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Companion browser extension for mSecure that provides auto-login features in your web browser.

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Description from store Your secure browser companion for mSecure, providing automated help for account management online! The mSecure Browser Extension extends mSecure's functionality into your web browser.* Instead of simply storing online account credentials, you can now access them without having to leave your web browser. All features run locally on your computer, through a secured connection, so your information is never transferred to the mSecure Extension through an online source. The source of your information is the mSecure app itself. * For the initial release of mSecure 6, mSecure's Browser Extension will only be available for Mac. Windows support is coming soon. AUTO-FILL FOR ACCOUNT SIGN IN Signing in to an existing online account is incredibly simple, as mSecure can now provide the Browser Extension with the proper credentials automatically. Instead of switching to the mSecure app to copy and paste your username and password, those items are now injected into forms automatically. AUTO-CAPTURE FOR ACCOUNT SIGN IN When signing in to an online account that has not yet been saved to your mSecure app, the Browser Extension will take the username and password you entered and send it to mSecure so a Login can be created automatically. This simplifies online account systems as your Login data is saved as you browse the web. ACCOUNT CREATION AND ACCOUNT UPDATES The mSecure Extension goes beyond just help with signing in to your existing accounts. When signing up for a new account, choose from a list of the most popular usernames in your existing Login records. When choosing your username, mSecure also provides a randomly generated password for making sure your new account is safe and secure. The process is similar for account updates. mSecure provides a randomly generated password so you don't have to worry if the password is strong enough. Simply accept the password mSecure generates, or tailor it to meet your needs in the password generator settings, and after the data is injected into the Sign Up or Update form, the new credentials are automatically saved in mSecure for easy access at a later time. Experience the security and simplicity only mSecure can provide. Simply download the mSecure app, create your account, and then download the Browser Extension here in the store. Your online account management will never be the same!

Latest reviews

  • (2023-11-07) Michael Haars: Ohne automatische Einsetzen ist der Passwort Manager fast nutzlos. Es wurde versprochen, dass nach Einführung eines Miet Modells für die Software an der Weiterentwicklung gearbeitet wird. Leider haben Windows User nichts davon.
  • (2023-04-26) Niclas Potthast: This plugin does not work without MacOS. Now waiting for over a year for this functionality while only new features are build into mSecure. But apparently not for Windows people - without Auto Login this password manager is pretty much useless. I'm really waiting years for this feature... I am running two password managers beacuse of this.
  • (2022-10-14) Craig McMillan: the long awaited msecure extension works well on macos - but loses a star from me for its unconfigurable auto-opening behaviour if msecure is your only password management mechanism then this will not be a problem for you however, msecure is not my only password resolution mechanism - so, in my case, auto-opening is often unnecessary and intrusive, and i would like to be able to configure the msecure extension to open only when i click the extension icon
  • (2022-04-21) Shawn Whitaker: Google Chrome extension doesn't open. It is in the extension tool bar but when I click on it or use the Shift+Command+E shortcut it will not open. I upgraded to the annual subscription for this feature. I pretty much wasted $17 bucks at this point. April 21, 2022 - Mike Reilley, from mSecure support resolved my issue and the extension is now working. I added two stars due to the customer service.
  • (2022-04-20) Chris: I love this app! It has been solid since the very beginning. I am looking forward to it going live on Windows and being equally awesome.
  • (2022-03-31) Carrie Odgers Lax: Works flawlessly with MacOS. Great addition – eliminates the need to save your logins in multiple browsers if you frequently switch.
  • (2022-03-29) Christopher Everett: This extension is nonfunctional. After reading mSecure FAQs and such I suspect it is because I am running windows. Given this companies track record, I suspect this issue to be resolved in the next 2-4 years.

Latest issues

  • (2023-08-03, v:1.0.0) sean taylor: Does it Pair
    does this extension pair with the msecure app on my phone?
  • (2023-06-14, v:1.0.0) Marcia Browne: The extension isn't working
    In either Chrome or Edge. Please fix so I can get rid of the other password manager I currently use. I'd rather use this one but not if it's not going to work as advertised.
  • (2023-01-03, v:1.0.0) Ben Keepers: Not Working for Chrome in Windows
    Chrome: Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows: Version10.0.19045 Build 19045
  • (2022-10-22, v:1.0.0) Kirk Pattinson: doesnt work on windows 11
    the plugin to chrome does nothing when i click it
  • (2022-08-31, v:1.0.0) Hermann Withalm: Not opening
    Also for me the icon does exactly nothing at all !
  • (2022-07-10, v:1.0.0) Tomasz Krol: Doesn't work at all !!!
    Extension installed on Chrome but it doesn't work. Only extension icon is there, but won't launch.
  • (2022-04-29, v:1.0.0) E Thyssen: My ext does nothing -
    Click; Ctrl-Shft-E = nothing! On Google Chrome / WIN 10
  • (2022-04-12, v:1.0.0) elaine grab: chrome extension
    Extension icon sits there all pretty, but click and nothing happens. It never even let me log in.
  • (2022-03-30, v:1.0.0) John Van Soest: Extension doesn't work.
    Extension will not launch
  • (2022-03-30, v:1.0.0) Florian Grebing: msecure Chrome Plugin doesn't work
    Hello i can't open the msecure extention for CHrome. So it is useless. I waste 17$ for the Tool. Why it does't work?
  • (2022-03-23, v:1.0.0) Shawn Whitaker: Chrome Extension doesn't open
    Google Chrome extension doesn't open. It is in the extension tool bar but when I click on it or use the Shift+Command+E shortcut it will not open.


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