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Right click to the word or phrase to translate using the Google Translator. Online translation

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Description from store Translate words and phrases while browsing the web, using Google translator. It is a simple and practical translation plugin that supports major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge Browser. The main purpose of our plugin is to help users read foreign literature. To this end, we first followed the user readership principle and made the following efforts: * We use the API provided by Google Translate to translate words and sentences, which guarantees the accuracy of the translation results to some extent. * We chose the friendly popup to view the translation results. A popup display bar will push the user to read the content to avoid the content being blocked by reading. * We designed a simple and clear column that displays the translation results, highlighting the important content and ensuring that the user's attention is focused on the content displayed, not on insignificant things such as the display field. * We let users decide for themselves which content of the translation results they need to display. For example, if you want to know the meaning of a word, you can only display the common meaning of that word. If you also want to learn a specific use of a word, we also provide pronunciation, definition, detailed explanation, sample sentence. Where are you going when you need a quick translation into another language? Friend or a dictionary in a foreign language? Now you can use the handy browser extension if you want to translate words frequently, this extension will give you the most convenient access to online translation services powered by Google. Highlight or right-click a piece of text and click the Translate icon next to it to translate it into your language, the result will open in a new tab. You can set your language in the extension's settings and it will automatically translate everything into that language. The translator will detect the language of the site you are on by itself. Users can also easily translate text snippets as well as listen to the correct pronunciation of the translated words and phrases in a new tab. Thank you for using this Chrome extension. Share it with your friends from Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Translator, Dictionary, Voice Improved the Webpage Translation: added auto Language Detection with Switch Languages module. Added Microsoft Translator support for Inline Translator application. The new version allows you to choose between Google and Microsoft as the translation provider for Inline translator. Added support for Control a Chrome Extension's Permissions. Improved Inline Translator's behavior for Chinese and Japanese languages. Added the option “Immediately display popup” to Auto Translate on mouse selection in the Pop-up Bubble. Improved Pin / Unpin Pop-up Bubble behavior for easy scrolling of the webpage. Added the "Esc" key function to close Pop-up Bubble or eliminate Pop-up Bubble floating button. Added new translation provider Yandex Translate which supports 95 languages. Added the possibility to change the priority order of translation providers in Options. The new version allows you to listen to the translation as well as to the original text in Google translate Pop-up Bubble. NEW Webpage Translation Module allows you to customize the translation behavior of the website (domain and its subdomains), through the Translation Toolbar, set custom settings for domains, languages, perform automatic translation of websites. Translates selected text, words (Dictionary), phrases and webpages between more than 100 languages using 3 translation providers: GOOGLE, MICROSOFT BING AND OTHER TRANSLATORS Supports Double-click translation, Shortcut and Mouse Selection translation. Features advanced settings for choosing a domain for Google Translate service. * Google Translate preferred domain customization. * Toolbar Button customization. * Context menu customization. TRANSLATE SELECTED TEXT with * You can edit text and get reverse translation * Floating Pop-up Bubble * Inline Translator with embedded side-by-side highlighted translation TRANSLATE WORDS with Dictionary via * Floating Pop-up Bubble * Translator with voice * Inline Translator with embedded highlighted translation TRANSLATE WEBPAGES (including https pages) TRANSLATION APPLICATIONS: * Inline Translator (embedded translation) * Translation in window * Pop-up Bubble - pop-up translation * Webpage Translation * Dictionary (word translation) Translator FEATURES: * translation between over 100 languages * multiple translation providers (Google, Microsoft Bing, Translator) * words translation with Dictionary * translation history * translation of the entire webpage with mouseover translation option * text-to-voice in 30 languages * automatic language detection * back translation * translation languages customization * shortcuts customization * complete customization of each translation tool * Toolbar button customization * possibility to disable multiple translation providers * Google Translate preferred domain selection * localization of the user interface HOW TO LAUNCH Translator * click Translator button on the Chrome toolbar * use the context menu Translator, then choose preferred translation application HOW TO TRANSLATE SELECTION Select the text and: * click Translator extension button on the Chrome toolbar to run Translator standalone application. * click Translator floating button to run Pop-up Bubble Translator. * use the context menu Translator, then select Inline Translator. INLINE TRANSLATOR Inline Translator translates selected text sentence-by-sentence, and inserts the translation into the webpage preserving the original formatting. FEATURES: * Inline translator can be run on mouse selection from the context menu, or shortcut. * Insert translation after or before the selected text. * Translation can replace the original text. * Preserve the original page formatting. * Display translation in brackets or without. * Align translation for better visibility by using the line break option. * Control of the text selection by observing the word boundaries. * Select color of the translated text. * Clear inserted translation and restore original page formatting. * Auto language detection of the source text. * Words translation using the built-in dictionary. * Translation history. * Shortcuts customization. OPTIONS translator Translator Options provide a perfect way to customize Translator, Inline Translator, Pop-up Bubble and Webpage Translation. * Set unique language settings for each translation application. * Set one language settings for all translation applications. * Enable the auto language detection. * Enable Dictionary to translate single words. * Enable the back translation for Translator application. * Choose shortcut to launch translation applications. * Modify the Pop-up Bubble behavior. * Perform translation by selecting the text with the mouse. * Choose the size of the font. * Change appearance of the inline translation. * Enable Translation History to store translation records for each translation tool. * Access Translation History records to search, sort, split by sentences, export and save. View translations easily as you browse the web. Highlight or right-click on a section of text and click on Translate icon next to it to translate it to your language. Or, to translate the entire page you're visiting, click the translate icon on the browser toolbar. Translation in context, translation examples, translate, learn, auto language detection, AI powered text translation, translation in subtitles, translation in PDF, audio pronunciation, easy access to spell checker, grammar, dictionary, synonyms, verb conjugation, translate subtitles