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Its the return of a great Torn extension

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Description from store ReTorn is the return of a great Torn extension. Packed full of add-ons to enhance your gameplay of Torn. Using the power of the Official Torn API, ReTorn makes your life in Torn easier. Your Torn experience reborn with ReTorn! Check out the ReTorn Discord: https://discord.gg/SqKDND7FBA Please report bugs in the ReTorn Discord or to Heasleys4hemp [1468764] Current Version: v1.5.0 +==[ Current ReTorn Features ]==+ - Popup Overview of Bars (Energy, Nerve, Happy, Life, cooldowns, cash) - Notifications for Energy, Nerve, Happy, Life, Events, Messages, Cooldowns, Education, Travel and Chains - Torn Stats Integration: gym graphs, profile spy/compare, OCs, Torn Stats faction roster - Quick Crimes - Quick Items - Quick Bust/Bail - Quick Links - Ranked War Filter - Faction Profile Filter - Faction spies on wars - Auction filter - Bounty Filter - Highlighted City Finds - Bazaar Max Buy - Easter Egg Notifications - Trade Chat Filter - Hide Chat boxes - Hide Sidebar Icons - Chat Highlights - NPC Lists (Requires Torn Stats) - Torn Stats Event Notifications (Requires Torn Stats) - Christmas Town Features - Dark Mode compatibility - TORN3D!!!!!!!! +==[ Small Features ]==+ - Text to Speech for notifications - Left Align - Effective Stats on Homepage - Copy to Discord Forum button - Small Profile Tweak - Total Personal Perks at top of personal perks tab - Autofill API key on API page (api.torn.com) - Last Action to Mini Profiles - Open Ready OCs - Total cache value for Ranked Wars - Total value for each item on items page +==[ ReTorn Features ]==+ - Customize header color - Customize notifications - Dark Mode +====== CHANGELOG ======+ +====== v1.5.0 ======+ === New Features === - Added total cache value on Ranked War reports - Added total values for each item on the item page - Added debug info for items API last updated in Advanced Settings - Added debug option to toggle the Intercept Fetch logs in the browser console === Changes === - Added Vanguard to Auction Filter - Moved information for Quick Items into header info circle - Added Weapon category and weapon type to auction filter - Moved NPC timer on attack page to character area instead of inside of name === Bug Fixes === - Fixed Ranked War player online status counts - Fixed Faction Profile filter player online status counts - Fixed Item API not updating properly (This should fix missing items on city page) - Fixed Quick Item quantity not updating - Fixed supply caches bright background for darkmode users in Quick Items - Fixed mini-profile last action due to Torn changes - Fixed an issue with NPC list when resizing the browser window - Fixed an issue with the API page dropdowns not closing properly +====== v1.4.0 ======+ === New Features === - Add displaycase management buttons (send to top or send to bottom) === Changes === - Show the Torn Stats roster option in faction management on mobile - Added option to move the NPC list to the top of sidebar - Added sentinel and shock to auction lists - Disabled chat features due to chat 2.0 - Added browser storage debug buttons to advanced ReTorn settings === Bug Fixes === - fix issues with xsmall displays on multiple pages - fix various css issues - Fix ranked war spies not loading properly due to Torn changes - Fixed validation of browser storage - Fix profile stats sorting to allow touch controls on mobile +====== v1.3.1 ======+ === Changes === - Added faction filter to own faction's info page === Bug Fixes === - Fixed issue with filtering color with the auction filter - Fixed issue where territory spies were being activated even if disabled - Fixed being able to block oneself on the forums - Fixed issue when trying to remove first quick links entry on ReTorn options page - Fixed CSS issue on quick items add button on very small devices - Fixed capitalization on options page with NPC, OC, and API. - Fixed issue with sorting and removing stats on personal stats profiles +====== v1.3.0 ======+ === New Features === - Hide level up links - Age to text on profiles === Changes === - Added host permissions for Torn Stats and Torn API for manifest version 3 - Changed Effective Battle Stats header to match other headers on page - Changed homepage features to load quicker - Changed Trade chat search bar dark mode background === Bug Fixes === - Fixed issue on mobile where forum blocking showed user info on thread - Fixed error on empty loot when Torn Stats is down +====== v1.2.0 ======+ === New Features === Added Auction House Filter Added Faction Profile Filter Added Faction Spies on Territory Wars and Profile page Added Faction Name in browser tab Added Forum User Blocking === Feature Updates === User Profile Stats now has a relative values or absolute values toggle Hover on stat to see the opposite type User Profile Stats can be modified via ReTorn === Changes === Removed unnecessary Chrome permissions Split and cleaned up faction features code Sparkly Crown Allow new TS_ apikey Remove links being embed on Discord Forum copy to the clipboard Added icon for outdated spies on faction pages Prettified a lot of CSS Changed Profile Stats css Changed ranked war player count css Fit city finds icon into circle A lot of background changes Made changes in preparation for Firefox === Bug Fixes === Fix spamming Crimes 1.0 quick crimes without a page refresh (lol) Fixed sidebar features after sidebar changes Fixed last action on mini profiles after Torn changes Fixed City Finds after items changes Fixed Quick Items images after items changes Fixed? CT Word fixer when encountering a space character Fixed many more bugs Fix occasional infinite load on gym graph Fix adding a new chat highlight color being displayed until chat creation +====== v1.1.0 ======+ === New Features === - Added Hide Icons feature, adjust by clicking the icons on the preferences.php page - Show Travel time remaining on popup === Bug Fixes === - Fix quick_items and quick_crimes order being broken - Fix false compatibility issue with kiwi browser - Fix ReTorn light mode settings box borders - Fix ReTorn chat highlight tooltip cutoff on mobile - Fix Left Align after recent Torn change - Fix Strength tooltip cutoff on attack page with left align enabled - Fix weird gap with left align - Added extra checks on Item Quantity update with Quick Crimes - Adjusted interceptFetch injecting a bit later (may not be 100% fixed yet) - Fix oldSettings Converter breaking settings - Fix NPC icon breaking page on specific screen size +====== v1.0.0 ======+ === New Features === - Ability to toggle most features - Can remove features with cog button in Torn - Added User Status filter to Ranked War Filter - Count Online/Idle/Offline per faction on Ranked War - Sort by total stats on RW Spy data - Torn API page now allows clicky on selections - Heasleys4hemp is now Epic === Changes ==== - Cache Torn Stats data in case tornstats.com is down - Update UI of popup, slightly - Update ReTorn headers to new gradient - Removed ReTorn logo from headers - Changed chat highlight to be exact match - Added input for any match on chat highlight (start text with *) - TS event popup now in Torn style - Quick Links sidebar icons now same color - Added more Quick Links icons - Update message passing with all files (BIG rewrite) - Lots of code cleanup - A few style changes to various features === Bug Fixes === - Fix positioning of trade chat search - Fix City finds breaking on unknown items - Fix short jail times filtering incorrectly === Removed === - Removed Logs from Advanced Options (at least for now) ReTorn Website: https://www.retorn.rocks/ ReTorn Discord: https://discord.gg/SqKDND7FBA PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.retorn.rocks/privacy

Latest reviews

  • (2022-08-19) Sun Wreck: Excellent birby performance.
  • (2022-01-22) Eddie Z: rip off
  • (2021-12-04) Hornz Torn: Simple and effective QoL improvements without any bloat or bugs. Love it.
  • (2021-07-21) koen van Arnhem: Its clean does exactly what is says it does and gets actively worked on to make it even better.. if you play Torn this is a MUST


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