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An extension which integrates TFT branded tools into your browser. It provides safer and easier trading in Path of Exile

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Description from store New features in 2.2: - new layout improvements - exporting and importing the whole app is now available - improvements to importing folders Features: - Multiple bug fixes and small improvements - Improved foreign site support. The extension now works equally on non-English sites. - Added the option to assign a league to a specific search, so it always opens on that league. - Allow for saving and opening of exchange searches - New menu accessible from within the official trade site where you can create search bookmarks, group them in folders and manage your extension settings - Search bookmark folders can have subfolders and also - nested subfolders! - Price overview inside the new menu. Quickly see exchange rates without leaving the trade site - Options can now be accessed via the new menu, where all of the following features can be turned on and off: - Show converted prices for listed items with current chaos/exalt ratio - Show both account name and most recent character name on search results - Automatic fuzzy search - makes adding filters and searching items easier - Automatically rename browser tabs to current item search, to easily distinguish between searches - Warning for items which cannot be fully linked based on item level - Links on item results to view them on the poe wiki, poedb or craft of exile - Customizable hotkeys for common page interactions, such as adding a new stat filter or clearing a search - Users flagged on TFT for various reasons (blacklisted scammers, price-fixers etc.) are displayed with a warning - Options menu where you can change how blacklisted people are marked - Warning popup when whispering a blacklisted person - Option to automatically fold blacklisted peoples' items listings - Hover over names to see the reason for blacklist. - Report button on item results that can be used to report users to TFT. - After clicking the ex ration in prices section you can see conversion rates Please be aware that this extension depends on the official trade site. Even a minor change to the site may cause the extension to not work as intended. If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us!

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-08) 钟懿: it's not work when i have mark the item. it's unresponsive when i click the tab
  • (2022-09-02) Ama (Ama): Nice!
  • (2022-08-26) 프롱: 매우 좋은 프로그램이네요~ 한국어 지원하면 좋겠네요 그리고 화폐 단위가 exalted 뿐만 아니라 divine 으로도 가능 했으면 좋겠어요
  • (2022-08-05) 鲨鱼: 好!
  • (2022-07-24) Chase of (MadnesS): 한국어 지원이 되면 좋겠습니다!
  • (2022-06-17) Robert G: moving bookmarks around by dragging them around would be cool an option to not jump on the new tab when opening a new tab by clicking on bookmarks would be nice. currently it's annoying to open multiple bookmarks cuz you have to click back to the previous page for it while the new one is still loading.
  • (2022-06-13) 亮(BMO85): 希望能增加移動書籤上下的選項
  • (2022-05-27) 흐린구름 (몽운): 좋네요 한국어도 지원 부탁드립니다
  • (2022-05-24) 카라멜 팝콘TV: 담합이 뭐야~짜증나게 별 그지같은게 생겨서 파는걸 못하게 하네 사기친것도 아니고 담합???????????누가...허참나
  • (2022-05-23) Gasung Vee: it just works.
  • (2022-05-02) Arsenii Anisimov: Great update! But need some more functions that are in Better PoE Traiding like pinned items, search history and more folders icons like currency for example. I hope you will add this in next update. Will wait!
  • (2021-11-17) Genocya TFT: Finally it is here <3
  • (2021-11-17) Jix: About time! Works flawlessly!

Latest issues

  • (2022-09-04, v:2.2.2) Robin Lai: custom sorting of folders and items
    Please support custom sorting of folders and items. This is the only reason I still use Better PathOfExile Trading.
  • (2022-08-22, v:2.1.0) Its_Warlow: update to divines please
    all the quick reference prices are still exalts
  • (2022-05-25, v:2.0.3) 카라멜 팝콘TV: This user was flagged for price-fixing????????
    나는 한국인이다.. 그러므로 영어를 못한다.. 나의 poe 계정명은 [email protected] 나는 수년간 poe를 즐겨왔다..아마 8년정도?? 그러나 최근에 문제가 있음을 깨달았다.. TFT Trade Extension <<이 확장프로그램을 알고나서부터다... 나의 계정명에 노란 느낌표가 있음을 알았다... This user was flagged for price-fixing<<<이 문구때문에 나의 아이템들이 거래가 이루어지지 않고있음을.... 첫째. 내가 무엇을 잘못했는지? 둘째. 언제 신고가 되었는지? 셋째. 이걸 되돌릴려면 어떻게 해야하는지 알고 싶다... 왜 나에게 이런 부당한 낙인을 찍었는지...철저하게 보고해주길 바라며 이를 악용했을시 철저한 보상을 져야할것이다.. I am Korean.. So I can't speak English. My poe account name is [email protected] I've been playing poe for years.. maybe 8 years?? However, I recently realized there was a problem. TFT Trade Extension <<Since I found out about this extension... I noticed that my account name had a yellow exclamation mark... This user was flagged for price-fixing<<<My items are not being traded because of this phrase.... first. what did i do wrong? second. When was it reported? third. I want to know how to get this back... Why did you stigmatize me like this... I hope you report it thoroughly If you abuse it, you should be thoroughly compensated.
  • (2022-05-19, v:2.0.3) Mohammed AlAbbadi: can't save items to folder for some reason
    can't save items to folder for some reason tried to restart browser, reinstall and and restore default


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