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Browse and download images on the web. Save fav image or select all at once to bulk image download.

Image from store Bulk Image Downloader
Description from store Introducing the ultimate solution for all your image downloading needs - the Image Downloader extension for Google Chrome. This powerful and user-friendly tool allows you to easily download and save images from any website with just a few clicks. Whether you're browsing popular image-sharing platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest or Flickr or stock image sites like Shutterstock or iStock, Image Downloader has got you covered. With Image Downloader, you can quickly and efficiently download images in bulk, making it the perfect tool for bloggers, marketers, and anyone who needs to download a large number of images for their work or personal use. Whether you're looking for stock photos, product images, or simply want to save your favorite pictures from the internet, Image Downloader has got you covered. The extension features a sleek and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. You can quickly filter and search for images based on size, format, and resolution, and even set up custom download folders to keep your images organized. One of the key features of the Image Downloader is its ability to automatically detect and download all images on a page, saving you time and effort. This is particularly useful when you need to download a large number of images from a single website, such as a stock photo site or a social media platform like Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr. In addition, the extension also allows you to download the images in their original format without any conversion. Overall, the Image Downloader is the ultimate tool for anyone who needs to download and save images from the internet. Whether you're a blogger, marketer, or just someone who loves saving pictures, this extension is a must-have for your Google Chrome browser. Image Downloader is a simple and powerful tool that lets you download images from websites. With a bulk image downloader, it becomes possible to download all website images simultaneously with simple clicks. It is convenient if you want to download all pictures, as it only takes two clicks. First, click the extension's icon and then the download button in the open pop-up. What other valuable features does the image downloader have? ☑︎ See all images that the web page contains. ☑︎ Filter images by width, height, and URL. ☑︎ Optionally shows images from links. ☑︎ Select images to download by clicking on the image. ☑︎ Use dedicated buttons to open images in new tabs. ☑︎ Supporting all top websites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and many more. ☑︎ Supports the most popular image formats on the web are: JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, WebP, BMP Image Downloader helps you download any image from a webpage. It downloads all the photos from a webpage. Say goodbye to manually saving pictures, graphics, and photographs one by one from a webpage. Our extension makes it easy for you to find and download all the images, illustrations, and photos on a page with just a few clicks. Whether you're looking for inspiration for a project or just want to save all the images, illustrations, and photos from a website for personal use, this extension has you covered. You can use it on popular sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels for downloading free stock images, or even on sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for downloading personal images. With our sorting option, you can filter images, illustrations, and photos by format and size, making it easy to find the perfect image, illustration, or photo for your needs. And with the option to download all images, illustrations, and photos at once or select specific images, illustrations, or photos for separate download, you have complete control over how you save your images, illustrations, and photos. Our extension is perfect for photographers, designers, bloggers, and anyone who wants to save multiple images, illustrations, and photos from a website quickly and easily. Never miss a great image, illustration, or photo again with our powerful image downloading tool. Download Photos from Instagram Now you can download Instagram photos or a picture in just one click using my new tool Instagram Photo Downloader. Download complete Instagram profiles; no login or signup is required. Pinterest Image Downloader Users were trying to download images from Pinterest through this image downloader tool, but it is not supported for Pinterest Images, and they weren't getting desired results. I realized the need for a tool that downloads all images from Pinterest boards, pins, user profiles, etc. and then I developed a new tool. Please use Pinterest Image Downloader to download pictures from Pinterest. Download Image This image downloader and image extractor tool support all websites. You only need to open the website and run the extension. Image Downloader Features Download all images from the active tab. Easily save