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Tailor your AI assistant to your style & needs — uniquely crafted from your own inputs and integrated with 10.000+ platforms.

Image from store TextCortex: Personal AI Assistant & AI Writer
Description from store Write better, faster, from everywhere with TextCortex. 🚀 Our Free plan will give you 10 free creations every day - no credit card required. 💯 Refer friends to earn extra free daily creations. 💬 ZenoChat is available anytime, anywhere. - Zeno is a ChatGPT alternative that you can use wherever you are on the internet. 👩‍⚖️👨‍🎨👩‍💻🧑‍🎓 Ideal for professionals, marketers, writers, developers & students TextCortex is an AI companion designed to understand you and your writing needs: it actively presents options on how to make your content more authentic, and assists you in your creative process, from start to finish. No more writer’s blocks or frustrating hours spent in front of a blank canvas. You can now write documents to express your ideas to colleagues and customers, create compelling emails, and find a way to easily bring the right words to life, while saving up in terms of both time and stress. The three core features in one view: 1) Toolbar The Toolbar gives you quick access to some of our most popular features such as rewriting, expanding, summarizing and text-to-speech. All you need to do is highlight any text in a textbox and the toolbar will appear. 2) Zeno Mode Zeno is your virtual AI companion capable of writing about anything the only thing you need to do is writing an understandable command. Try it with commands like “write a romantic letter….”, “Generate ideas about…”, “Write a confident email…” 3) Creator Suite The new, shiny version of our extension comes with a Creation Studio and 60+ efficiently categorized templates and a fresh mindset: your needs are the focus of the entire update. Our new categories will make it easier for you to find the kind of template you require for your daily work routine and the additions we have sprinkled all over the latest update will revolutionize your workflow and creative process. TextCortex’s AI Templates: 🖋️ General & Daily Writing - Designed to enhance your written content and spark creativity whenever necessary - Will support the creation of long-form content and provide tons of suggestions to emphasize the human nature of your content like never before - Meant to enhance your daily writing activity and shorten the time spent about both creating from scratch and improving what you have already produced - Includes: paraphrase, simplify, tone changer, summarize, expand, stories, auto complete & more 📚 Academic Life - Specifically designed for students and whoever is undergoing the academic experience - Will help you save time and lessen the stress resulting from assignments and deadlines - Includes: pros cons from paragraph, questions from paragraph, bullet point answers & more ✉️ Email Writing - Dedicated to make the process of writing emails less of a pain - Will help you keep just about any topic useful & informative while ensuring high open rates - Includes: general email, bullet to email, cold email, customer support email & more 💰 E-Commerce - These templates will make sure the presentation of your products and services is top-tier in grabbing your possible customers’ attention - Includes: product description, product description v2, product description with features 📑 Blogging - Designed to improve your blogging experience, provide inspiration and help you establish new relationships with other users while nurturing the already existing ones - Includes: blog ideas, blog intros, blog outlines, paragraph writer, conclusion writer & more 📹 Youtube & Social Media - Ideal whether you work with them or are planning to start soon, if you want to improve your video & social media game this category if for you - Will upgrade your online presence in the most creative yet appealing way possible - Includes: youtube intros, youtube hooks, instagram caption, tweet generator, tiktok video script, linkedin post & more 📊 Ads & Marketing - If you’re tired of having to manage your marketing and ads strategy - If you feel like your creativity just needs a little push - Includes: facebook ads, linkedin ads, google ad descriptions, ads tagline, ads copy & more 📈 Business - Useful if you work with marketing or content writing, are an entrepreneur, a manager, an executive of any kind and are interested in business-life specific templates - Includes: company vision, personal bios, short press release, feature to benefit & more ✏️ Website Copy - Designed to support your online presence and provide both growth opportunities and a good overall search engine optimization for your website - Includes: landing page headlines, meta tags, call to action New update also includes: - A readability checker: gives you an idea about how sophisticated your writing sounds, as well as some analytics about word count, required reading time and character count. Check your writing statistics within your text box and get a score! - Text-to-speech feature: highlight a text and convert it to speech for free. This feature has been specifically implemented to facilitate the overall writing experience of people with visual and reading impairments: the 1 out of 5 people who have dyslexia, readers with learning disabilities and students who have difficulties with reading/decoding. Make the most out of TextCortex: ✍️ You’re just two clicks away from a world of synonym alternatives ✍️ Express yourself through clear and impactful writing ✍️ Translate your content in 10+ different languages ✍️ Spend less time contemplating your word choice The more you use it, the more TextCortex will learn about your writing style and provide more personalized outputs! In case you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch. Happy creating! A premium account is required for unlimited usage of some features listed here. For more information, visit https://textcortex.com/pricing. We’re constantly working on updates and improvements to make your TextCortex experience even better. If you have questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you at [email protected].

