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SoundCloudOG lets you customize your stream so that you aren't listening to reposts, or songs that are too short/too long.

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Description from store SoundCloudOG allows you to filter through your stream so that you can listen to it without hearing and combination of: a) songs that are reposted b) songs that are too long c) songs that are too short by your definitions. The settings of this app allow you to easily customize what is being filtered. To not play reposts, simply click the checkbox next to 'Skip Reposts'. NOTE - it is recommended to leave AutoScroll on due to the way that the repost skip works. In order to ensure that it doesn't get too annoying, if you scroll on the screen autoscroll will automatically disable for 60 seconds. Unchecking this box will completely stop the autoscrolling feature. ============================== ||NEW Feature ============================== You can now set a key to start/stop the autoscrolling done by this extension. While it will still automatically stop for 30 seconds when you scroll manually, you can now set it to stop until you refresh or start again using this key. To stop songs that are too short or too long from playing, simply check those boxes and enter a number in the format of HOUR:MINUTE:SECONDS if you want, you enter only one or two values, it will always assumed that the last value is seconds, the second to last is minutes and the first is hours. Example: Entering: "50" would mean 50 seconds Entering: "5:50" would mean 5 minutes and 50 seconds Entering: "3:5:55" would mean 3 hours 5 minutes and 55 seconds. - Please Note: The feature to remove songs based on time will NOT remove them visually from your stream, but will skip them if they come up in your player. If you want to only block reposts from specific users: Uncheck block reposts, Check remove specific users reposts Type the name of any users you want to block reposts from and refresh the page. Enjoy your streams!

Latest reviews

  • (2022-04-04) Lewis Dexter Litanzios: Hey, Hides tracks in the UI but not from the stream player - solves half the problem ~ https://www.soundcloudcommunity.com/soundcloud/topics/hide-reposts?topic-reply-list%5Bsettings%5D%5Bfilter_by%5D=all&topic-reply-list%5Bsettings%5D%5Breply_id%5D=16214912#reply_16214912 Regards
  • (2019-06-18) Thomas Fritz: Has no effect on current SoundCloud, sadly
  • (2017-07-18) Александр Рогов: great thx to creator
  • (2017-05-28) Mario Nette: Unfortunately, this extension has a design fail: - if you follow Artist A and he uploads a new track - if you follow Artist B and he reposts the new track from Artist A the result will be that the track will appear as repost from Artist B in the stream and filtert out by this extension :(
  • (2016-10-19) Stefan Pasel: Awesome! If you could add the option to hide "PREVIEW" tracks too this would be even better.
  • (2016-03-09) sneeky creeky: Thanks for making this. I can finally use my stream again on SC :)
  • (2016-01-20) Metz Lucas: Very good extension, so useful. Thanks a lot
  • (2016-01-07) Matt Young: - Hiding reposts works - Reposts are still played from your stream even though they're not visible - The "skip songs shorter than" and "skip songs longer than" features now work, though the tracks are not hidden
  • (2015-12-24) Philip T.: Does what is says on the tin! (Removing reposts from the feed)
  • (2015-12-17) Free Spirit: Does exactly what I've been looking for. Removes any kind of reposts from the Soundcloud Dashboard (home screen), and returns this screen to the way it used to be before the commercial, value-less oriented and poor Soundcloud 2.0. With this extension you can once again browse through the creations of your favourite followers on you Stream page, without having to dig for OC through a pile full of reposts and spam. Hides spam and reposts and your Stream will be full of original uploads from the people you follow. Cheers Noam for this great extension and good luck with future updates! Edit: It still plays some of the hidden songs. Edit 2: Even with auto-scroll disabled, it scrolls down after a few seconds, and keeps jumping down the stream.
  • (2015-12-16) Marko Adulo: still doesnt remove some long tracks from the stream. i selected anything longer than 15 mins, and i still see some hour long sets there. also an option to remove your own tracks from the stream would be great!
  • (2015-09-08) Exactly what I was looking for, works smoothly
  • (2015-07-26) Veronica DeFalco: THANK YOU for doing Soundclouds job for them. I'm a long time user of theirs and it was getting too bogged down!!!
  • (2015-07-22) Devin Fields: Does its job which is great so thank you! However, the stream page takes a very long while finding the most recent (in order) original tracks that are posted. This is only if you have a lot of reposts. But it is mentioned in the description of the plugin that you have to scroll a lot for it to further the repost hiding process. But other than that its great!
  • (2015-07-14) Philip Blaquiere: This plugin only hides visual components of the stream. "Hidden" songs will still play when pressing next/previous song or when the previous song ends. This plugin is incomplete.
  • (2015-07-07) amazing.
  • (2015-06-25) Lev Ushakov: Man this is really good, the only thing is, it doesn't let me untick or tick any of the boxes. The initial settings are 'skip reposts' and 'auto-scroll'. When I try to disable auto-scroll, it doesn't let me do that. Could you make a fix for that.
  • (2015-06-24) Darren Ross: Thanks so much! This feature has been long overdue on Soundcloud.


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