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Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game

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A fun idle clicker game about a simple guy willing to become a Custom Cursor hero Cursor-Man and his entertaining adventures.

Image from store Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game
Description from store Custom Cursor-Man: HERO’S RISE in an incremental idle clicker game. Relive a life of an average guy that likes to watch some TV while eating his favorite fried chicken. But this simple man has a giant dream of becoming a superhero to fight crime. You start while enjoying your favorite hobby, watching a show on TV while having a snack and all you see around you is your flat and your old TV set that been around here for ages. But deep inside you feel that its time change everything. To set your life goals and follow your dream of becoming a true game superhero. Our hero sees himself in a mirror and he doesn’t like what he sees. You need to do is get yourself together and start working on our looks. No crimes have yet have been solved with a chicken-stained beard or with a super power of chicken smell. Yep, that’s your first goal on your long path to become a superhero. The next thing you need to do is to work on your strength. We have never seen a hero who fights bad guys with his nerdy looks. You need to work on your strength to be able to fight crime in the city and be powerful enough to confront any baddie in the city. Same as your costume, you need to conceal your identity, but every person in the city should understand that they can ask you for help. And when that’s done, you can truly become Custom Cursor-Man, and your journey as a super hero will begin… Find out more on this amazing story while playing our incredibly addictive Custom Cursor-Man: Hero’s Rise idle clicker game. And don’t worry about losing your progress, our app is saving everything so that you can continue any time you like! Give it a try! You will not be able to stop clicking! Live and click thru a story of our hero Cursor-Man, from an average guy to a well-known cursor hero you always wanted to be. So, enjoy our incremental clicker and maybe you can get some pleasant bonuses along your way.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-05-06) xxzaid 952xx: ta bueno el juego pero me la pelo
  • (2021-05-06) Rachel Sianturi: Its only because it's a sim (simulator) so I just can use auto clicker easy!
  • (2021-05-05) Nicholas Wong Wei Hsien: Really cool!!!!
  • (2021-05-05) Mandy Sinden: boi
  • (2021-05-05) dtaychiitkeith jones: wow
  • (2021-05-05) Queen Of art: trashhh
  • (2021-05-05) Alex Deal: It's aslouley trash
  • (2021-05-04) NANCY PATRICIA QUIZHPE CAJILIMA: buenisimo
  • (2021-05-04) David Beacock: Big waste of time
  • (2021-05-04) J J: i love it
  • (2021-05-04) xxkillerxx3000 pro: very good game for idiots wityh nothinfg to do like meee
  • (2021-05-04) Rocio Barreto: esta bueno el juego
  • (2021-05-04) Cesar David Alvis Perez: muy relajante y divertido. puedes ir de peor al mejor en solo pocos dias.
  • (2021-05-04) Nicasio Josef Camaya: I only got to level 2
  • (2021-05-03) LAURA ZAMES: muito legal e sem intalar no pc
  • (2021-05-03) Zena A: okay
  • (2021-05-03) Jax Walters: bruh
  • (2021-05-03) Dane Malkhasian: kool very much a clicker hero game or coookie clicker u know?
  • (2021-05-03) Tania Silva: Alguem pode me explicar como funciona :/
  • (2021-05-03) Jacob Guest: i dont mind this game
  • (2021-05-03) Diana G M: olha, eu tô dando 2 estrelas pq qdo eu entrei o jogo não apareceu tbm num sei se foi só cmg mas é isso.
  • (2021-05-03) eason chen: its so fun very good
  • (2021-05-03) Aasha Fung: This was awesome.
  • (2021-05-03) Angela Patiño: me encanto si estas aburrido y no tienes nada que hacer puedes jugarlo me encanto la recomiendo muchooo
  • (2021-05-03) Adri pushen: como se juega
  • (2021-05-03) Anant Kumar: nice site...
  • (2021-05-03) Manisha Bhalla Pushp: nice
  • (2021-05-03) annika young: good game
  • (2021-05-02) Kevin Joseph 2006: gud
  • (2021-05-01) Damon Downey: love it already and I'm only on the third level great game
  • (2021-04-30) Millie: havent even started playing and it mademe write a review
  • (2021-04-30) El Zombie Comelón: Es muy adictivo por que te dan ganas de saber que pasa en el final xD, muy bueno lo recomiendo OwO.
  • (2021-04-30) Luciana Salgado: PORQUE SI
  • (2021-04-30) Mio-Kun: It's still needs improvement
  • (2021-04-30) Mileny Carrijo Guissoni: Ao contrario dos outros eu consigo entrar de boa no jogo .Eu amei muitoooo!!!!!
  • (2021-04-30) jakiyah Hall: i love it so far
  • (2021-04-30) Temperance Forsyth: i was amazing
  • (2021-04-30) Niresh Crawley: Perfection 👌
  • (2021-04-30) Sofi Flaim: Esta buena lo que pasa es que te obliga a comprar otro mouse.
  • (2021-04-29) jana fiers: heel leuk
  • (2021-04-29) King Slayer: its really cool if you want a lot of money just get an auto clicker
  • (2021-04-29) CherryCakeAnna: It's a lot of fun!
  • (2021-04-29) Luísa Castelo Branco: Olha, nn consigo abrir o jogo. Nn gostei por isso 1 estrela
  • (2021-04-29) אלון חמני: משחק מאוד כיפי לשחק כשמשעמם
  • (2021-04-29) Ritesh Agarwal: very nice
  • (2021-04-29) Qnna The: das spiel ist cool
  • (2021-04-29) WIKTOR ŚWIEC: ok
  • (2021-04-28) dangurgood: hahaahahahaahahhahahhahaha
  • (2021-04-28) li zhenyi: who knows what is gacha life?
  • (2021-04-28) RCS Educations: best game love it

