it off myself
  • (2023-02-05) Mrn Jones: Hello, the app has stopped working after the most recent update. When I try to open it from the extension list next to the address bar it doesn't respond, sends red exclamation points that I interpret as error messages but doesn't explain what the error is, and keeps telling me to refresh the app. Please help in resolving this issue! The app is just totally not working
  • (2023-02-04) JD: On Tinder doesn't seem to work anymore :/ Edit 2023.02.04 On Tinder when I select an "Explore" category before starting autoswiping it always changes back to default category. Can you look into that bug? Thanks.
  • (2023-02-01) Robert Hałuza: Ok for now
  • (2023-01-29) Eric C.: Did the updated version have none of the old features like speed swipe capability and profile refresh because I have premium and I don't see those features anymore. Please advise. Thank you!
  • (2023-01-23) Siddharth Chatterjee: Amazing extension - love this technology :P
  • (2023-01-21) Ethan Ducharme: awesome
  • (2023-01-05) King Townsend (KingTV): works great you guys should add the dating app BLK.
  • (2023-01-02) Jacky Ho: It works. You need it on Bumble.
  • (2022-12-16) Danny Hop: It is the only free plugin that I found that actually works. It is rather slow with swiping, but it works in the background when you are working in another internet tab, so it is decent enough considering its free.
  • (2022-11-03) Matt Wilmot: Does exactly what you expect, perfect thanks dev!
  • (2022-10-22) Karl Karlsson: Meanwhile one, if not the best extension for lazy or even clever people. The fact that you can fake your location is also great. All this for a very reasonable price per month. Only that at some point no more unwanted words can be changed and you then have to reinstall the extension is annoying.
  • (2022-10-19) Dan: Are you all stupid? Why the hell I want to install an app that swipes left????
  • (2022-10-07) Abhisumant Tiwari: Nice extension ,easy to use and work really well
  • (2022-10-01) Kevin Williams: It is awesome
  • (2022-09-23) Fred Geerlof: Could be more stars but it is not completly doing what it promised.
  • (2022-09-10) Witch Returns: It is a very useful extension, but the new update has removed a lot of options: - It always stops at 100, instead of letting it go up to a number I set, or to an unlimited number. Where can I change the total of 100? - and the old options no longer available. Thank you
  • (2022-09-02) Liamm James: Surtic is a genius. This app GETS ME LAID A LOT with minimal effort! This app is great, highly suggest getting the premium version, it is fairly priced compared to the other apps. Guys make sure to look correctly at the parameters to get it working correctly. Join the discord and give the developer feedback.
  • (2022-08-18) Erik: Hab unironisch um einiges mehr Matches pro Tag bekommen einfach weil ich vorher zu faul war die ganze Zeit zu swipen. Hab auch per Mail geschrieben das ich nicht über Kreditkarte bezahlen kann und man hat mir direkt das Angebot gemacht über Paypal zu zahlen. Ehrenmänner
  • (2022-08-05) Ricardo Arturo S.: es buena aunque swipea muy lento desearia que swipee un poco mas rapido
  • (2022-03-23) Benjamin Battle: Simply amazing I've gotten a handful of matches and dates due to this. Just let this run while I'm working all day this is genius! Going to send the dev a donation this is just amazing.
  • (2022-03-07) Gabriel Torres: Simply incredible. Improved a lot the quality of my matches here, plus saves me hours of swipping.
  • (2022-03-06) Blake Williams: Simply put it works, you deserve 5 stars. I would like to recommend you remove the 500 swipe cap though, not sure the reasoning there but why not at least have an auto restart feature? (maybe trying to avoid obvious inauthentic behavior with things like modifying the time between swipes, I get it, so if you can't raise cap to multiple thousands at least give us auto restart plzzzzzz)
  • (2022-02-19) Yuksel Kurtbas: works like magic
  • (2022-02-10) Mateus Carvalho: Funcional, e ainda com filtro. Top.
  • (2022-02-01) chabta ndnj: This dev is doing god's work. Incredible product
  • (2022-01-26) Igor Bidiniuc: Works great, but since last version the distance is somehow ignored... that is not nice, since now I get only matches that are far from me...
  • (2022-01-25) Kandii Kitten: it works every time
  • (2022-01-17) jacob Bruno: It is currently not working currently not working on bumble
  • (2022-01-04) TERRELL DAVIS: I find it absolutely amazing it works absolutely fine and I love the fact that he gives you the options that he does great work
  • (2022-01-01) Charlie C: Doesn't seem to be working