photos from any website. Super easy to use -- select the image you want to download and click the "Download Image" or "Download All Images" button. This image downloader can handle hundreds of images Finds lazy loaded images Original Images Name If you are looking for a handy tool to download a bunch of images from the webpage easily, you have arrived at the right place! If you are downloading or extracting hundreds of images, it's still okay because all images are downloaded into one folder. Therefore, it will not crash your browser while the download is ongoing. Image Extractor for Developers Suppose you are a developer and working on a project. You will need an image to use in your development project. The manual process of extracting/downloading photos from URLs is very time-consuming. You will have to copy each image URL and then download the image, but if you use this image downloader, you don't need to extract pictures one by one. This tool will handle all your work in no time. You get several images, and automatic downloading will start just after the completion of the process. Bulk Download Images from Google Google Images is an excellent tool for research. But downloading images can be challenging, as Google doesn’t make it easy. But we do. Imagine downloading one or your entire image results in bulk. Using Image Downloader, you can enter the keyword and preview all the images returned by Google’s index. Download one—or all—with a simple click. By using google image downloader, enter a keyword like "tiger" in the "Google" tab. Preview all images indexed by Google Images. Download them all by clicking one single button. FAQs Why does this extension need access to all my site data? To extract images from a web page, Image Downloader needs to be able to read all the content on that web page when you open the popup. No data leaves your computer. Why did this extension download smaller images than I expected? Why did it miss some pictures? Image Downloader can only extract the images currently visible on the page. Those may sometimes be smaller thumbnails of the full-resolution images you'd expect to see when you click on a photo (e.g. in Facebook albums). In addition, some websites like Instagram have carousels with multiple images but only load a few at a time to save bandwidth. We're looking into adding such capabilities to Image Downloader in the future. If you need this kind of functionality right now, consider looking for an extension that downloads images from the website you're interested in (e.g., Facebook). Change Log 1.0.0: - Download in the background - you can now close the popup, and the images will keep downloading! - Download single images into a subfolder - previously, they were saved into the browser's default directory - Improve background image detection 1.0.1: - Fix images sometimes being saved outside the specified subfolder 1.0.2: - "Now with even more images!" - find additional background images on the page - Allow forward and back slashes in subfolders and file paths - Bring back the red border around selected images - Show the number of selected images 1.0.3: - Fixed an issue with previewing images on Instagram (and other websites). Requires additional permissions to treat image requests as if they're coming directly from Instagram, not from the extension. 1.0.4: - Fixed a scrollbar issue 1.0.5: - Show advanced filters by default 1.0.6: - Fixed an issue with some files being saved outside of the targeted subfolder 1.0.7: - Fixed an issue where invalid URLs would break the extension - https://github.com/image/image-downloader/issues/23 - Added support for .bmp, .svg, and .webp images - Added support for relative URLs - Improved popup loading speed by searching through fewer elements 1.0.8: - Added image width/height slider filters - Added a one-time reset of all settings due to some people having sizing issues 1.0.9: - Added the ability to save downloaded files to a subfolder - Clicking on an image URL textbox will now automatically select the text so users can copy it - Fixed a few minor display issues - Added settings for several columns, removed border style setting 1.1.0: - Images used in a style tag will also be included at the end of the list—only images from inline style attributes of elements used to be included. - Several bug fixes and optimizations 1.1.1: - Changed the URL above the image to be displayed in a read-only textbox - Moved the image checkboxes to the top and added open & download buttons below each - Initially disabled the "Download" button and "All" checkbox - Introduced a few new options to hide filters, buttons, and notification - Removed the body width option; the width of the popup now resizes to the maximum image width option - Streamlined the design 1.1.2: - Fixed saving of minimum and maximum image width - Added the URL above the image itself and an option to toggle it - Added wildcard filter mode (alongside normal and regex) - The state of the selected filters will now be saved - Moved the "Sort by URL" option back to the filters - Added a "Clear Data" button to the options page - Refactored a lot of code, especially the use of local storage

