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Description from extension meta unblock-letv 乐视海外翻墙软件
Image from store 乐视海外翻墙软件
Description from store Access Chinese Letv from anywhere in the word. 帮助海外华人接触乐视、优酷、土豆等网站的访问限制(大陆用户无需安装此扩展). 站长推荐:乐视网视频清晰流畅,效果最佳。 Access Chinese version of Letv from anywhere in the world, even where Letv is currently blocked. Note that you will still need an vip to access the paid content.Installing this software, you agree that this software is only for study purposes and its authors take no responsibilities for any consequences. 安装本程序代表您同意:本程序仅为交流学习之用,造成的任何后果与程序作者无关
Latest reviews (2019-01-16) 能更新吗? (2017-10-20) LEEZ: 沒用 (2017-08-25) Shirlinn Tan: not functioning (2017-03-04) cj chan: 不能用 (2017-02-28) Lois Lim: can't use (2017-02-15) Yuan Zhou: 用不了 (2016-11-15) rebirth 299792.458: 超棒确实好使。 (2016-11-09) Louisa Benny: 還是看不到。 (2016-11-08) Max 777: 没用 (2016-10-31) Fanda Zeng: 安装完也看不了非中国地区电影 (2016-10-15) yuanyuan li: 不能用 (2016-07-27) April H.: Doesn't work (2016-06-22) yiyong zhou: 骗子,不能用阿 (2016-05-25) 嚴玥: 一樣沒用呀!!!! 開啟了,一樣顯是因地區限制... (2016-04-12) 杨明翰: 并不好用 (2016-03-13) 鸡动小视频: 越来愈不好用了,chrome里面的Hellowrold还不错 (2016-03-08) Bill Ye: 根本没法用了 (2016-03-03) Sarah Shao: 为什么不好用了 (2016-01-18) 邱琳涵: 没用 (2016-01-15) Adeline Zhang: dosn't work at all (2016-01-05) 董汇川: does not work (2016-01-04) 林俊德: 電視劇依舊顯示版權畫面,看不到~ (2015-12-14) Jianwen Liu: not working (2015-11-18) fook kie cheung: 不能够看乐视体育 (2015-11-11) Useless

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2014-05-15 / 1.1.0


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