Latest issues

  • (2023-10-21, v:3.13.1) junior t: MATCH dating
    i noticed i cant use my auto swiper for match dating site, can you add match to the list of dating site. replace with lavoo cuz not sure anyone uses that site lol i'd be happy to hear more from you or if my suggestion can be implemented soon on the next coming update
  • (2023-08-05, v:3.10.2) JOY Entertainment: I cannot run the app on multiple sites at the same time
    Ex: Run in parallel between Tinder and Bamboo. Now I have to refresh the page.
  • (2023-06-18, v:3.7.4) Rishav Saha: Swiping on Bumble has stopped working since the last week
    The extension was working fine but since last week it completely stopped swiping. Tried deleting and reinstalling multiple times, did not work. For Bumble, the counter is still adding on, but it's not swiping anymore. It's very strange. Kindly fix the bug asap.
  • (2023-05-28, v:3.7.0) Vince Wilson: doesn't work
    not working, luckily i found one that works https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/auto-liker-for-%F0%9F%94%A5/kigkkoaookbdloeellianbgcniajfbob?hl
  • (2023-04-08, v:3.4.4) Samuels Kim: Bugs when swipping and 100 hardcoded limit
    Hi there is a 'super swipe' bug that always stops the swiping. Plus there is a hard coded limit of 100 swipes. Please help otherwise i would like to unsubscribe coz am not getting real value from this . Thanks
  • (2023-04-05, v:3.4.4) Galip KÜÇÜKKAYA: Unsubscribe Premium Membership
    [email protected] - it's my mail adress. I would like to unsbscribe. Can you do it for me?
  • (2023-03-09, v:3.2.0) Gregory F: Thinking of subscribing
    Hi Are you still actively supporting this? I wanted to ask before I sign up. Gregory
  • (2023-01-30, v:3.0.0) Adel Touati: it's not working
    i just paid a month subscription but it's not working
  • (2023-01-25, v:2.11.2) Karl Karlsson: Abo erneuern
    Wie kann man ein gekündigtes Abo erneuern? Wenn ich auf Premium und abonnieren gehe, steht nur, dass es gekündigt ist. Aber kein Button zum erneuern oder so.
  • (2023-01-16, v:2.11.2) XzibitCA: Removal of subscription
    Hi there. I’d like to remove the subscription on this extension
  • (2023-01-12, v:2.11.1) FightingSpirt: Not swiping
    Im using this for tinder and its not working for me. It doesnt start.
  • (2023-01-02, v:2.11.1) Eli: Premium cant be used on multiple browser windows
    I get the error: "This email has been used too many times." If you get banned on the dating app, the autoswiper premium wont work on your next account in a fresh browser
  • (2022-11-30, v:2.11.0) richard ramo: POF
    it doesn't work for POF , im using web version and it doesnt work still. pls help
  • (2022-10-31, v:2.11.0) Mesut Doğan: extnsion randomly stops
    Hi, extension is stopping randomly. I inspected console logs and it may help you below line. Could you please fix it? Thanks. content.js:7 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'length') at xt.check (content.js:7:74640) at content.js:7:75898
  • (2022-03-07, v:1.9.2) Gabriel Torres: I will help you with translation
    Hi, for some reason your extension is showing up in Brazilian Portuguese now for me (I am in Brazil), but the texts are translated completely wrong. I can help you with the correct translation into Portuguese. Please advise. You can contact me at gabrielinsydney [at] gmail [dot] com.
  • (2022-02-22, v:1.9.1) Quédeville Julien: ERROR MESSAGE
    Hi, I am a new user of this extension on Windows 11, Chrome browser. The extension is V 1.9.1. I connected to my Tinder and Bumble accounts on Chrome ans then I launched the extension (start button°. Resut is only "ERROR It looks like AutoSwiper is not working correctly. Pleas reload Tinder or Bumble after some seconds displaying this Message without chaning to load the Content Script for the Extension to work and try it again." Thanks for your support!
  • (2022-02-11, v:1.9.0) Anh Le: Swipe too fast
    The extension swipe too fast on Edge Version 99.0.1150.11 (Official build) beta (64-bit). It seems ignore the setting and swipe like 10 profiles / second.
  • (2022-01-18, v:1.6.0) Fr1onik: auto swiper
    Hey! Can you add a distance of more than 200 kilometers in the next update? Allowable From 1000 to 1300
  • (2021-12-18, v:1.4.5) jacob Bruno: not swiping right
    the extension currently does not work. It is not swiping right and just reloading the same profile
  • (2021-12-16, v:1.4.5) Zachary Mitchell: Does not work with latest update
    Something I wanted to bring attention to, this extension does not currently allow for swiping on Tinder as of 12/16/2021 with the latest update from Tinder. It will keep cycling between app/rec and app/profile without any left or right swipes.
  • (2021-11-02, v:1.4.4) Aryan Khandelwal: Bumble extension not working properly
    I think there is some issue with the bumble extension it is showing too far away for each swipe and swiping left maybe the extension is not able to find distance please check
  • (2021-10-06, v:1.4.3) Owen Ashurst: Stopped working for bumble
    Looks like it's stopped working for bumble.
  • (2021-09-05, v:1.3.1) Zachary Mitchell: Thank god for the filter option
    Really nice autoswiper feature to filter out less than superb profiles, I'd second the option to filter out profiles with no text though. I have noticed that this feature stops swiping whenever anybody has a video for their first profile "picture", something to look into with the next update.
  • (2021-08-27, v:1.3.1) Nicholas Taylor: Profile Text Parameter
    Awesome extension! Using the filters, I've noticed a sharp decline in the amount of bots/scammers I'm matching with, but the ones who leave their profile text blank still get through. Could you possibly add a toggle to left-swipe anyone who doesn't have any profile text?
  • (2021-08-21, v:1.3.1) Gabriel Torres: Suggestion + Donation
    Simply amazing. I'd like to make a donation. Please send me your PayPal account address. I found an error: "Reason: too less pictures". This is improper grammar. The correct for is "too few pictures" (less is used only for uncountable nouns; for countable nouns the correct is few).
  • (2021-05-29, v:1.0.2) Wasim: The extension has stopped working
    Doesn't swipe. Also can you increase the limit from 200?
  • (2020-10-23, v:0.9.1) Jace Clemontz: Auto Swiper stopped swiping.
    Your extension was working great until yesterday, and I don't know how to fix it. It just doesn't even start swiping anymore. The extension was working perfectly until yesterday.


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