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Translate words and phrases using Google Translate. The most accurate translator in the world - Google Translate

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Description from store Highlight or right-click on a section of text and click on the Translate icon next to it to translate it to your language. Or, to translate the entire page you're visiting, click the translate icon on the browser toolbar, and choose to translate this page. Need to type in some text by yourself and translate it? Open the extension pop-up window by clicking on the icon next to your browser address bar! You will be able to translate into 103 languages. Built-in text-to-speech technology translator teaches you how to pronounce words correctly. It shows phonetic transcription and transliteration and can speak words and texts with the correct accent. Full-page translation Translate entire web pages within one mouse click! Just select "Translate this page" in the pop-up menu on any page to see it translated into your language. KEY FEATURES: ► Translate any text on the web page via selection or context menu. ► Translate custom text inside the pop-up window that's located in the browser menu bar. ► Word pronunciation (text to speech), transcription, synonyms, antonyms, definition and usage examples. ► Translator supports more than 100 languages. ► All translation history is automatically saved in your browser's local storage. ► Translator is a free, personal translation extension in real-time. Language Translator: a professional translation extension to translate between languages using features like text translator, transcription, and text-to-speech. This translator isn't just for reading and writing but for complete language mastery and comprehension. So download your translator today and never feel lost in languages again. 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  • (2023-01-27, v:1.0.2) Luiz Phelipe Palte: Possibilidade de colocar transcrição fonética?
    Possibilidade de colocar transcrição fonética?


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