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Adds configurable desktop notifications, last.fm scrobbling, and more to turntable.fm

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Description from store Turntable.fm Extended is developed by Mark Reeder and Adam Creeger and adds features to Turntable.fm including: Export your queue and the recently played songs in the room into XSPF HTML5 Desktop Notifications can be configured to show for the following: Chat messages Filter chat messages by keyword- only get notified when specific words are mentioned Song changes - includes album art if available Votes - both up and down with attribution to the voter DJ Changes - know when DJs step up to or down from the decks Listener Changes - know who has just entered or exited the room Last.fm Scrobbling Because several people have asked, here's a donation link if you'd like to support the development of this extension: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WZ7LFGDKFJAFY Changelog: Updates to work with the relaunched Turntable.fm Fixes Last.fm Scrobbling set-up bugs 0.7.3: Fixes tag bugs 0.7.2: Bring back settings menu and XSPF export 0.7.1: Fix tag edit functionality 0.7: Brought back basic functionality after Turntable.fm redesign Added compatibility question for upcoming Turntable.fm changes 0.6.7: Brought back the 'Untagged Songs' tag 0.6.6: Fixed tags after the recent tt.fm update 0.6.5: Added concert listings and automatic tags 0.6.4: Added Youtube previews for tracks in the queue that don't have previews Added heart support to the room users list Fixed issues related to the new lobby 0.6.3: Fixed performance issues related to tags (auto tagging is currently disabled) Added DJ play count to room users 0.6.2: Added idle timer for DJs in the room users list. The timer starts when you enter a room and is reset for each user when they Awesome/Lame a track or chat. 0.6.1: Improved Room Users section. Added the ability to fan/unfan users from the list and boot them if you have moderator privileges. 0.6: Improved song suggestions, XSPF export + Tagging bug fixes and clean-up Tags clean-up: added the ability to hide the tags tray, an All Songs item at the bottom of the list of tags and a red line to indicate if the song at the top of your queue will actually play next (when filtered by a tag) Removal of Facebook links from the Room Info section- the Facebook profile IDs are no longer accessible. 0.5: Adds song tagging 0.3.5: Integrated into Turntable.fm settings menu, adds links to Turntable profiles from the user list 0.3.4: Adds similar track search (via last.fm) for the current playing track, just click the blue "Suggestions" link in the "My DJ Queue" area Fix some desktop notification bugs (multiple alerts when changing rooms and preferences not sticking/matching what showed in the options menu) Restore additional desktop alert functionality Fixes issue with duplicate desktop alerts when navigating between rooms without refreshing. Add back in user lists Revert to core functionality (scrobbling and a few desktop notifications), significant compatibility overhaul Fixed out of control notifications on initial install or when scrobbling was not activated 0.3.3: Added queue highlighting to indicate played tracks (for tracks that show up in the room info tab): *Pink- the exact track was played *Orange- the exact track title *Yellow- the artist was played 0.3.1: Clean-up of scrobbling and desktop notifications 0.3: Addition of autokick 0.2.2: Improved notification handling (data should be correct and show up more regularly) Current Users in the room with links to Facebook profiles "Lame"ing a track now cancels the scrobbling of that track Original Scrobbling code contributed by Gabe Kangas - https://github.com/gabek Extension Icon contributed by Dylan Wreggelsworth - http://twitter.com/dylanrw

