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Switch between all your apps quickly. Get a unified view on all your daily to dos and appointments.

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Description from store Use the Basaas Extension to organize your apps, events and tasks. The Basaas Extension gives you quick access to all your favorite apps, events and tasks and brings notifications into your browser. Using Basaas Workplace in your favorite browser gets even more comfortable and effective. 🔗 UNITE ALL APPS INTO YOUR PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY HUB Connect all your favorite apps like Google Workspaces, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana and many more to your tailor-made integrated solution. ‍💻 SIDEBAR - ALL YOUR APPS ACCESSIBLE WITH JUST ONE CLICK Bring all your favorite apps together in one omnipresent sidebar. You'll always have the most important apps in focus and can open them immediately. Customize the sidebar exactly as you need it. You can also open your Workplace and Tasks directly from here. If you don't need the sidebar, you can simply hide it. 🎉 POPUP– NO BOOKMARKS ANYMORE With Basaas you can organize your apps into groups - even for your entire team. These groups are displayed in the extension popup and you can find the app you are looking for in no time 🔔 NOTIFICATIONS – STAY UP TO DATE Notifications of your active apps are displayed in Basaas Extension. You will also be notified when a new event is about to start. 🚀 MY DAY - KEEP TRACK OF YOUR EVENTS AND TASKS With New Tab you can quickly access all your frequently used apps, events and tasks. See all meetings for the current day and join them as soon as they start with a single click. Add new tasks to your focus list or open your Workplace. 🔐 PASSWORD MANAGER – SIMPLIFY ACCESS TO ALL YOUR APPS Keep your passwords organized in one safe place in your browser. Log in to your apps quicky and easily by inserting your passwords. You can edit all your passwords and keep them perfectly organized and secure. ✅ TASKS – CREATE TASKS EVERYWHERE You can create a new task to your integrated task management apps anywhere in the browser by using the shortcuts (Mac: Option + N Windows: Alt + N) or using the Chrome context menu and it will be displayed in Basaas Tasks and your New Tab. 🗒 NOTE To use the Basaas Extension you need to own an Basaas Account. Want to know more? Visit us at: www.basaas.com ⛑ NEED ANY HELP? In case you need help, visit the Basaas Help Center: https://help.basaas.com/

Latest reviews

  • (2022-06-24) Unie huang: Love the sidebar and the customization of replacing new tab.
  • (2021-12-19) Kramoogle A: After having tried several apps of the same kind, basaas naturally imposed itself in my daily life. Very efficient and easy to use, basaas has become my favorite tool to manage my utility apps (mail, contacts, conversations etc). However, the chrome extension still seems a little light to me and I'm waiting to see what happens next before using it. For the moment, the problems I've noticed that are blocking me are the following: - basaas asks me to login very regularly. - the design integration of the sidebar (which I find really cool in theory) is quite bad on some sites because there are conflicts with the design of these sites (gmail, notion, ...) - it is not possible to use the extension without the mouse (a small keyboard shortcut to open the basaas extension to display our apps would be a real advantage) - being able to select apps with the keyboard after a search would be really nice too. With theses fetaures, I would really enjoy using basaas extension again, but for now I find my experience unconvincing and I'm coming back to the windows client.
  • (2021-05-31) Adnan Ahmed: ORIGINAL REVIEW **WHY I CONSIDERED USING THIS EXTENSION** I've been trying Shift, Franz, Ferdi, Wavebox for the last 8 months. Some were expensive but really good (Wavebox), others crashed often (Shift), and some lacked functionality (Ferdi can't screenshare in Discord). Microsoft Edge is now so great, it made less sense to use two browsers simultaneously (Edge + Shift). I've been looking for something that would bring Shift's functionality into Edge. After trying vertical tabs, bookmark sidebars, and numerous programs for over a month, I revisited Basaas, which I had initially written off due to its confusing UI and an app I didn't care about. But this extension is different from the main Basaas app. **HOW IT WORKS** If an app is open in a tab, it will automatically switch to that if you click on the icon on the left bar. If there's no tab open with that app, it will open it in a new tab. You can also middle click on an icon to open another tab of it. It's the best of both-worlds between a regular browser like Chrome and Shift. **PROS** It's FREE (along with a free tier in Basaas), which I love because I don't fall under the enterprise target audience and can't afford to spend on these extensions. Secondly, the UI is great, and is very customizable. There's dark-mode, which is always a big plus for me as I need consistency in the UI of my apps. I can add custom websites, custom logos, and custom colors, which I love. The extension takes up 70MB RAM in Edge. Don't know how it stacks up to others, but it's surely lower than using Shift, and I haven't experienced any crashes yet. Plus I'm using Edge's sleeping tabs/hibernating feature so that inactive tabs consume less RAM. I have another PC at my home, and the extension synced the apps and extension settings across both perfectly. That saved me a lot of headache to be honest, and I'm glad that this feature is there (don't take it for granted, Biscuit of eatbiscuit.com doesn't have this feature). **CONS** - It's not instant - it takes 2-4 seconds to appear on the left side when opening a new tab, every time. - Apps flicker and jump around when reorganizing/adding new apps, or when opening, closing or switching to new tabs. - Does not recognize different Gmail accounts, even if you have different links for each app. Clicking on the other Gmail apps will keep on opening new tabs instead of jumping to an already open tab. - Can't turn off unread badges in apps. It's distracting to me and also makes me feel more anxious. I'd turn it off for certain apps if it were possible. - Websites like Zoho Books, tinypng.com and icons8.com become unusable unless I minimize the sidebar - can't hide Workplace and Tasks apps from the top left corner, even though I don't use them. It should be optional. - if you add/remove/reorganize apps, you need to restart browser to make the change reflect in all open tabs. - the sidebar disappears in pinned tabs, and can't be brought back unless you unpin and refresh the tab. **CONCLUSION** If you have the same needs as mine, and can tolerate the cons for now, I'd recommend this strongly. It has replaced not only Shift in my PC, but my bookmarks in the Bookmarks bar as well. As far as I can tell this was launched only a couple of weeks ago, so I'm hoping that the bugs will be ironed out soon and new features will be added soon.

Latest issues

  • (2021-10-01, v:1.2.1) Alex Godbehere: Only show on certain domains
    I've been using the Basaas app for Mac for years and I love it. Although I understand the move to the browser, I can't help but feel that it's not a drop-in replacement... yet, anyway. For example, I frequently use the browser for other things that are not related to the apps I have open in Basaas - assuming that I always want to see the app sidebar is a bit of an oversight and quite frankly annoying. I can minimise it but I still have the small tab in the bottom left. Is there a way to limit it to only show on certain domains? Maybe only on the sites that you have set in the sidebar?
  • (2021-05-30, v:1.1.4) Adnan Ahmed: Big bug
    HUGE BUG: I've DISCONNECTED my physical keyboard to show you that my keyboard is not the problem. Also, I've disabled ALT + N in Edge using an extension which disables shortcuts. STILL, when I press just N using onscreen keyboard app, the popup appears. It only goes away when I press ALT + N when there's no popup open (nothing happens when I press ALT + N because I've disabled the shortcut using the extension) I "fixed" this using a workaround: I installed Autohotkey: https://www.autohotkey.com/download/ With this hotkey running in the background, this problem is solved $n:: SendInput {Alt up}n return


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