Latest issues

  • (2021-05-02, v:1.0.4) Julio Lopez: scc sdv
  • (2021-04-30, v:1.0.4) Mileny Carrijo Guissoni: Tela intera
    Eu queria que tivesse a tela intera pra não sair do jogo sem querer ao clicar em outro lugar.Por favor coloca tela inteira no jogo.
  • (2021-04-04, v:1.0.4) Pointless: The meme box
    Can you fix it to where it at least does something to make that one million worth it to spend?
  • (2021-03-19, v:1.0.3) Agnik: how to disable this cursor?
    how to disable this cursor?plisss tel me
  • (2021-03-15, v:1.0.3) Gaston Cuestas: ¿como lo inicio porque solo me aparecen imagenes :(
    no lo puedo iniciar porque solo me aparecen imagenes y cuando lo busco tambien :(
  • (2021-03-12, v:1.0.3) Alan Liang: Frozen
    After you get to 1b, you can't do anything. Is this intentional?
  • (2021-02-18, v:1.0.3) Promise Solomon: My custom cursor game froze and i cant buy anything i can only click for points
    my friend had this problem to how to fix?
  • (2021-01-13, v:1.0.3) Regina Garcia Cruz: AS OTRO JUEGO :D
  • (2021-01-13, v:1.0.3) The Ahmet: f.eba.gov.tr/matmatik/matmatik.html
  • (2021-01-07, v:1.0.3) Kylie Welch: i can't open the game
    i can't open the the game it dosen't show how to open it plz help
  • (2021-01-04, v:1.0.3) Desiree Soberon: i cant open the game
    it wont show how to open the game
  • (2020-12-24, v:1.0.3) Víctor Cerrate Santiago: Mouse
    Como poner tu mouse en mi Google
  • (2020-12-24, v:1.0.3) Víctor Cerrate Santiago: Mouse
    Como poner tu mouse en mi Google
  • (2020-12-20, v:1.0.2) Jorge Duarte: mouse
    como se personaliza el mouse?


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