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這個擴展比Instagram的移動版更好! 在瀏覽器中查看和上傳IG Story和其他功能。

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Description from store App Instagram 是一款簡單而強大的工具,具有許多功能,可讓您的社交用戶體驗更加出色。 在您的瀏覽器中單擊 Instagram Downloader,您將被帶到流行的社交網絡 - Instagram,您可以在其中共享照片和視頻、查看新聞提要以及與朋友聊天。 您想從 Instagram 下載視頻和圖片嗎? 現在很簡單! 使用此下載器,您可以快速保存來自 Instagram 的任何照片和視頻。 因此,只需單擊一下,您就可以將照片和視頻保存在您的 PC 上。 更重要的是,它對所有用戶都是 100% 免費的。 所以你真的應該試試這個! Instagram & Repost 與其他 Instagram 下載器的區別在於它能夠在您的 PC 上使用。 您現在可以瀏覽您的 Instagram 源並將任何內容直接下載到您的計算機上。 如果您想備份您最喜歡的帖子,或者如果您想將它們重新發佈到您自己的個人資料中,則此功能特別有用。 以下是 FastSave 和 Web Instagram 的一些主要功能 - 輕鬆從 Instagram 下載照片和視頻 - 直接從您的計算機將照片和視頻發佈到 Instagram - 兩種屏幕尺寸模式(桌面或手機)以獲得最佳觀看體驗 - Repost Helper 使用 Web Instagram 在 Instagram 上重新發布圖片和視頻 - 沒有下載限制 - 這個擴展是完全免費和安全的! 下載 Instagram 捲軸 下載 Instagram 捲軸 你還在等什麼? 立即下載視頻並開始保存所有您喜歡的 Instagram 內容!您是喜歡收藏您喜歡的照片和視頻的狂熱 Instagram 用戶嗎? 好消息! 您現在可以輕鬆地從 Instagram 下載任何照片或視頻。 Instagram 圖片下載器 這是一個簡單的 Instagram Image Downloader 擴展,它向 Instagram 添加了下載和重新發布功能。 您可以免費保存 Reels 視頻,也可以無限制地從 Instagram 下載高質量圖片。 從 Instagram 下載故事,保存任何 IG 視頻、照片和 Reels。 只需點擊幾下,即可輕鬆將 Instagram Reels 重新發佈到您的 Feed。 使用我們的 IG 下載器、Instagram 視頻下載器、Instagram 照片下載器和 Instagram Story 下載器充分利用 Instagram。 快速輕鬆地下載 Instagram Reels! 視頻下載 - 圖片下載器或視頻下載器 Instagram 視頻下載器 它是 Instagram 網站的視頻下載器,可讓您保存任何大小和質量的視頻。 只需打開網站,選擇要下載的視頻文件並將其保存到您的計算機。 Instagram 下載器 Instagram 視頻下載器是一個獲取視頻文件並將其下載到您的設備以進一步離線觀看的機會。 這是一個專門為網站創建的很棒的工具,因此您可以選擇任何 Instagram 視頻進行下載。 Instagram 下載器 如何下載 Instagram 視頻? 1. 來自 Instagram.com 的視頻 將光標指向視頻縮略圖或視頻詳情頁,右下角會出現“下載”按鈕(向下箭頭)。 單擊按鈕後,您可以下載 Instagram 視頻。 2. 嵌入 Instagram 視頻 您可以從網絡上的嵌入式 Instagram 播放器下載視頻。 視頻下載器允許在幾秒鐘內從 Instagram 下載圖像、視頻和故事。 從 Instagram 下載故事,保存任何 IG 視頻、照片和 Reels。 IG 下載器、Instagram 視頻下載器、Instagram 照片下載器和 Instagram Story 下載器。 下載 Instagram 捲軸。 視頻下載器 Instagram App - a simple and powerful tool with many features to make your Instagram user experience even better. With one click in your browser, you will be taken to the popular social network - Instagram, where you can share photos and videos, view the news feed and chat with friends. Private messages (DM) work completely, so it is easier for you to communicate with loved ones. You will love the user-friendly Web layout for Instagram. Based on many reviews and experiences, the perfect Chrome app has been created with an intuitive design and a beautiful interface, as well as many useful features. ** Our Main Features ** Instagram ★ Upload photos and create posts directly from your computer Instagram ★ Full screen mode support – open Instagram photos in full screen mode from your feed or story Instagram ★ Play Instagram videos from your feed or story - full screen mode supported Instagram ★ Download Instagram videos and photos from your feed or story - full HD supported Instagram ★ Full experience of Instagram Mobile Web look and feel Instagram ★ No download limitations - this extension is ads free! Instagram downloader Rate us! We work hard to provide you with the best experience. If you like our extension, please provide us with a 5 star rating! If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, we’d be happy to hear them! Please refer to our contact details below. Important notice: this extension does not replicate all of your Instagram™ mobile app functionalities. For instance, you will not be able to send direct messages, tag people, share to Facebook or add photos to stories. instagram Simple and efficient app for Instagram. Looking for a way how to download Video, Photo or Story from Instagram? Downloader of Instagram is based on unique technologies and feature you will not find in any other browser add-on. Image downloader for Instagram Downloader for Instagram Post photos, videos, stories, reels to Instagram from Web. Schedule posts, send DMs, manage hashtags. IG Downloader Download photo, video and stories from Instagram. Convenient app to review instagram direct messages or news feed. Instagram This app requires only the minimal permissions required to work