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Turn on Dark Mode for Web Page. Take care of your eyes, and use a dark theme for the night and daily browsing.

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Description from store Dark Theme mode automatically shifts the colors of your browser content to warmer end of the color spectrum after dark This is a fork from the original Night Shift extension without an adtracking library. Dark Theme and Night Shift automatically shifts the colors of your browser content to warmer end of the color spectrum after dark ⚡ You need to refresh all the tabs, which were opened BEFORE the Night Shift Mode was installed. You can also restart the Chrome to refresh all the tabs at once. Otherwise, Night Shift will work only with the newly opened tabs. ⚡In accordance with the Chrome Browser policies, Night MOde for Chrome is restricted to work on the Chrome Web Store and Home Page. Please open any other website (for example, google.com) after installing this extension and check the extension in action.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-11-23) Shubham Thanki: Works perfectly fine for me.
  • (2023-11-21) Jean-Eric Mamet: Well it changes the frigging youtube video too. I just want a black back drop. Doesn't work on many pages. Overall a waste of time. Doesn't change This page at all.
  • (2023-11-21) Saheba Kaur Kapoor: The best extension EVER when it comes to dark mode. HEAVEN
  • (2023-11-21) Dana Hussein: A new pest for Chrome, really well done 🤙
  • (2023-11-18) GAMER MAN: Did it's job, but I recommend they let us toggle which sites we want dark mode and which sites we dont. After that, its an instant pick from me.
  • (2023-11-16) Ehsan nazari145: the best in all of other plugins every thing is obvious even pop ups
  • (2023-11-14) Ben Wu: Da best extension Mini Mushroom
  • (2023-11-13) Nathália Cristina Santos: Best dark mode Extension! This works perfectly!
  • (2023-11-13) Luka Orlic: Love ittt!!!
  • (2023-11-13) Binte Islam: Nice and easy to use.
  • (2023-11-13) Kelsey Maxwell: works just as expected
  • (2023-11-12) Gabriel: its by far the best dark mode extension u can get
  • (2023-11-11) Benjamin Chafaux: Worked just as I was hoping it would. So far so good.
  • (2023-11-11) amtrak fire: Fantastic extension! Very customizable and effective.nnFor me, the best part is that the developers are EXTREMELY responsive. There's actually an in-extension chat tab so you can report pages that aren't handled correctly. Generally, the response time seems to be around 4 to 36 hours (sometimes much less), and for the pages that I reported, that response was usually to let me know that the issue had just been fixed.nnSince I have some experience with CSS, I've also been back and forth with the devs about a few more complex issues, and again, their responsiveness and dedication to improving the extension is top notch. I respect and appreciate that a great deal.
  • (2023-11-11) Lisa C: Thank you!! It was driving me CRAZY that my new laptop couldn't put Pandora into dark mode, this does it perfectly!
  • (2023-11-11) Alessandro Rodrigues: I have tried at least 10 different dark mode extentions and this one is by far the best. Excellent work.
  • (2023-11-09) Edjan Gomes: Love it, makes it easy for me to surf the web without getting a headache from the bright pages.
  • (2023-11-08) Pedro Henrique: awesome plug in, highly recommend
  • (2023-11-08) tercio lira: Love this thing (and I'm not saying that lightly haha)
  • (2023-11-07) Fernando Ronconi Fernando: Simple: Top app in its field
  • (2023-11-07) Readul Khan: just awesome
  • (2023-11-07) Dhruv Sehrawat: iy8g
  • (2023-11-07) Profile Design Marketing: Good dark theme color choice
  • (2023-11-06) Frank Rojas: Loved using this extension. It does suck having to do some work to get it to work longer after a month but understand why.
  • (2023-11-04) Cyrodiil: It's an amazing extension,, goes with every website really well.
  • (2023-11-03) Gabriel P.N. Sousa: Thank you so much for making this. Once I saw that I could change the contrast independently on each site...paid for the full version within minutes.
  • (2023-11-03) Omar Tibi: hh
  • (2023-11-02) eyob bashaw: best dark mode and very very smart
  • (2023-11-02) Ram Nagri Wala: very bad it turns all diplay in to negative colour
  • (2023-11-02) G Car: Works really well until it you need to pay
  • (2023-10-31) Lori Stewart: Wonderful relief on the eyes!
  • (2023-10-31) William Elan: Best dark mode option out there
  • (2023-10-30) Sabrina Alves Brito: Creo que es una Extensión Muy necearía y ayuda mucho a la hora de navegar en sitios web que te pueden cansar la vista.
  • (2023-10-30) Tv Box: Great addition to chrome. Doesn't alter any images on the webpage. Awesome extension!
  • (2023-10-29) larissa nichetti: I have tried many and I mean many dark mode extensions and this one came out on top. From the great color correction to simple and easy to learn ui I totally recommend this to another night owler
  • (2023-10-29) cp jalal: بجنن
  • (2023-10-28) Gabriel: Fajna
  • (2023-10-28) Muhammad Nouman Tariq: Excellent
  • (2023-10-28) sea Thanks: good
  • (2023-10-28) Hirobian: This add-on does things the lazy way and inverts the colours on webpages. This is not ideal as it also affects images on the webpages. I just need an add-on that turns white backgrounds dark and text light. That's it, do not touch the images or at least make it customizable with options.
  • (2023-10-27) Slav4ik: don`t working
  • (2023-10-27) Lolita R: It works! Though I don't understand why certain colours have to change. For example, the Google Docs logo from blue to orange, or certain highlighted work goes from yellow to blue. I'm not sure if you've added this, but I would like the colours to stay the same. Though yes, the app works for changing the background dark. Thank you
  • (2023-10-26) Ignacio Vargas Mendoza: Finally, a usable dark mode extension!
  • (2023-10-26) LaPromesa VicToR: It doesn't work, used to use one with the same name but I couldn't find it, that worked great! so where that goes? I know I have it in other bowser and is still alive..
  • (2023-10-26) Marco Sanguña Caza: sumamente útil y fácil de usar
  • (2023-10-25) Jonatan Dencker: Det var okej.. Still inverts some smaller pictures on website. Awesome if fixed!
  • (2023-10-24) itzyuna: amm, lo único que hacen es poner el color invertido ://
  • (2023-10-23) thph: Seriously?
  • (2023-10-21) Khalil Sayed: turned on dark mode didn't work
  • (2023-10-21) Himitsu Shizuka: I tried 3 other dark mode extensions before this to use while I read before bed. This was the ONLY one that worked on to darken everything other than the PDF. Thanks so much!


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