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Skipflix: Auto Skip Netflix Intro

Description from extension meta Skip opening titles automatically on Netflix.
Image from store Skipflix: Auto Skip Netflix Intro
Description from store When the "skip intro" button appears, Skipflix automatically clicks on it. IMPORTANT: Refresh the Netflix tab after you install this extension.
Latest reviews (2019-08-21) πηνελόπη μπάρδα: It pauses after skipping intro! (2019-08-17) lucas metzner: ele pausa quando pula a abertura (2019-07-08) Waseem Sakka: Used to be good but now it pauses after each skip, which defeats the purpose. Would love to re-install. (2019-06-30) Igor Santos: Infelizmente está após pular o resumo ele acaba dando pause. (2019-05-27) Nick Jones: For some reason, it doesn't work as well as it used to — it skips, but then it pauses, forcing me to press play myself after the intro. (2019-05-19) Gravity King: Keeps pausing the episodes after it skips the intro. Doesn't make it worth it. (2019-05-18) Nazlı Şule: its stops when press the skip intro button. It should stop the video (2019-05-12) Benjamin Palisson: Nice ! But sometime the series stay in pause ^^ (2019-04-17) N P: Skips the intro and then immediately pauses - this is completely worthless. (2019-02-13) Kal Reynolds: It worked perfectly at first, but now a select bunch of shows, which seems to be increasing, pauses after the skip. Not sure if it's a double click or something, but it's worse than having credits, the credits are annoying because you don't wanna get up and skip them, so they waste a minute, but the pause forces you to. Downloaded the extension because I'm recovering from a broken leg-getting on the crutches to unpause it is frustrating. It was great while it lasted. (2019-02-13) Paul Wittig: Pauses Netflix after skipping unfortunately... Guessing Netflix did something to counter this extension, but it should be fixable as pause/playing is easily controllable client-side (2019-02-08) Nichelle Madison: Works for me!! thanks guys (2019-01-26) Luis Fernando Astorga: Ya no funciona, pausa justo después de la intro y es lo mismo porque tienes que poner play otra vez :'( (2019-01-24) Nathaniel K.: It was great until it started pausing the show after skipping the intro. (2019-01-21) ᗯƗᒪᒪƗᗩᘉ ᔕ ᖇ: era bom,mais de uns 2 meses pra cá ele esta pulando a intro e dando pause,nao sei se foi alguma att da netflix ou do extensao mais ta precisando de att pra voltar a funcionar corretamente. (2019-01-17) Andreas Wiesinger: Skips the ad, but stops directly there: Have to manually press 'play' to let the movie proceed :( (2019-01-11) Michael Atkins: Thank Jebus for these Netflix apps. Everything that irked me about Flix is dealt with now :D (2018-12-31) John Zsiros: It worked good until about a month ago.. always pauses after skip intro. is this still being updated or should i find another extension? (2018-12-28) Carlos Muñoz Barahona: It skips the intro, but leaves the video paused, usless (2018-12-21) Jaimee Price: Just here to confirm that as of december 22, still not working. Pauses after skip. I have the latest version of chrome installed. (2018-12-08) Hayden Mula: The idea is great and it has the basics. I can confirm i am running the latest version of chrome. Still pauses after skipping . (2018-12-06) Da G Man: What is the point of skipping the intro if it is just going to pause the episode forcing me to click it anyway? Garbage. (2018-11-26) Shaun 'Sion' Thomas: Since the update to Netflix the autoskip doesn't work as well as it used to. Autoskip works but doesn't continue to play once it skips. So, the video just pauses until you manually press play again. Hopefully this will be sorted soon (2018-11-25) Daniel Huguenin: works perfectly (2018-11-24) Martin Sok: Works even after the netflix update. Would like to see skip credits as well.

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