on Netflix , translate subtitles on Amazon Prime Video, translate subtitles on YouTube, translate subtitles on TED Talks. Free translation, dictionary and learning: web, Netflix, YouTube, PDFs… Translator offers you translation in the context of your page anywhere on the web for free. Our AI-based dictionary will provide you with varied examples of use, precise, relevant translation and pronunciation. An easy way to find out what a native speaker would say: translate selected words and entire paragraphs, discover new words each week, with a selection of the most popular European languages! Collect new words, add them to your favorites, synchronize them on your mobile and learn them anywhere. Practice new words and expressions with flashcards educational games. The adaptive learning method that teaches you what you really need, in the context of content that motivates you. Translate: Translator will always help you to understand foreign texts on any website and even in PDF documents! Do not worry about unknown words! Just one click and the language barrier is broken. Select a word and it will automatically identify the relevant expressions in your text. Select a sentence or paragraph and get its translation on the page itself, instantly. Listen to pronunciation and discover real-life examples of usage. Learn: Your search history is automatically saved and you can create your own phrasebook to memorize words and phrases. Synchronize your progress across all of the Google Translate services - website, Translate context app for iOS and Android. Learn English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, Romanian, Japanese for free. Enjoy: Save your favorite web pages and read them from all your devices any time you like using the integrated translation feature. Watch movies and videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and TED Talks in their original language, translate unknown words and phrases in subtitles as easy as on webpages. Just hover your mouse over a word in subtitle to get its translation. Features: ► word or phrase translation on click. ► find common expressions automatically; ► translate selected fragments of text with AI-powered machine translation ► different examples depending on the context ► add words that you want to memorize to your phrasebook ► save your favorite web pages in text form convenient to read and translate ► translation history ► seamless synchronization across all Translator products ► subtitles translation on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, Romanian, Japanese Available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German user interface. Language translator, Free Translation Voice & Text is completely free and useful for all chrome users. Free language translator application translated your words very fast. Speech and translates more than 80 languages by using free voice translator app. It's a free foreign language translator application it will help you to communicate with foreigners in their native language. If you want to travel to another country and you can't understand their language then free language translator application will help you to translate all your voice and text words. Through free language translator - speak and translate application you won't have any problem to communicate with foreign people. You can easily understand other languages by using this multi-language translator application. Free translation application is best for travelers, students and also for businessmen. If you are a student and want to translate any document in another language then all languages translator will help you to know the meaning of each word. Language translator audio application is the best word translation app you can translate Spanish to English, French translation, German translation through multi languages translator application. By using Language translator, Free Translation Voice & Text app you can also share your translated words with your friends on any social media website. Language translator app free will help you to learn a new language easily. There are two main functions of free language translator 2020 - voice translator. Voice Translator: The main function of free language translator application is voice translator. Just speak and translate all your words easily in the selected language. Speak at once and translate it multiple time in different languages. Press on the voice button and hold it on and speak words that you want to translate and your words will be translated in your desired language easily. Translate free is the best language translator by voice application. Translate Different Languages: This conversation translator application translates more than 100 languages. If you want to translate any language into any other language then the translation app will help you to translate your text in your desired language. You can easily share your translated text with your friends and family on any social network. Features: 👉 Translate words and sentences 👉 Speak and translate text 👉 Listen to translated text 👉 Easily copy and paste text 👉 Share translated text with your friends 👉 Detailed history 👉 Simple and attractive user interface 👉 Free Translator with speech 👉 Free Translate different language 👉 Completely free and faster 👉 Best word translation app 👉 Translate more than 100 language 👉 Copy and delete text with one click Translate the selected text with Google Translate There are too many websites on the internet and most of them bring you content in their native language. When you visit those sites, it becomes simply impossible to get the content you need or to understand where you need to go. In that case, you need some help with a quick translation. Of course you can use Google Translate, that is already an excellent Web service for translating snippets of text to and from languages. But it can be a fuzz in copy pasting text every time to translator. We offer you a better and more simple way to quickly translate parts of the content you need, such as words, phrases or even menu items. All in one simple and clear translate browser extension. Select to Translate Extension - is the easiest way to translate instantly an unknown word or a text. 1. Just select the text. 2. Click on it with the right mouse button. 3. Click on "Translate". Your result will be opened to you in a new browser tab You can set your language in extension settings and it will automatically translate everything to that language. Translator will detect the language of the site you're on by itself. Users can also easily translate snippets of text, as well as listen to the proper pronunciation of translated words and phrases on a new tab. Select the text you want to translate, right click, press context menu 'Translate' and see the translated text! Recognizes the language of the selected text and translates it into the language that was used the last time. Simple translator. Translate select text from websites. Translate It app translates texts, words from any web page into your language. Easy translator and dictionary. Highlight the text on website. Right-click to TRANSLATE IT in context menu and then choose your language. TRANSLATE SELECTION - LET YOU SELECT AND TRANSLATE TEXT FRAGMENTS How it works? 1. Install the extension from the Chrome Webstore. 2. Go to the document or to the page where you want to translate some text. 3. Select text you need. 4. Get your translation. One Click Translate allows you to translate the selection text using Google Translate whenever you want. Select some text from a website, right click and select which language you want to translate to, we will popup a designated window to show you the result. You can add more languages or change the language translation order in our setting menu, or change the way you want to open the translation window.

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