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Enhance your Online Dominion experience

Image from store Goko Dominion Salvager
Description from store [NO LONGER SUPPORTED. ORIGINAL WEBSITE IS DEFUNCT.] Adds many missing features to Goko's online dominion game (now hosted at playdominion.com) For the Dominion UI: - Readable in-game log - Victory Point tracker - Chat that doesn't obscure the game - Specify requirements for random kingdoms For the lobby: - Custom player avatars - "Pro" ratings instead of "Casual" - Players sorted by rating - Censor individual players For match-finding: - Automatically seek opponents in other lobbies - Auto-kick low rated opponents - Blacklist individual players Features can be individually enabled/disabled. Documentation: https://github.com/aiannacc/Goko-Salvager/wiki Discussion/Help Thread: http://forum.dominionstrategy.com/index.php?topic=8163.0

Latest reviews

  • (2015-08-25) Bloody brilliant.
  • (2015-05-05) Eric Ling: It is helpful, but I hope it has a point or card tracker function. Thank you for you effort.
  • (2015-01-06) Hemu Arum: must have if you play dominion
  • (2014-11-21) Thomas Ruffier: Tr├Ęs pratique d'avoir un compteur de points de victoire et de le permettre pour les parties en ligne.
  • (2014-09-15) Frank Garriel: It's still no isotropic, but it's perfect in that it allows you to speed up the interface and not lose track of what happened. Overall, it makes Goko Dominion finally playable. So glad I decided to visit again and found this extension.
  • (2014-07-21) Fantastic work guys. This makes the game far better.
  • (2014-05-28) Leo Ling: Best thing ever.
  • (2014-05-26) Joseph Paul: This is an amazing extension, provides many things the Dominion Online service doesn't, I consider it a must have if you play Dominion Online. The creators/maintainers are also very quick and helpful at diagnosing the small problems people occasionally have with it. Thanks guys :)
  • (2014-05-06) Allen Manning: Great work folks.
  • (2014-04-30) David Karr: Amazing. A must-have.
  • (2014-04-30) Paul Robbins: It's pretty nice when it works. Right now, I have no chat, I can't view stats of other players by clicking on them, and my avatar doesn't work.
  • (2014-04-28) Tyler Babcock: Absolutely brilliant.
  • (2014-04-23) Alison Grant: Hello. Great app. However, when I use chrome the card graphics are "shakey". they shake a little and out of focus. Does anyone else have this problem with Chrome, and how do you fix it? It doesn't shake on explorer. thanks.
  • (2014-03-26) Anne Adorno: Excellent, but: - It is currently not working well. No point tracker, chat replacement window doesn't work. Players get autokicked for no reason. Maybe Goko changed something again (2014-03-26)
  • (2014-02-28) George Locke: massive improvement to goko interface.
  • (2014-02-28) James Sharp: Does this extension still work with the new domain change and game updates?
  • (2014-01-21) Kirill Korikov: Everything is good, but multiplayer simply doesn't work with it. After the start of any game in MP, all you can see is a black screen, instead of loading page. And the only thing you can do is to close/reload page, which leads to increase your quits and decrease your rating. Please, fix these bugs, goko is really unplayable without this extension.
  • (2013-12-29) Shane Carr: The two features I missed most from Isotropic are included: specifying sets to emphasize in randomized games, and a point tracker. Well done!
  • (2013-09-18) Tables: Works extremely well. Lots of options available.
  • (2013-06-28) Malcolm Sharpe: This extension is essential for a good experience on Goko. Coloured log in side window makes following your opponent's actions possible. Kingdom generator lets you bias casual kingdoms as you want. "NNNN++" titles help find even opponents. Custom avatars add personality. Everybody who plays on Goko should install this extension.
  • (2013-06-11) David Moritz: Worked fine until it topped working. I don't know how to get running again. I can't seem to reinstall it or even restart it. Please fix
  • (2013-06-11) Matt Gebhart: Love it. Makes it a lot more like isotropic. IF YOU THINK IT STOPPED WORKING - they changed it to be off by default in the settings. Just click it on from the home screen.
  • (2013-06-11) Deanna Needell: It was great while it was working but mine has disappeared! Not sure why :(
  • (2013-05-28) Mark D: Great extension! Has VP tracker and log. I read somewhere that you could make a game that is 5000+ and it will auto boot anyone below 5000, but I haven't been able to do it. Would be nice if it had a card tracker too.


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