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Search items in EU warehouses on Aliexpress

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Description from store Find articles faster and easier without paying taxes and with acceptable delivery times (3-7 working days) on Aliexpress in European warehouses (PL-Poland, SK-Slovakia, CZ-Czech Republic, FR-France, ES-Spain, IT-Italy) What this extension do? - search for fast shipping (7 day, 10 day...) in Europe - search in European warehouses (PL, SK, CZ, FR, ES, IT, DE) - moving trough search result pages (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) - sort prices Ascending - sort prices Descending - reset single filter or all - search for free shipping - search stores with coupouns Why install this extension? - if you want faster delivery - if you don't want pay taxes - if you want cheaper shipping with tracking (GLS, DPD...) - we wil NOT include ads to extension! - regular updates and adding functionality How this extension work? Extension get URL from current tab in browser, edit URL and alter URL with our presaved phrases. Then extension reload page with altered URL. Nothing more, nothing less. Is free? Extension have full function also in free mode. If you want donate (5$ per month), then go red box with donate button away. Are ads included in extension? No, we will never include ads in our extensions because we think ads are disturbing and spoiling user experience. Will you update extension? Yes we will update extension when we encounter bugs, when something changes on parrent site and when we find more functionalityes. And yes, added functionalityes and updates will be free. Will extension ever die? Maybe, if parrent site edit way how we search results with extension. We don't know exactly till when we can search this way. Because of that we decided for free mode and for monthly donation. What we collect from users? We (our development team) personaly don't collect data and data don't leave your computer if you use extension in free or donate mode. Personal data (in case of donation) is only collected from payment processor (credit card number, CVV, email) when is donation executed. Why extension use Read your browsing history permissions? Our extension alone do not use this permission. This permision use donation plugin for security. How our extension know if i pay donation? We don't need your data. Information about status send us payment processor. We get only status of your account (Active, not active...) Refund? Users donate monthly for our effor. This mean that users are not buying our extension or service. Users can always use free mode. Because of this we don't offer refund. //Changelog v3.2 Added 1 month free subscription till 28.12.2022 because we celebrate 1000 active user :-) v3.1 Edited logic for search because AE made some changes v3.0a Rewroted code for manifest v3 (new manifest file) Using background file for tracking url adress Upgraded donation plugin New manifest file Rewroted code for popup (cca 70% because of new manifest) New UI (Black themed with gray buttons and new icons) New algorithm for searching in warehouses (AE changed) v2.0 v1.2 Added Price ASC/Price DESC button Added help text at bottom Added reset button for Countries Added reset button for pages Rewritten code for Countries Rewritten code for Pages Rewritten code for reset logic Removed bug when resetting selected county + page Added content file (empty) Added tab permissions Edited manifest file v1.1 Added Free Shipping Added Fast Shipping Added Has Coupoun Edited logic for Reset Edited manifest file v1.0 First version

Latest reviews

  • (2022-12-02) Mantvydas GanĨiauskas: Unfortunately, this method doesn't work in LITHUANIA. Most shippings are unavailable from Europe, but I left 5 stars for a good idea. I hope that developers will fix it in the future.
  • (2022-09-06) Kresimir Jelusic: seems to work great, been looking for a solution like this - one suggestion - have one button to say all European countries, just to make it easier
  • (2022-03-01) Martin Cernak: Thank you for the work. Looks good and so far works. However I suggest you to slightly change the design to something more modern :) FOr example remove background and change to some solid color and for text rectangle borders use same colours or remove them. Currently (1. MAR.2022) its is very hard to see which options are selected. It would be great if you can add filter for different shipping methods like AliExpress standard, Cianiao and China registrated airmail at least. Please continue with a great work! Thanks
  • (2021-12-04) Denis: Not sure why it needs my WHOLE browser history in order to work...

Latest issues

  • (2022-11-17, v:3.0) lunu sile: Not working as it should.
    After selecting the European country in the menu, if I choose one of the products, going to the checkout it says that delivery is from China, time is like 30 days. What is wrong?
  • (2022-11-04, v:3.0) lunu sile: Not working as it should.
    After selecting the European country in the menu, if I choose one of the products, going to the checkout it says that delivery is from China, time is like 30 days. What is wrong?


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