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Convert Ancestry, Family Search, and Find A Grave pages to WikiTree tables... and a bunch of other things.

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Description from store Convert Ancestry, Family Search, and Find A Grave pages to WikiTree tables. This works with most Ancestry, Family Search, and Find A Grave records: censuses, baptisms, deaths, marriages, etc. Click the icon, and the record is converted to a WikiTree-style table with a full citation and automatically copied to your clipboard ready to be pasted into a WikiTree profile or sent to a MergeEdit page. Choose what fields you want (and which you don't want) by clicking the checkboxes. The newly-generated table is again automatically copied to your clipboard. You can... * paste the table [Ctrl+v] in a profile that you're editing. * send the data to a MergeEdit page for easy profile editing. The table will appear at the bottom of the bio, and some of the MergeEdit fields should be filled in. * create a new profile for a parent, sibling, spouse, or child of a person with an existing profile. The table will be in the bio, a full citation will be in the sources section, and some of the other fields should be filled in for you. ** Notes: *** (a) This is not perfect. *** (b) It is quite good, though. :) *** (c) Sending the data to pre-fill the MergeEdit or Special:EditFamily pages will not really work from non-English language Ancestry sites. The table and source data will probably be sent, but the other fields won't be pre-filled. (Sorry...) Plus: ===Allows changes to the appearance of lists of parents, siblings, and children=== You can change the appearance and position of these. The buttons to do this should appear next to the 'Sources' link (just above the profile). You can: * Move these lists into the right-hand column. * View the lists vertically with dates and gender colours, and with the subject of the profile shown in the list of siblings. ** Notes *** (a) You can securely log in to the API from the extension icon for the details of your 'private' family members to be included. *** (b) If you don't log in (you don't have to), you will see only the publicly-available data in the lists. ===Predicts gender on "Edit Family" pages=== ===Turns plain-text links into clickable links=== ===Adds a list of recently-changed ancestor profiles=== ===Adds extra style to WikiTree=== ===Allows minimal tabbing=== ===Makes the Copy ID buttons easier to use=== ===Shows how many years a person lived=== ===Adds abbreviations for privacy icons=== ===Highlights your ancestors=== ===Adds a Google search box to the bottom of every page=== ===Adds birth and death dates and locations to EditFamily pages=== ===Lets you change "Husband/Wife of..." to "Married"=== ===Adds 'Recent Activity' and 'My Activity' links to the top of G2G=== ===Adds links to some WikiTree apps=== ===Adds a 'Random Profile' link to the Find menu=== ===Adds an 'Auto Bio' button to the edit page=== ===Changes=== v.6.3-6.3.2: Fixed small bugs. v.6.2: Improved AutoBio. v.6.1: Fixed a bug related to names with accent, umlauts, etc. v.6: Added an options window. v.5.3.12-15: Improved AutoBio (reduced census text) and other small things. v.5.3.11: Fixed a problem of missing DNA logos. Improved AutoBio feature. v.5.3.8-10: Fixed bugs. Moved position and order of output in tables feature. v.5.3.7: Added jobs and cemeteries from categories to AutoBio; fixed a small problem in the tables feature. v.5.3.1-6: Improved AutoBio. v.5.3: Moved 'Project Protected Profile' banner back to the top of the right-hand column. Added a 'Random Profile' link to the Find menu. Added an 'Auto Bio' button to the edit page to auto generate a simple bio (a work in progress). v.5.2: Improved the 'lived until...' bit. Added a 'Copy HTML' button to the 'Compact Tree' page for pasting into blogs that don't allow iframes (e.g. WordPress). v.5.1.3: Fixed a problem with the h1. v.5.1.2: Removed the 'disabling the save button' feature for now due to reports of problems. v.5.1.1: Fixed a bug in v.5.1 v.5.1: Added the disabling of the save button when no changes have been made. v.5: Added links to some WikiTree apps: Profile Overview, Fan Chart, BioCheck, and Topola. v.4.2.4: Fixed some style issues. v.4.2.3: Added a 'My Activity' link to the top of G2G. v.4.2.2: Fixed more small problems... v.4.2.1: Fixed more problems with importing data. (It's getting better.) v.4.2: Added a 'Recent Activity' link to the top of G2G; fixed other small problems with importing data to WikiTree (Gender; 'check for matches' tip) v.4.1: Added the option to change from "Husband/Wife of" to "Married". v.4: Extended the main feature (the wikitables) to Find A Grave. v.3.8.2: Improved the ancestor highlighting. v.3.8: Added birth and death dates and locations to EditFamily pages. See this page for more details: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Auto_WikiTree_Tables_%2B

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  • (2020-11-19, v:2.6.4) Charlie Panek: I'm confused.
    I loaded the extension into Chrome, went to a FamilySearch profile, and clicked on the Tables icon, and all I get is a random picture of a table (i.e. dining room, massage, coffee). How is this supposed to work?


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