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This extension automates betting on SaltyBet.com.

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Description from store A betting bot for SaltyBet.com. Get sample data from Github page or collect your own over time. Instructions at explosionduck.com. PLEASE DIRECT ALL SUPPORT REQUESTS TO: https://github.com/synkarius/saltbot/issues -- Google doesn't email me when you post stuff here. Many thanks to Reconman for the maintenance and upgrades.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-02-22) Healer Medirby: I have used this bot for 3 weeks now with it being constantly running and taking in fighter data for most of the weeks (with some days even being a full 24 hours). Because of this I think I'm ready to give my full review. Pros: It makes bets for you even when you're not on the tab, unlike some bots that require you to be on the tab and still may sometimes not process correctly and may miss a bet. It has a neat feature that allows you to set it to bet on exhibs or not. It's good for those risky bets while you're away and you suddenly come back and boom you have 100k more (has happened to me once because of this bot, it's very nice). This is probably the easiest bot to install since it's a chrome extension and not one you need to painstakingly install yourself, so it's great for beginners or people without the want to install things onto their pc. That multiplier feature is SO good. I wanted to be able to bet 5% instead of 10% on my bets and i'm so glad this bot has that. In-Between: Starting out is 50/50. You have to "Update Genetic Weights" for the Scientist tab to work which I have come to understand as determining whether red or blue wins more for early on bot betting. It's great when the bot doesn't have a good understanding who to bet and just has to make a guess. Learning what the tabs (Monk/Scientist/Cowboy/Lunatic) do and how they function is a bit difficult but once you understand you pick your favorite and stick with it forever. Cons: Most of the features of the bot don't make sense or just flatout don't work. The features that don't work are: Aggressive betting, Max Bet amount, and to a degree Upset Betting. The other features listed don't work AT ALL, but the reason why upset betting is wonky is because all it does is all in to a certain amount you set. It's not actually betting what could be the upset, it's betting like it normally does when it has enough fighter data, aka, it'll still bet higher winrate. You cannot set a certain amount to bet because the max bet amount feature doesn't work properly. Meaning there is no feature that allows you to just have it bet only 100k and nothing more, nothing less (if you have that much salt of course). It's a shame too because that's what I want most from these bots but I still haven't found one that lets me choose what I want to bet on things. TL;DR: Overall it's a good bot if you want to level your Saltybet account on the side, but otherwise don't expect it to do much good for you because of how 50/50 it is on bets. Ironically the best feature is the multiplier feature which the creator of this bot has stated didn't really even like or use, which I don't get considering it's the best and really only thing I like about this bot.
  • (2021-09-27) ⁢: Note to self, doesn't work.
  • (2021-01-04) Dean Robinson: devs really don't even care about the people using it, no support, loses money constantly, makes terrible bets 90% of the time , lucky to have a 50% win rate. awfull if you're wanting something to actually bot well.
  • (2020-01-04) Brendan Riley: The extension is pretty good, it seems to be recording fights and betting properly, but it ignores my maximum bet input and constantly bets more than the 10k limit I put on it. It also seems to be losing a lot more than it's winning, I've downloaded the latest match history file from github, and it seems to be processing as it takes longer to bet now, but it's still not very good. I also cannot enable the option to allow it to bet on upsets, which I feel is part of why it's making bad bets. I'm not sure if the app is still being worked on so I'm unsure if any of these issues will be fixed. If not I'll likely stop using it after a few more days, but would like to have it working properly!
  • (2018-05-06) Sam Soheylee: It's cruise control for cool.
  • (2017-11-02) Mori Raine: Nice to have something to bet for me while I do other stuff, but this thing gave me more loss than gain. I started at around $190k, let it run overnight, and came back to it having around $3.7k. Not sure if I set it up correctly; I followed a guide on the subreddit, but I feel like since this isn't being worked on anymore, it's not up-to-date with the newest fighters in the roster (the last update for the chromosome and record management was in March 2017. Along with that, it doesn't know who to bet on correctly when it's a trap or a bad match-up. With some proper tune-up and updates on the chromosome and record management, I feel like this could be a really good bot to use. As of right now, I cannot recommend it.
  • (2017-06-14) Deprime Coma: Exellent sa marche du tonnerre c'est le feu allez bisous les michtos !
  • (2016-04-26) Urgences78: Très bonne extension pour le site de paris !!! Très efficace, j'ai fait un sacré bon significatif au classement en seulement 24h !
  • (2016-03-29) Simon Perry: Video tutorial plz
  • (2016-03-10) XII: Pretty great in exhibitions or tournaments, complete trash in matchmaking 90% of the time.
  • (2016-02-12) Tom S: Really liked this addon, took me up to about 9 million and was loads of fun to play with. Then somehow it lost literally everything overnight. Guess I didn't really work for it anyway so it's not that big of a loss, just confusing. Either way, starting again from the bottom.
  • (2016-01-22) Daniel Mizrachi: Originally started with a fairly high amount of around 280k-ish. This bot raised me up to around 355k-ish which was amazing! But in around for go's later, I'm in the mines and I can't get out. The stop betting after __ button feature doesn't work (If clicked on it doesn't bet at all). I originally can't even get any records due to it not update genetic weights or recording any of the fights. Overall it would be great, if it were tweaked...
  • (2015-09-14) Kai DeBlasio: I went to sleep and woke up with 2M. I then lost it all in one go. Couldn't be happier with this addon~ I suggest a stop betting after reaching $____ feature though. Then having data isn't as important.

Latest issues

  • (2018-04-25, v:2.5.1) Sam Soheylee: New Windows
    There seems to be a recent issue where a new Twitch chat will open in a new tab at regular intervals.
  • (2017-04-15, v:2.4.4) John O'Hara: can only see the chat screen
    Something is wrong with this extension. When I refresh the only thing that reloads is the chat screen
  • (2017-04-15, v:2.4.4) John O'Hara: can only see the chat screen
    Something is wrong with this extension. When I refresh the only thing that reloads is the chat screen
  • (2016-07-23, v:2.3.9) Juan Lands: saltbot not working
    My saltbot is not working on chrome it is just grey and thats it, I cant even use the options menu please help
  • (2016-07-20, v:2.3.9) Juan Lands: saltbot not working
    My saltbot is not working on chrom it is just grey and thats it, I cant even use the options menu please help
  • (2015-09-09, v:2.0.3) Kai DeBlasio: Mines mode
    I think it'd be a fun idea to have a mode that forced an all in on every upset until your saltydollars are above a specified amount. (100k for example). So if the win/loss ratio is 78% vs 30%, saltbot would bet on the 30%. Upsets can be very profitable.


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