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Relist from scratch, share in bulk. Just In: your day back!

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Description from store Poshmark sellers, rejoice! The search is over: ClosetWitch… -RELISTS your Poshmark closet from scratch (so you can finally get into those 'Just In' searches, even if you listed less than 60 days ago) -SENDS AUTOMATIC OFFERS, or sends them in bulk -SHARES your closet in minutes, and, for Pro users, -Helps you LIST FASTER, SOLVE CAPTCHAS, track items in your inventory, and organize your to-do list. Feeling overwhelmed by information and decisions? We can help with that. ClosetWitch has the friendliest interface you’ve ever worked with, or your money back. Work quickly and precisely with design features that just make sense: -PREVIEWS (with pictures) to show you exactly what you’re about to do, and what your earnings will be when you do it -GLOBAL SETTINGS for offers and and price adjustments so you can work quickly -EASY EDITS for those individual items that need extra attention -LOCKING to make sure special items get excluded from bulk actions -FILTERING to help you target offers just to likes from the last 24 hours -SORTING by oldest or least liked items for relisting It's the smartest, simplest-to-use tool on the market for Poshmark sellers. Current offers: Try ProLite free for 7 days and keep unlimited sharing forever. Install extension and create an account via this link to redeem: closetwitch.com/signup?access_code=BLACKMAGIC622 [NOTE: What’s "hard reset" relisting? Other bots and extensions just click the “copy listing” button for you to relist. This will not reset the “Just In” date that Poshmark hard codes into each new listing unless listings are at least 60 days old. ClosetWitch automatically creates a brand new listing from scratch, and gets your listing in front of users exclusively searching for brand new posts. Just select which items you want to relist, adjust prices if desired, and hit “Start.” Our carefully throttled process runs only slightly faster than the speediest human relist, but is completely hands off. Watch the demo video above to see it in action.] Forever Free, Free with Account, ProLite, and Pro features available: Forever Free features: Share your entire closet in minutes, for free. -Unlimited, with randomization and speed selections available. -No account required: install the extension, open Poshmark, and go. Free-with-an-account features: -Comping with dates: check prices for items sold on Poshmark with actual sell dates; check available listings to see the competition in your size and colorway. -Sharing -Free account required: install the extension, open Poshmark, log in with a user name and password, and go. ProLite features ($9/month): -Relist items in bulk as brand new listings (to show up in “Just In” searches) -Lower or raise prices in bulk -Send offers in bulk with filters like “liked in the last 24 hours” to target your most interested buyers. -Pin offers so you only decide on a discount once. -Lock items you don't to take bulk actions on. -Newsfeed filtering: hide the junk and see only your comments, offers, and sales. -Sharing and comping. -Create a paid account ($9/month) via closetwitch.com/signup and sign into the extension to use. Pro features ($19/month): -Automatic offer sending. -Track inventory and list directly from the system. -Tag items by category or “to-do” to stay organized. -All free and ProLite features. -Create a paid account ($19/month) via closetwitch.com/signup and sign into the extension to use. Navigate to Closetwitch.com to add your inventory. The Details: Sharing (Free): -There’s no limit to the number of items you can share -“Magic” vs. “Mortal” sharing speeds give you the flexibility to share more items in less time, or go at a slower pace to avoid triggering ReCaptcha windows -Randomization allows you to seamlessly blend old and new items, pricey and inexpensive ones -Share others’ closet items to feed Poshmark’s activity algorithm and help earn Ambassador status Offers, Price Adjustment and Relisting (ProLite, $9/month): -Relist items completely from scratch. (This feature tends to pay for the ProLite membership by moving old items quickly). -Filter, bulk-select, and use global settings on items to work quickly -Edit item prices individually to work precisely without clicking into an item -Target your most recent likers for offers, relist only your items with no likes--our tool is flexible enough to work the way you do Inventory Management (Pro, $19/month) -Add items to your inventory using our quick-fill fields — then list directly from the system so you only have to type things once. -Tag items with style keywords, fabric content, or even season to sort and filter through your inventory with ease. -Turn those tags into bullet points right in your listing copy to easily describe your item and optimize for search engines. -Create templates with reusable copy like your store policies, bundle discount info, and more to automatically drop them into every single new listing. -Flag items in your inventory that need repairs, measurements, or special attention. -Add SKUs and cost information to stay organized and make smart business decisions. How to get ClosetWitch: 1. Download and install the extension. Once installed, click the puzzle piece icon at the top of your browser to find and “pin” ClosetWitch’s purple witch hat icon by clicking the gray thumbtack icon. Note: The icon will turn blue when successfully pinned, and you’ll also see the purple witch hat appear at the top of your browser window. 2. Navigate to your Poshmark closet in your browser (make sure you’re in “My Closet”) 3. Click the ClosetWitch Extension — purple witch hat — to open the extension 4. ProLite and Pro users: enter payment details and create a username and password by hitting “upgrade” in your account via the extension. 5. Reload the extension and sign in with your account details to rock and roll. 6. Still stuck? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get you moving. FAQs: How do you use the extension? Follow instructions for downloading and installing the ClosetWitch extension on our “Get Started” page. Then find demo videos here: closetwitch.com/demos Since our features are designed to have a very similar work flow (sorting, filtering, selections process) most users pick it up in just a few minutes. Can I use ClosetWitch on my mobile device? ClosetWitch is currently a Google Chrome extension tool only, which means we exclusively work on desktop computers. But stay tuned for updates. Does pricing go up or down with my closet size? Nope! Sharing is free, Relisting/Offers/Price Adjustments, and more are features offered at a flat monthly rate for everyone, regardless of closet size. Why are you so cheap? What’s the catch? We’re small, but growing. Our pricing may grow too at some point, but for now we’re trying to stay competitive and win folks over with our outstanding customer service. Take advantage! Which marketplaces does ClosetWitch support? ClosetWitch is a tool for Poshmark only, at this time. But we’re working on cross-listing support for Ebay, coming very soon, so stay tuned. Can I use ClosetWitch outside of the United States? We’re currently supporting the US, Canada, and Australia. Please reach out if you’re working from a different location and we’ll advise on whether we can support you: [email protected]. Is Poshmark considered a bot? No, ClosetWitch is not a bot. We are a witch. Kidding! But still no: software is considered a “bot” if your machine is programmed to complete a repetitive action without the help of a human. Think auto-following other Poshmark users 24/7 whether or not you’re on your computer, or sending immediate offers to likers without your knowledge. ClosetWitch’s bulk functions and poshmark automations are initiated by the user, who is fully in control of the process. You'll get the magic wand, but you'll still have to wave it. Is the ClosetWitch website and extension secure? Yes. We take privacy and security very seriously. Check out our policy in the "Privacy Practices" tab. How much does ClosetWitch cost? ClosetWitch is a free tool for unlimited sharing. It charges a flat monthly fee for services like relisting, sending offers, adjusting prices, and more. See current pricing here: closetwitch.com/plans. What is the refund policy? We want you to be thrilled with ClosetWitch. Cancel any time if the service isn’t working for you. ClosetWitch may be a tool, but the people who work here are humans, and happy to assist you. Reach out at [email protected] with any issues. What payment methods does ClosetWitch accept? ClosetWitch accepts all major credit cards. Any questions not addressed here? Drop us a line at [email protected]. And welcome to the coven!

