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An MLG extension that puts hitmarkers in your browser.

Image from store Hitmarkers
Description from store An extension puts hitmarkers in browser. This extension also makes a gun noise when you right click. When you tap on something it makes a click. This extension was designed by MLG people for MLG people.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-03-02) TURRETCUBETHEWEEB okboomerilikememesandanime: why doesn't it work with reddit? it should..
  • (2020-11-17) swampam: i love it but i cant find out how to use it can someone help please
  • (2020-11-13) Fe4R 2.0: AMAZING!!! i recommend it
  • (2020-04-13) Baldi's Basics Video Maker: Thank You This Worked
  • (2019-10-30) 42LMS: Cool idea but didn't work :V
  • (2019-05-26) QX3R: I love how its version 4.20
  • (2018-11-05) generic: Just Amazing
  • (2018-09-27) MEE6: Halp me how will it work
  • (2018-09-21) Robie Sumner: it was so cool i pooped my pants
  • (2018-06-16) MedievalGalaxy: this is awesome just add a sprinkle of dankness to my day!
  • (2018-06-14) MCK: perfect memes
  • (2018-03-26) NoStunning: How do i get rid of it
  • (2018-01-10) Mattest: I liked it but I cant find how to get the hit markers all over the screen. Halp
  • (2017-12-09) John D. Robinson: i hate it
  • (2017-11-10) Bioni Alizom: é maneiro
  • (2017-07-19) Woobis: Hey! Really loved the hitmarks like for mlg ppl but i like that when you left click it does a hitmark and a right click it does a gun sound and finally the one I like when you middle click with the scroll button it does the wow thing
  • (2017-04-22) Generic Username Last: This extension is a must-have for your browser.
  • (2017-03-23) Starstruck Meerkat: works sometimes m8.
  • (2017-01-10) Blood Dripping: Imi place mult
  • (2016-11-11) æ: This extinction just makes my browser way more fun and personalized and it is the best extinction.
  • (2016-07-13) Tanukitsu: 10/10 -IGN
  • (2016-05-11) Stop Now: Absolutely love it, really did put a dankness into my browsing experience.
  • (2016-04-20) Luca Monti: Some settings would be nice, like beaing able to disable the "wow" meme for the middle mouse button
  • (2016-04-03) Rudzielec Gucio: Greate I can feel like in mlg montage :D !!
  • (2016-03-05) Nathan Chappie: Dank
  • (2016-03-02) Dawn Lockwood: "An MLG extension that puts hitmarkers in your browser." It doesn't just do that, it also decieds it would be funny to make it so that when you press the 'Shift' button it come up with a bunch of green text... 10/10
  • (2016-02-06) St. Steven: What's the point of using it if it only works when you type Hitmarkers?

Latest issues

  • (2020-12-17, v:4.20) Elijah Norton: hit man
    if i keep clicking around it the hit man it stops the music
  • (2020-11-17, v:4.20) swampam: help plz
    i dont know how to use it
  • (2020-04-13, v:4.20) Kai Albrecht: it isnt working pls help
    it doesnot show me hitmarkers
  • (2018-02-09, v:4.20) hitmarkers
    ir isnt working
  • (2018-02-03, v:4.20) Matt Man: Can't Uninstall!!
    Dude, I liked it at first. But now I'm kinda over it. How do you uninstall this thing?!? Help!!
  • (2018-01-23, v:4.20) how to uninstall
    The extension is not showing up in my browser so i cant uninstall it and its getting really annoying
  • (2017-11-16, v:4.20) Justin: It works
    thanks it really works tho
  • (2017-08-11, v:4.20) Not Working
    It only works when google hitmarkers
  • (2017-04-02, v:4.20) oh my: It works
    It works just type in hitmarkers in google.
  • (2017-03-15, v:4.20) Mad
    its not wrking
  • (2017-03-15, v:4.20) Mad
    Its not working
  • (2017-02-07, v:4.20) i rekt your mom
    its not nice its not working m8 is annoying bye xxX_9gagger_Xxx
  • (2017-02-07, v:4.20) How to turn it off m8?!?!?!?!?
    plez help sos OOOOOOHHH BABY A TRIPLE!! WOW


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