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Prevajalnik, prevajanje besed, prevajanje fraz. Celostranski prevajalnik in slovar, besedilo v govor. Uporaba Google Translate.…

Image from store Prevajalnik - prevod in slovar
Description from store Najboljši in najlažji način za hiter prevod dela vsebine, ki jo potrebujete, na primer besed, besednih zvez ali celo elementov menija. Označite besedo ali besedilo, ki ga želite prevesti, in takoj boste videli prevod v vaš jezik. Vse v eni preprosti in razumljivi razširitvi brskalnika. ➖ Popolnoma brezplačno. Ne zahteva registracije ali kakršnih koli naročnin; ➖ Podpira več kot 120 jezikov; ➖ Samodejno zaznavanje jezika; Besedilno igranje za 60 jezikov; ➖ povratni prevod; ➖ Deluje na vseh spletnih mestih, vključno z Gmailom, Facebookom, Twitterjem in drugimi; ➖ Priročen in intuitiven uporabniški vmesnik razširitve; ➖ Prevajanje besed s pomočjo slovarja (+ slovar deluje brez povezave). Prevajalec uLanguage bere in reproducira besede, besedne zveze in celotna besedila s pomočjo kakovostnega prevajanja človeškega besedila v govor (TTS). Prikazuje transkripcijo in prepisovanje, zna tudi reproducirati besede ali besedila s pravilnim naglasom in s pravilnim poudarkom. Takoj se naučite pravilnih izgovornih besed, ne da bi jih prelagali za pozneje! Funkcionalnost: ✔️ Prevajanje spletnih strani - celoten prevod spletne strani s prevajanjem miške ✔️ Slovar - pomen besed, izgovorjava, sopomenke, hipernimi, hiponimi in še več. ✔️ Zaznamki - Spremlja vse spremembe zaznamkov. Shranjevanje zgodovine prevodov. ✔️ Besedilo v govor - slišite pravilno izgovorjavo in igrajte besede in besedila s pravilnim naglasom. ✔️ Prevajanje slik (prepoznavanje slik) - Samo izberite območje na monitorju, ki ga želite prevesti (načelo dela je kot v orodju za posnetek zaslona). Resnično upamo, da vam bo naš prevajalec koristen! Veselimo se vaših povratnih informacij in ocen! Napišite tudi svoje predloge za izboljšanje funkcionalnosti - [email protected] DeepL Translate: Reading & writing translator Best and easiest way to quickly translate part of the content that you need, such as words, phrases, or even menu items. Highlight the word or text you want to translate and you will immediately see the translation into your language. All in one simple and understandable browser extension. ➖ Completely free. Doesn't require registration or any subscriptions; ➖ Supports over 120 languages; ➖ Automatic language detection; ➖ Text voice acting for 60 languages; ➖ Reverse translation; ➖ Works on all sites including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and others; ➖ Convenient and intuitive user interface of the extension; ➖ Translating words using a dictionary (+ dictionary works offline). Translator uLanguage reads and reproduces words, phrases and entire texts using quality human text-to-speech (TTS) translation. It shows transcription and transliteration, also knows how to reproduce words or texts with the correct accent and with correct stress. Learn the correct pronunciation words right away, without postponing it for later! Functionality: DeepL Translate: Reading & writing translator ✔️ Web page Translation - full web page translation with mouse hover translation ✔️ Dictionary - Word meaning, pronunciation, synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms and more. ✔️ Bookmarks - Keeps track of all the changes you made to your bookmarks. Saving translation history. ✔️ Text to speech - Hear correct pronunciation and play words and texts with correct accent. ✔️ Image translation (image recognition) - Just select the area on the monitor that you want to translate (the principle of work is as in the screenshot tool). In the new version of the extension, we have added the ability to select translators. Now you do not need to install additional programs or applications to use Google Translate, all in one convenient extension, with all the features that are available for the uLanguage translator. Just choose which translator you want to use today: uLanguage Translate or Google Translate. With the Translator, you can enjoy unbeatable translation quality without ever leaving your browser. You’ll be able to effortlessly and instantly translate whatever you’re reading or writing within Chrome. Until then, you can simply select and right-click on any text and choose Translate this selection. Now you no longer have to worry about missing out on any information throughout the web due to a language barrier. Please note that this is a beta version, and we are continually making improvements. Translate while reading DeepL Translate: Reading & writing translator You never have to skip an email, article, or website again. No matter what you’re browsing in Chrome, you can view it in context in your chosen language. Translate your writing Whether you’re writing a social media post, chat message, or email, you can translate your own words immediately after you type them. This means you no longer have to copy, paste, retype, or leave Chrome to communicate in another language. Full-page translation If you’re a DeepL user, you can translate entire web pages into your desired language with just one click. Or to make things even easier, you can choose to have all websites in specific languages automatically translated for a seamless browsing experience. This feature is coming soon for free users. Download DeepL for Chrome for free to start translating today. DeepL Translate: Reading & writing translator We really hope that our translator will be useful to you! We look forward to your feedback and ratings! Also write your suggestions for improving the functionality - [email protected]

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