Latest reviews

  • (2022-10-27) Jess Hyman: thanks to you guys i've stopped manually re-listing my old items by hand! been using for two months now. i only wish there wasn't an hourly limit :)) it works great and also love being able to lock items
  • (2022-06-10) aaron waters: Just came here to say that your customer support is great - thanks for helping me! Great product
  • (2022-06-08) g s: I have been a Posher for long enough to have calluses on my fingers from clicking follow and share. When I stumbled across this extension in a chat room I was excited to try it out. Wow!! This is the best sharing, relisting, everything extension available. They have free versions as well as pay versions. It is worth every penny. The customer service is amazing. I never write reviews and the only reason I did this time is because this is one product that does what it says!!!!
  • (2022-05-30) Olive C.: The relisting feature does not create a new listing, it just creates a copy. Not helpful. I've had to go through about 100 listings and remove copy from the title.
  • (2022-05-29) Jimmy Rodriguez: I LOVE THIS EXTENSION. reliable, just works. thank you.
  • (2021-06-11) Carolyn Crabb: So far so good! I only have approx. 100 listings in my closet currently, and I was looking for a simple automated process for sharing. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles at this point, and I still like to do some tasks manually. This extension fits the bill. Thank you!!
  • (2021-02-09) Cathy Vandewater: I was getting carpal tunnel trying to share my closet (200+ items and growing) the PM influencer-recommend 3 times a day. Now I multitask sharing my entire closet in about 1.5 minutes while working on listings or just spacing out with my coffee in the morning. Game changer. And I've already noticed an uptick in likes, shares, and purchases since increasing my sharing. Thank you!!
  • (2021-02-09) alan lin: Excellent extension. Does exactly as advertised. Simple and to the point!

Latest issues

  • (2023-08-19, v:1.4.2) Laura Ballinger: extension working
    I am subscribed to the ProLite plan but the extension will only let me do the free features
  • (2022-10-15, v: Olive C.: Relisting
    Does the relisting feature create a totally new listing or does it just copy listing? I've just relisted a bunch but they're not showing as just listed. Thanks.


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