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Description from store 一个快捷的搜索页, 以及稍后读记录功能; 可以快速的切换搜索引擎. 以及搜索书签和搜索提示. (会更改新标签页) 快捷键: 快速定位: / => 快速定位到搜索框, 无论在哪个tab页中都可以进行定位; 稍后读: Ctrl + / => 快速将当前网页添加到稍后读; tab页切换: Alt + 1/2 => 对应两个tab页; 搜索框: 在搜索框中输入文字后, 如果有提示, 那么可以使用上下键选择, 如果是书签可以直接Shift + Enter; 搜索框: 在搜索框中使用Ctrl + Alt + ←/→切换搜索引擎; --- A quick search page, and later read record function and navigation page; Can quickly switch search engines. And search bookmarks and search tips. (The new tab page is changed) Quick Key: Quick positioning: / = > quick positioning to the search box, no matter in which tab page; Read later: Ctrl + / = > quickly add the current web page to read later; Tab page switching: Alt + 1 / 2 / 3 = > corresponding to three tab pages; Search box: after entering text in the search box, if prompted, you can use the up and down keys to select. If it is a bookmark, you can directly Shift + enter; Search box: use Ctrl + Alt + ← / → to switch search engines in the search box.


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