Latest reviews

  • (2023-05-22) Kevin Mejia: No sirve A pesar de que tengo que desactivar la descarga manual, no busca las imagenes originales cuando quiero descargar un album de fotos en facebook.
  • (2023-05-16) Đăng Trần: Pros: - Fast and thorough detection. - Intuitive interface. - Small. Cons: - If you close the popup (by clicking anywhere) the image extraction stops, so if a page has lots of images and you don't want to stare at your computer you have to activate sidebar mode. - No queue or zip batch ability, so initiating a download of a large number of images will freeze the browser. - Images downloaded are split into subfolders but I don't know why. There's another extension with a different icon but otherwise has the same interface and functions. Wonder which one is the clone and which one is the real deal. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/image-downloader-image-fi/jfafkhnopckjfmnpekbmpmghhdlijaja
  • (2023-05-13) D B: I like it, it's very handy. Needs a setting for duplicate pictures though. Right now it downloads everything. You get multiple duplicates of everything, including thumbnails. You have a size limitation, but it's hard to choose the exact size difference between many thumbnail/display picture and the actual picture itself.
  • (2023-05-10) Tonatiuh Moctezuma: ¡NO SIRVE! … Y aunque la reporte seguirá en esta web store, creo que es lo que le gusta a los idiotas de Google, extensiones que no funcionan y las que realmente funcionan las eliminan, Google le falta mucho al respeto a los usuarios, son una porquería, malditos judíos, por eso nadie los quiere.
  • (2023-05-08) Roberto Ortízgris (ZiD Tigris): No sirve.
  • (2023-04-21) crazy artist Contact: I find it very helpful for bulk image download
  • (2023-04-21) Octavio “Mat Haz” Campollo: excelente para filtrar imagenes por tamaño y facil descarga. funciona con .webp descarga original en .jpg
  • (2023-03-23) Dan Gonzalez: too many duplicates and random thumbnails, theres no smart system to filter out duplicates or to exclude smaller sizes, download largest size possible. guess its back to manually downloading for now.
  • (2023-03-22) Lenny Kennie: It will not batch download Pinterest Boards. It only loads a few images. We need PinDown back!
  • (2023-03-21) the57mega the57mega: Merci ! C'est parfait pour télécharger des images ou des gif sur des site Vraiment top !
  • (2023-03-12) Philipp Ritz: dont works with insta
  • (2023-03-03) Leonardo Pasetto: A extensão Image Downloader para Chrome é um jogo mudador para qualquer pessoa que frequentemente baixa imagens da web
  • (2023-03-02) Takumi Simamura: The Image Downloader chrome extension is a game changer for anyone who frequently downloads images. A must-have!
  • (2023-03-02) Victor J.: This extension has made my life so much easier! 🙌 The Image Downloader chrome extension is a must-have
  • (2023-03-02) Zariñana León: supongamos que estas en FB... entras al álbum y abres la extensión... te descargará las vistas previas de las fotos en tamaño reducido... mas no las originales... si entras a la original, solo te baja esa... masa cualquier imagen que este en comentarios... Algún uso practico tendrá, pero para redes sociales, no funciona bien, a menos de que no te interese la calidad de las fotos...
  • (2023-03-01) Jlyel Max: I've tried several image downloader extensions, but NONE compare to the Image Downloader chrome extension. It's the BEST one out there. 💯
  • (2023-03-01) Giovana Almeida: I'm a professional photographer and the Image Downloader chrome extension has become an ESSENTIAL tool for me. 🖼️
  • (2023-02-23) HM S: 📥 Chrome 的图像下载器扩展是对经常从网络下载图像的人来说的MUST-HAVE
  • (2023-02-23) 박주원: I'm so glad I found this extension! The Image Downloader chrome extension has made my life so much easier. 🙌
  • (2023-02-23) naiani scheffer maia: I never knew how much I needed an image downloader until I tried the Image Downloader chrome extension. It's AMAZING!
  • (2023-02-21) Chase KIM: I love how easy it is to use the Image Downloader chrome extension. It has saved me so much time.
  • (2023-02-19) 프리미엄: Deleted because I couldn't click
  • (2023-02-18) 大西光一: Расширение Image Downloader для Chrome - это игровой переворот для тех, кто часто загружает изображения с веб-сайтов
  • (2023-02-17) 박용현: As a designer, the Image Downloader chrome extension has become an essential tool for me. It makes downloading images a breeze. 🖼️
  • (2023-02-16) Wilson “chemical fume inhaler” Higgsbury: all of these reviews are botted, by the way, pretty funny how all the real ones say it sucks so they had to fake their own reviews :skull:
  • (2023-02-15) Catalina Alegría: Estensione Image Downloader per Chrome è un vero game changer per chi scarica regolarmente immagini dal web
  • (2023-02-14) Charles Santos Correa: I've been using the Image Downloader chrome extension for a while now and I can't imagine going back to manually downloading images. It's that good.
  • (2023-02-14) ADRIANO RORATO: L'extension Image Downloader pour Chrome est un véritable jeu changer pour tous ceux qui téléchargent régulièrement des images sur le web
  • (2023-02-12) Ma. Clothea Perez: 💯 I've tried several image downloader extensions, but NONE compare to the Image Downloader chrome extension. It's the BEST one out there
  • (2022-03-08) Alessia RockRose: Está bastante bien, pero no me gusta que en una página dónde hay 50 imágenes me de a descargar 200, es absurdo. Estaría mejor si tuviese una opción de descargar máxima calidad, porque si no se me repiten las imágenes.
  • (2022-02-13) Suburban Wasteland: beastmode

Latest issues

  • (2023-05-25, v:0.1.6) Vince Wilson: doesn't work
    not working, luckily i found one that works https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/image-batch-downloader-20/ahjnaaikoafjphilfjmafhhofgflccde
  • (2023-05-09, v:0.1.6) Lucas Ramos (Assistência Fotográfica): NAO CONSIGO BAIXAR TODS AS FOTOS DE UMA PAGINA ,
  • (2023-02-08, v:0.1.6) Dinesh: dob
  • (2023-02-01, v:0.1.6) John L: Selective Download?
    I love this extension - such a timesaver! However, within the past 24 hours or so, I can no longer selectively choose images to bulk download by clicking the image. My only options are to download everything or to download one at a time. Did anything change with the extension, or is it likely something on my end?


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