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Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help

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Description from store Open-Dyslexic is a font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. This extension overrides all fonts on web pages with the OpenDyslexic font and formats pages to be more readable. Your brain can sometimes do funny things to letters. OpenDyslexic tries to help prevent some of these things from happening. Letters have heavy weighted bottoms to add a kind of "gravity" to each letter. You are able to quickly figure out which part of the letter is down because of this feature. It aids in recognizing the correct letter and sometimes helps to keep your brain from rotating them around. Consistently weighted bottoms can also help reinforce the line of text. The unique shapes of each letter can help prevent confusion by flipping and swapping.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-02-17) Alyssa Han: Yay! finally someone cares about dyslexic people. There are some things taht are mising tho... some websites dont have the font but other than that this app is awsome and helps me
  • (2022-01-10) Catherine Sauerland: When I am reading it helps me to read at a normal pace and not mix up lines and letters the one major issue I have is that it gets rid of the letter F and replaces it with a box.
  • (2022-01-03) Lubna Shaltoot: Hi ! Would it be possible if you can also have the extension increase the space between the sentences and words? thank you <3
  • (2021-11-15) Jayson Stone: Great. Makes my job much easier as a developer doing research. I look a little funny copy and pasting but it helps.
  • (2021-10-19) Brett Schneider: ITS GREAT! If I could just control the font size, it'd be perfect.
  • (2021-06-01) Clarissa Johnson: I suffered a traumatic brain injury a few years ago and it has made reading incredibly hard. Recently I discovered the OpenDyslexic font and was super hyped to find something so useful for people like me, and I was even more excited to find this extension that allows me to change all the websites I visit to this font. Doing school online was been rough, but having this extension made it a billion times easier to do research
  • (2021-05-31) Jackson H: This is incredibly helpful for me to read much quicker. Thank you so much creators for making this available for people like me.
  • (2021-05-29) Chris M: I like it

Latest issues

  • (2022-08-19, v:1.0.2) Dan Thomas: Google Drive
    I have installed the Chrome extension. It does not work when I am in a Google Drive file, do you know why?
  • (2022-07-21, v:1.0.2) Sherry Ray-Von: so what now, i download, im dyslexic please
    of which I only rarely do, its diaper and usually comes coupled with add, severity in both if recognized a s anything but stupidity is like i tell my doctors SITTING STILL WHILE YIU BRAIN IS LIKE A ROLLING BALL INSIDE YOIUR HEAD AND YOU ARE TWIRLING AND RUNNING ALL AT ONCE. THIS MESSAGE IS MAKING ME PANIC, THAT IT WILL LAND SOMEWHERE IS VIEWED AS NOT IMPORTANT. I'M 60 I ONLY FOUND I WAS DYSLEXIC AFTER 55 YRS OF WANTING TO KNOW HOW I JUST ME CAN NOT SUCCEDD AT A PROFFESSION I HAVE EDUCATEDE MYSELF ON , BECOME EXTREMEMLY GOOD AT , WOULD BE AMAZING IN A EMPLOYED POSSITIOIN AND I DONT EVEN. KNOW HOW TO GET THERE . TO LOO AT ME YOU DO NOT SEE THAT IT ISNT VISIBLE AND WHGEN SOMEONE SAYS TO ME WHY SDONT YOU WORK WHILE IM STANDING WITHOUT A PENNY AND AM A EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT ARTIST, I HAVE TO HOLD MY SELKF FROM CRYING AND SAY I CANT , THEN, OF COURSE, THEY ARE CONFUSED MY ANSWER IS THIS IF YU KNEW ME YOU WOULDNT ASK THAT, BUT NON E OF THAT WILL HELP ME SURVIVE TO CONSIDER THAT YOUR OFFERINGS MIGHT ACTUALLY HELP SOMEONE OTHER THAN THOSE WHO CAN ALREADY HELP THEMSELVES i cant this disability doesn't allow that .please someone helps me so i would think that downloading an app for a person who can not speak does not require that person to speak in the process, of setting it up, or a person who can not see, or have the use of their hands, dyslexia is unfortunately labeled a "disability" although you would find that a dyslexic is not unintelligent and their way of thinking and the ability to problem solve is unlike any other person who does not have this "ability " SO I DOWNLOADED BUT THAS IT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO NEXT AND AFTER DOWNLOADING I GET CONFUSED ABOUT TOO. IT ASKED ME TO DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CHROME But I HAVE GOOGLE CHROME, so now more confused what do i do now please ?
  • (2022-01-03, v:1.0.2) Lubna Shaltoot: Increasing Spaces
    Hi ! Would it be possible if you can also have the extension increase the space between the sentences and words? thank you <3


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