Latest reviews

  • (2014-07-31) Douglas maciel da silva: muito bom
  • (2014-07-18) iam xGuBsey: i cant open it ahhhhhhhh there goes 100 dollars
  • (2013-08-14) Klaußmann Verena: Turntable ist coll und mach irre viel Spass
  • (2013-06-29) Brian Ward: This is a five-star addon when it's working. It is not my intention to be disrespectful, but I genuinely want to know if the developer has any interest in ever revisiting this again to make it work with the current version of tt.fm.
  • (2013-06-13) David Clements: Great, when it works, which it doesn't presently.
  • (2013-06-07) Danny Forst: Didn't work for me
  • (2013-04-11) Eryn O'Neil: I like the notification options, and scrobbling from Turntable is a luxury. However, the MOST useful feature was suggested tracks, which hasn't worked since the redesign (a while ago). I miss it. I wish it would send me a postcard and say how it's been.
  • (2013-03-26) Steve Danauskas: Nothing is working at all anymore. Scrobbling options don't stick, tags and genres no longer work. Even concerts aren't showing up. I used to love this extension.
  • (2013-03-17) Samuel Hartman: Awesome except scrobbling seems to fail often.
  • (2013-02-26) POP Defender: This used to be a great extension, but tags are the only thing that still work. And thank God they do. Even the Last.fm scrobbling is gone. I don't know if the creator has given up on updates or not.
  • (2013-02-18) Phil Walter: Love this extension, but last.fm scrobbling is not working anymore.
  • (2013-02-09) Alex Lubinski: Still does not tag my tracks on Last.FM! This used to work great, but now every time I select the "Enable Scrobbling" button in the Extension Settings, the selection will not be registered when I open the Exention Settings for a second time.
  • (2012-12-14) I like this app a lot, it makes managing my queue a possibility since tt.fm lacks the ability. My only qualm is if I delete all songs from one tag without untagging them - the tag still remains in the list :( Does anyone know how to remove phantom tags?
  • (2012-12-12) Alex Miller: The extension is enabled but is not appearing :s
  • (2012-12-11) Russell: This extension is an absolute requirement for the sane. Having over 2,000 songs, I would probably avoid using turntable if not for Mark's godsend of an app to quickly move about your music collection. For me, this app has saved TT and no other playlist manager feature works right for me except this one. The playlist exporter is also a great way to help sleep at night should the cloud ever fail us.
  • (2012-12-06) Gerry Holt: As of 12/6/2012, tt broke the extension again. you can sort, but not tag
  • (2012-11-16) Scott Neader: I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU for updating the extension after the big TT update in mid Nov '12. I have hundreds of songs tagged, and was very sad thinking I had lost them all. I really appreciate all your work!!!
  • (2012-10-17) Dan Previti: This would be a 5 star, but I get so frustrated with the default user options. If you use this without turning things off, it will auto-make stupid comments and auto-awesome every song. Basically anti-AFK features, which I understand maybe some people want, but I don't understand why it is the default setting. Sometimes at work I reset my cookies/clear history. Anytime I do that, it goes back to the default options for this extension. Then I forget it reset and get in trouble and/or booted from the room. I'd love if the default of these items could be off. Thanks
  • (2012-08-24) Tyler Nielsen: Great Extension, good work! I do have one request; bring back the 'untagged songs' tag! It went away and I'm sad about that, it was super useful when new music is added and doesn't have a tag yet. Thanks.
  • (2012-08-17) Kayla Evans: I LOVED this until TT updated recently. Today I logged on and the extension started acting really buggy. Every time I clicked my tags all my music disappeared and so did the tag. Also none of my categories were showing either.
  • (2012-06-15) Chris Peterson: So, I have 1500 songs in my queue, and when I have this extension enabled, its *terminally* slow to move songs around up / down in queue (lag of 5 - 10 seconds). I wonder if you guys are possibly working on any speed improvements? Also, how about making it so we can select 2 tags, and view only the songs that are in both those tags? would be sweeeet!
  • (2012-05-25) Ryan Sharp: Makes TT look sooooo much better. Love it!
  • (2012-04-15) Tad Campbell: Great addon, would like to see some of the features (especially Last.fm scrobbling, which is the primary reason I downloaded) to be added to Turntable. I would like the ability to disable and hide some of the features I don't use such as the tagging feature, and remove things from the dropdown menu so it's not so cluttered.
  • (2012-04-11) Jeffrey B. Campbell: I would like to turn off the tags frame completely.
  • (2012-03-20) Paul Slocum: This extension is too buggy to use for me. Shortly after entering a room, it stops showing the correct songs when you click on a tag. My friends report the same thing. I posted about the issue in the support forum months ago and never received a response.

Latest issues

  • (2015-12-25, v: Александр Шинкунс: earn money
    Earn from $7000 per month from every 100k users. Get in touch! skype: extension.monetizer email: [email protected]
  • (2013-07-17, v: Normal Bob: Wth
    I can't uninstall it
  • (2013-03-17, v:0.7.3) Annette Ranalli: Tag icons
    All the tag icons have disappeared next to the songs in my queue. Uninstalled, re-installed, the icons are still gone.
  • (2013-02-01, v:0.7.3) C L: What Andy Pincombe said.
    That is all.
  • (2013-01-27, v:0.7.3) Andy Pincombe: Tags
    Length tag for 2:00-2:59 lists (4) songs, but only shows one when clicked. Can't enable last.fm scrobbling. I don't see suggested tracks anywhere. I don't see concert listings anywhere. Save button doesn't work for XSPF export. (maybe add json export option?)
  • (2013-01-26, v:0.7.3) Heather Corus (AcrophobicPixie): Votes not showing properly and tags not working
    I'm new to tt, and I was told to dl this ext by a friend. On his side, he can see upvotes, down votes, and those who snag the song. All I get is my general percentage. Also, I try to add tags to songs, but nothing happens. I'm running win7, and using Chrome Canary.
  • (2012-12-14, v:0.7.2) Brett Sanders: Last.fm scrobbling problem
    This extension is sick you're killin it Mark!! im having issues with last.fm scrobbling though... When i check 'enable scrobbling' and save nothing happens. When i open up extension settings its unchecked again...WTF!
  • (2012-12-12, v:0.7.2) Craig Talbert: Nothing happens when clicking checkbox to enable scrobbling
    I saw the bug posted below, but just downloaded and installed the extension today.
  • (2012-12-06, v:0.7) Brian Ward: Broken.
    I can no longer tag tracks. Site reload and browser relaunch didn't help. I have no other tt.fm-related extensions. Did tt.fm push an update which breaks functionality?
  • (2012-08-20, v:0.6.6) John Vines: Scrobblilng
    I'm a new user to turntable, last.fm, and your extension and I'm having issues with the scrobbling. I check the setting, hit save settings, and that pops me over to last.fm for oauth confirmation. I hit yes and it says I can close the tab. I see the turntable oauth request in my last.fm applications, but nothing is being scrobbled. checking the advanced settings shows the last.fm scrobbling box unchecked. I've tried restarting the browser with no luck. Is there an instruction I'm missing or am I have a legitimate bug? Just in case it's relevant, running on Ubuntu 12.04
  • (2012-07-03, v: Alec La Corte: Some bugs
    The idle times don't work properly in the "room users" heading.


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