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Calculates the reimbursement amount for couriers.

Image from store Courier Reimbursement Calculator
Description from store 2.4.3 Changelogs: [Downgraded] Back to Manifest 2.0 to fix Drive to Resto calculator. This is a temp fix while I figure out how to work around the limitations of Manifest 3.0; unable to use eval() to process formulas. ___ 2.4.2 Changelogs: [Removed] Additional unnecessary code [Changed] design of team selection drop down (Color of countries to blue, centred text of countries & color of disabled teams to red) ___ 2.4.1 Changelogs: [Upgraded] App to Manifest 3.0 (https://developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/mv3/intro/) ___ 2.4 Changelogs: [Removed] Couriers Earnings Page Calculator (for compliance reasons) [Removed] A lot of unnecessary code [Removed] Google Drive API [Removed] Chrome/Google authentication ___ 2.3 Changelogs: [Added] Ability to remove/add back parts of the calculator from the API ___ 2.2.1 Changelogs: [Fixed] Issue with individual zones calculation ___ 2.2 Changelogs: [Added] Custom API for easier & faster management [Removed] Google Drive API [Fixed] CSS for the instructions page [Added] 250ms loading screen to make sure all values are preloaded ___ 2.1 Changelogs: [Fixed] bug where dynamic teams wouldn't show up unless you selected one of the hard coded teams first. [Added] ability to add secondary values for a set of different cities [Added] dynamic searchable drop down menu for different zones ____ 2.0 Changelogs: [Added] team checking for the "Other" page. Will show "Please select a team on the settings page" if no team is selected. [Added] local saving for the group values to be used in the future for context menus so TMs can quickly calculate values without opening the popup menu. [Added] Ability to add/change/remove teams dynamically without hardcoding them into the dropdown menu [Added] Ability to add/change/remove country flags via json file [Added] Ability to add/change/remove currency symbols via json file [Added] Ability to add/change/remove drive to resto calcuation formula via json file ___ 1.9.3 Changelogs: [Added] Team checking for the drop down menu. Will check if "Please select team" is selected, if so the app will tell TM to select a team. ____ 1.9.2. Changelogs: [Added] a check if team member chose a team if not it will tell them to chose one on the settings page [Fixed] the Canadian courier earnings calculator ___ 1.9.1 Changelogs: [Added] Canadian and British country flags for JEUK and Skip teams. (will show up on the left of the title, on the top of the front page) [Changed] The way calculateHoldTime function works. Instead of having multiple separate if statements for Drive to resto and held at resto there is only one if statement to check for max reimbo values. [Added] Skip CC and Skip CS teams to the drop down menu and enabled them. Skip CC and CS Leadership team just needs to input the correct values into the app. [Added] Check for the correct currency sign depending on what team is selected [Added] Correct calculation formula for the Canadian team (Slightly different than the UK team) [Added] earnings calculator for the Canadian team [Added] Authentication check; if not authenticated authentication window will open automatically ___ 1.9 Changelogs: [Added] Skip CS and CC team to the dropdown menu. (Currently disabled - need to get correct values) [Added] Ability to modify extension title text by the leadership team [Fixed] the courier earnings calculator for real now [Added] Loaded values text to the "Other" page (will show what values are loaded for calculations) ___ 1.8 Changelogs: [Added] Live modifiable settings by the leadership team; will require you to authenticate with your Jet provided Google Account so the app can access organization-only viewable Docs file [Added] Error catching; will notify you with error code when there is an issue with a specific part of the extension [Removed] Scrollbar from the extension. [Fixed] The way the drive to resto calculates the value [Fixed] The calculation cells for the courier earnings calculator. Transit pay and total pay were switched [Fixed] The courier earnings calculator as it didn't work if "Other Transactions" would show up on the page. [Changed] Slight redesign of the popup to make it look a little bit better. ___ 1.7.2 Changelogs: [Fixed] the manifest file. Permissions error should be fixed now. [Fixed] the courier calculation calculator as it didn't work on some courier earnings pages [Fixed] the earnings calculator it marked some in red as there was a rounding issue. [Added] a small print in F12 >> Console when reimbo + fee boost + transit pay does not equal total fee. It will show you the date, order number and the what's wrong with the value. ___ 1.7.1 Changelogs: [Fixed] Permissions issue where it wouldn't let you calculate earnings values __ 1.7 Changelogs: [Fixed] Background colors for the legend in the instructions (red was pink and pink was red) [Fixed] an issue where there was a 10 pound hard limit for the resto hold time in the drive to resto calculator now it works with the toggle switch. [Fixed] issue where default colors would show up as "Undefined/black" [Change] Slight redesign of the instructions page to make it easier to read. [Added] mouse clickable color picker. No more typing color names or looking up HEX codes. ___ 1.6 Changelogs: [Added] Dark mode toggle switch [Added] Courier Earnings Calculation (Calculates the earnings for each section [Reimbursements, Fee Boost, Transit Pay, Total. On the couriers earnings page + will highlight any earnings that have a reimbursement attached to them and the tool will mark any orders with fee errors [if the reimbo + fee boost + transit pay does not equal total fee]) [Added] New instructions page on how to use each tool [Changed] Replaced the 10 pound hold time hard limit with a toggle switch ___ 1.5 Changelogs: [New] Redesigned the app slightly with jQuery - Credits to Josh Jennings (https://codepen.io/jenningscreate/pen/odKVed) for their jQuery buttons codepen + design) [Changed] Moved the settings section to a new page. ___ 1.4 Changelogs: [Added] Toggle switch to save calculations to clipboard [Added] Drive score [Added] Customizable color of reimbursement text [Added] Customizable color of reimbursement background ___ 1.3 Changelogs: [Added] A 10 pound limit for resto hold time ___ 1.2 Changelogs: [Fixed] Calculation formula for drive time ___ Full credits to the original dev that made one for the Canadian team (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/courier-reimbursement-cal/pjdcohbpgllegglhnnefdmlpalpnelpf).


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