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AdRemover blocks ads, makes your browsing in Chrome more comfortable

Image from store AdRemover - adblocker for Chrome
Description from store Adremover - adblocker for youtube, facebook and all websites. Adblocker #1 for Chrome Adremover is a fast adblocker add-on, which will stop all ads on every website you visit in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers! Our Adblocker not only removes annoying YouTube Ads or Facebook Ads from your webpages but also prevents malware and protects your privacy online from other trackers, spyware and ads that can record your browsing habits and personal information. There are many Adblockers on the Chrome Web Store, but Adremover adds more features than any of the alternatives. 1) What is Adremover? Adremover is an easy to use application which allows you to remove advertising from any website on your computer or mobile device by using extensions for browsers such as Google Chrome. It works automatically on most websites where you are able to see ads however it has been proven effective at removing ads from sites which have YouTube embedded video players as well. The videos will no longer be available to watch but you will no longer have to view annoying advertisements before playing them! 2) Is It Free To Use? Yes! We offer a completely free way to stop advertisements from showing up on your favorite websites, including YouTube! All of our technology is implemented directly within Google Chrome to ensure full compatibility with all of your favorite sites. There are no extraneous programs or plug-ins to install—just click add to chrome and you’re good to go! 3) How Do I Install Adremover? The idea is simple: By blocking ads on every website, you make sure that they don’t even appear in your browser – thereby stopping yourself from seeing them while surfing online. 4) How Does It Work? The truth is simple: ads slow down your computer. As a result, you spend more time on each website you visit—and that means advertisers will pay them to show their ads! How many of us have never wondered how YouTube or Facebook can give away free content? The answer is simple: they make money by selling out their users to advertisers who want to reach as many people as possible with their marketing message in hopes of making a sale/impressing potential customers. Through AdRemover, we've solved that problem by making every website load at lightning speeds even if they're bogged down with obnoxious advertising—it's seriously fast! Try it today and we guarantee you'll love it so much that you'll never go back to using regular web browsers again! Adblocker for Youtube Do you get annoyed by ads on YouTube? With Adremover, you can view videos without advertising on YouTube! Simply install it as an add-on in your browser to block ads immediately on YouTube. You can even sync it with another computer or mobile device so that you are free from annoying ads everywhere! It is compatible with both PC and Mac users. Adblocker for Facebook To remove ads from Facebook, install an ad blocker extension to block ads on Facebook like you would with any other site. The majority of free extensions are available through Google’s Chrome Web Store (see Resources). When you visit a webpage that contains ads, your extension will automatically remove them if they match its filter criteria. For example, an ad blocker program can filter display: ads only as shown in Figure 4-6. As a result, those elements disappear from view and leave behind white space in their place. You can now enjoy browsing Facebook without dealing with obnoxious advertisements that slow down your computer’s performance or drive up your data usage costs. TYPES of ADS BLOCKED YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, Web ads (Banners/Popups/Floating boxes), Youtube pre-roll video ads, Video ads on webpages in general (Many sites use non-skippable 15s or 30s pre-roll before a main video). Music video ads like Vevo that play 30sec of a song before displaying a skip button to avoid these annoying non-skippable advertisements simply press spacebar and skip right away. A well know issue with browser based ad blockers is that they can not block Youtube pre-roll video Ads! Which is why we created AdRemover extension specifically to block these annoying Youtube Pre-Roll videos. uBlock filters Badware risks Malware domains Badware risks: Malicious files Badware risks: Malicious redirects... ...and more! uBlock filters an extensive list of known malware domains across a wide range of malware families (exploit kits, trojans, etc.). The filter list is updated several times per day with fresh data from various AV engines Adblock Plus ABP filters Use an add-on such as AdBlock Plus that uses filters to block ads before they appear on your screen. For example, you can set up ABP to stop ad videos from playing automatically—rather than having to click through each one—and clear out non-relevant text ads that get in your way of reading an entire page of content. You may even want to completely disable third-party cookies so advertisers have no chance of accessing your data. Never used it just create account and see how it works you will be surprise how fast it is works in my case was like magic! It keeps working with blocking them on each webpage I open! And its free use just add promo code you can find around internet about getting 3 month premium upgrade for free ! Enjoy like me 🙂 Block Youtube pre-roll video ads Did you know you can block pre-roll video ads on Youtube? It’s true: by blocking YouTube in your browser with an extension like AdRemover, you can remove nearly all pre-roll video ads from your favorite (or least favorite) channels on YouTube. Block Facebook Ads If you’re as frustrated by Facebook ads as I am, then we have a solution: Use an ad blocker on Facebook! The AdRemover is an easy-to-use browser extension that blocks most of Facebook’s advertisements. The add-on is free to download from Google’s store or directly from GitHub (also free). You can install it in just a few seconds and immediately start blocking ads! Block banners Unlike pop-up ads that have long been phased out of existence by software companies trying to improve their website quality ratings, banner ads are here to stay. But there’s a new solution: browser extensions like AdRemover that automatically blocks them on a per-site basis. Block Popups While some pop-ups are annoying but harmless, others can be used to track your personal information or inject malware into your system. Stay safe by blocking all ads on each website you visit with an ad blocker like AdRemover. This free extension adds a button to Google Chrome that blocks most ads on most sites — not just video ads on YouTube and Facebook! OPEN SOURCE This adblocker is a fork of the Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin, a community-driven project with hundreds of volunteers making sure that all ads are automatically blocked. The code is open source and used under GPL. Significant portion of the code was rewritten to make this extension faster, efficient and far more reliable. We also REMOVED any tracking code for your privacy. Youtube™ and Google Chrome™ are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions. Facebook™ is a trademark of Facebook, inc.


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