Latest reviews

  • (2024-06-05) Sergej: Funktioniert wirklich gut!
  • (2024-06-02) Meravat: It's useful, and summarized my work nicely. However, it often repeats it's previous response which is annoying. Something else frustrating is that it is not free, they hit you with a paywall and want you to pay money for the service after a little while. That's why I'm writing this review, to get more credits. It's frustrating to be interrupted, and now I have to make sure to ask very sparingly so I don't trigger another paywall.
  • (2024-05-30) Jesse: Excellent Job with this AI
  • (2024-05-14) Daniel: I love TextCortex!
  • (2024-04-25) kvpmc: 5c5810fd.weaksharedptr.com注册就送永久免费流量!节点多,又快又稳,晚高峰流畅看8K视频!专线GPT网飞油管等!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-04-23) tnvs: 5c5810fd.weaksharedptr.com亲测好用,注册就送永久流量的!节点多,又快又稳!晚高峰流畅看8K视频!专线GPT网飞油管!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-04-23) lpj: 5c5810fd.weaksharedptr.com注册就送永久免费流量!节点多,又快又稳,晚高峰流畅看8K视频!专线GPT网飞油管等!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-04-09) felix: This plugin really helps me in doing various tasks
  • (2024-04-06) Bp6: 5c5810fd.weaksharedptr.com亲测好用,注册就送永久流量的!节点多,又快又稳!晚高峰流畅看8K视频!专线GPT网飞油管!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-04-03) hakan: Abzocke
  • (2024-03-28) Jan: Sehr starkes Tool! Schon die kostenlose Version ist beeindruckend gut!
  • (2024-03-27) Zita: Meg csak most ismerkedem vele, de szamos olyan funkcio erheto el ami a jovoben nagy segitsegemre lehet.
  • (2024-03-24) fkabs: 5c5810fd.weaksharedptr.com注册就送永久免费流量!节点多,又快又稳,晚高峰流畅看8K视频!专线GPT网飞油管等!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-03-19) zlare: 5c5810fd.weaksharedptr.com亲测好用,注册就送永久流量的!节点多,又快又稳!晚高峰流畅看8K视频!专线GPT网飞油管!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-03-13) alehandro.rak2001: Very smart AI and helpful
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  • (2023-12-01) DoomYT: Суперский помощник !
  • (2023-11-28) Nick: Great!
  • (2023-11-20) Erica: I have been using TextCortex for awhile now, and I absolutely love it! I have a difficult time with making my papers too wordy, and I use Grammarly to proofread and edit my papers, but then I come to TextCortex to simplify my writing. I have ADHD and it has been AMAZING for me to utilize this amazing tool to make my papers near-perfect. Thanks to the creators for this!!!
  • (2023-11-04) Paulo: I love it
  • (2023-11-02) Moritz: sehr gute Textverarbeitung und nützlich um Texte zu verbessern
  • (2023-09-07) Jill: Love this!
  • (2023-09-04) Lan: 5c5810fd.weaksharedptr.com注册送永久流量的,专线支持GPT,可以试试,节点多,又快又稳,晚高峰看8K视频完全不卡!(手机电脑全平台互通)
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  • (2023-03-07) Baris: Excellent tool to help me with my writing


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