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Restores your own twitter background, instead of the horrible white one.

Image from store Twitter Background Restorer
Description from store A chrome extension that lets you set a custom background image and colour for web twitter. A nostalgic throwback to when the homepage wasn't a sea of searing white. Installation ============ Install from the Web Store and click on 'Options' below the extension. You can then upload an image and specify a colour. You can currently: Upload a custom image Set a custom background colour Specify whether the image tiles or not Specify whether the image stretches to cover the page or not. If you have any feature requests or ideas for improvement, please open an issue! Note: This is a purely local change. Other users cannot see the background you set, I'm afraid - this is only to re-implement homepage customisation that twitter has removed.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-10-23) ้œœ้™ใ‚ŠQuon: still works!
  • (2021-04-17) DethLord: very cool
  • (2020-10-18) Nam: Extension was last updated two years ago but it still works!
  • (2017-08-22) John L. Reed: it's very Good exactly what I want it
  • (2017-04-20) iPlanets Academy: Works perfectly! Thanks!
  • (2017-02-12) MrGhostMark: Solves a problem that should never have been in the first place. Installation is simply and instructions are clear. Moments and a few other pages display text directly on top of the background. Which means for those with dark backgrounds the text is unreadable without first highlighting.
  • (2016-12-12) Jo Li: I've been using this since its pre-Chrome Store days and I have to say, it's works exactly as promised with no fuss, no muss. It does require a little work on the user's part, but it's pretty easy to set up and works for as long as you have it! I really dig it. 12/11/16 EDIT: As of v2.0, you no longer have to store images on a remote server (or the Twitter server). Just upload the images to the extension directly with the Upload button and you're set!
  • (2016-06-22) Got bored of using twitter without a colorful background. Great extension.
  • (2016-06-09) Tommy Chen: Does, what it said!! save my sight
  • (2016-05-09) Andrea Nobles: this extension saved my life
  • (2016-02-26) Brianne Ciera: Doesn't work.
  • (2016-02-22) Lieutenant BaconWaffles: Doesn't work in the slightest.
  • (2016-02-10) I just added this extension after uploading a background image and it's still showing the ugly blue background that Twitter is defaulted to. Help? Thanks.
  • (2016-01-06) KHALED JUMAH: perfect
  • (2016-01-04) Steve Fievet: Not working anymore ?
  • (2015-11-10) PeachieKeen (follylop): It was great while it lasted, but because of some kind of change in twitter's source code, changing it with js-user-style-bg-img no longer works. :(
  • (2015-11-05) Sophie Evans: It works perfect!
  • (2015-10-11) Rishi Prasad: Fantastic, simple extension which functions exactly as you'd expect and exactly as intended. Surprised it took me this long to find it!
  • (2015-09-29) Falcom: works

Latest issues

  • (2022-01-02, v:2.1.0) april r41: Twitter broke background (again)
    Looked fine last night, today when I go to Twitter, my background does not show anywhere. I hope you're still updating this, I really love it. Thank you.
  • (2019-06-18, v:2.1.0) Droo Zilla: 'New Twitter' breaks TBR. Again.
    The newest version of twitter simply throws a curtain over the selected background. I tried to eliminate it with an ad-blocker, but that also removes the entire timeline. The selected background is still there, still loaded, but you can't see it.
  • (2018-09-28, v:2.0.4) Trenton Young: image size?
    i have chosen multiple images, and they all have the same problem, the images are too big, what size do i have to use? (1080x720 for example)
  • (2017-07-19, v:2.0.4) Ian & Tavish Stone: multiple accounts?
    This only works if you have only one Twitter account (with one background). Is it possible to have this work with more than one account so that I don't have to change the background every time I switch from one to another?
  • (2017-03-06, v:2.0.0) Jacob: Rss Wallpaper
    Is it possible to use an .rss feed for the background ?
  • (2016-12-12, v:2.0.0) Jo Li: pbs.twitter Images No Longer Valid?
    So, this isn't a "suggestion" so much as a report (of sorts): As of today (or around this time?), it seems as though Twitter got rid of the outdated "Appearance" section of user accounts... and deleted the old "Background" images that used to be on the server for years and years. NOT the "HEADER" images, but the BACKGROUND images stored on the "pbs" sub-servers on Twitter itself. That being said, if you're experiencing a white screen, you may have to upload an image to the Background Restorer servers instead.
  • (2016-05-10, v:1.21) Andrea Nobles: .
    is it possible to add a function so the image can be left/right?
  • (2016-03-02, v:1.20) Contessa Eller: Profile
    I can get hex values to work on the "home" page of twitter but not my profile.
  • (2016-01-04, v:1.15) Steve Fievet: Twitter Background Restorer
    Twitter Background Restorer not working anymore ?
  • (2015-12-29, v:1.15) Maliki Ali: Twitter changed the Codes?
    Hi, thank you for developing this application. I would like inform you that "js-user-style-bg-img" is no longer found. Please advise! :-)


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