to improve your security. App Instagram a simple and powerful tool with many features to make your social user experience even better. With one click Instagram Downloader in your browser, you will be taken to the popular social network - Instagram, where you can share photos and videos, view the news feed and chat with friends. Do you want to download videos and images from Instagram? It is simple now! With this downloader, you can fast save any photo and video from Instagram. So with just one click, you will keep photos and videos on your PC. What’s more, it is 100% free for all users. So you really should try this! What sets Instagram & Repost apart from other Instagram downloaders is its ability to be used on your PC. You can now browse through your Instagram feed and download any content directly onto your computer. This feature is especially helpful if you want to keep a backup of your favorite posts or if you want to repost them on your own profile. Here are some of the key features of FastSave & Web Instagram - Download photos and videos from Instagram with ease - Post photos and videos directly from your computer onto Instagram - Two screen size modes (Desktop or Phone) for optimal viewing experience - Repost Helper to repost pictures and videos on Instagram using Web Instagram - No limitations on downloads - this extension is completely free and safe! Download Instagram Reels Download Instagram Reels So, what are you waiting for? Video Downloader today and start saving all your favorite Instagram content!Are you an avid Instagram user who loves to keep a collection of your favorite photos and videos? Good news! You can now download any photo or video from Instagram with ease. Instagram Image Downloader It is a straightforward Instagram Image Downloader extension that adds a download and repost function to Instagram. You can save Reels videos for free and download images from Instagram in high quality and with no limits. Download stories from Instagram, save any IG video, photo and Reels. Easily repost Instagram Reels to your feed with a few clicks. Get the most out of Instagram with our IG downloader, Instagram video downloader, Instagram photo downloader and Instagram Story Downloader. Download Instagram Reels quickly and easily! video download - image downloader or video downloader Instagram video downloader It's an video downloader for Instagram website that allows you to save any video with any size and quality. Just open the website, choose a video file for downloading and save it to your computer. Downloader for Instagram Instagram video downloader is an opportunity to get a video file and download it to your device for further watching offline. It's a great tool that was created especially for the website, so you can choose any Instagram video for downloading. Downloader for Instagram How to download Instagram video? 1. Video from Instagram.com Point the cursor to the video thumbnail or video detail page, the "Download" button (arrow down) will appear in the lower right corner. Once you click the button, you can download Instagram videos. 2. Embed Instagram video You can download videos from embed Instagram players on the web. Video downloader allows download image, video and story from instagram in seconds. Download stories from Instagram, save any IG video, photo and Reels. IG downloader, Instagram video downloader, Instagram photo downloader and Instagram Story Downloader. Download Instagram Reels. Video Downloader Contact us: We are here for you. If you find a bug or have a new feature in mind, or if you have a question about the extension or your privacy, please don’t hesitate to contact us Copyright notice: Desktop for Instagram was developed by Web app Inc. It is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Instagram Inc. Instagram™ is a trademark of Instagram Inc. All Instagram icons, images and copyrights are the property of Instagram Inc.

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