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World's first password manager powered by the Algorand blockchain

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Description from store AlgoPass is an open-source password manager that leverages the Algorand blockchain to securely & conveniently store your sensitive data. It uses the note field of zero-ALGO transactions to store your usernames and passwords (which are encrypted with your mnemonic passphrase). Why is it special? --------------------------- When you use a traditional password manager, you need to trust that the service provider has secure servers and that they have no intention of selling your data. Using the Algorand blockchain as a password manager completely removes this requirement of trust: the only person you need to trust is yourself. Its superior decentralized nature also ensures there is no single point of failure for malicious attackers to target. How does it work? ---------------------------- Everything happens in your browser and on the Algorand blockchain. When you first install the AlgoPass extension, an Algorand account is generated - the secret key for this account is encrypted using your master password and stored in your browser. The secret key serves two purposes: 1. Encrypting the note field of your transactions (which contains your passwords to be saved) 2. Signing these transactions Essentially, this means that everything is dependent on your mnemonic passphrase. If you lose your computer, you can still access all of your passwords by installing the AlgoPass extension elsewhere and signing in using the same mnemonic passphrase. Why do I have to pay? --------------------------------- All of the benefits of using the Algorand blockchain as a password manager come with a tiny transaction fee of 1 milliALGO. Since any new entry you create is a transaction on the Algorand blockchain, your ALGOs simply pay for your transactions. Remember that although there is a small fee, not much money is needed at all: 1 ALGO will pay for 1000 passwords! What's to come? ------------------------- We are constantly working to roll out new features to make the AlgoPass experience a more pleasant and secure one. Below is a list of features you should be expecting in upcoming updates: - Auto-saving and auto-filling of passwords when you create new accounts and log into previously visited sites - Editing and deleting entries - Fee delegation using Algorand smart contracts so that you don't have to fund the transaction fees yourself


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