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Adjust volume in Chrome tabs separately. Boost music volume and video up to 60 lvl.

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Description from store Sound Booster is an extension that will allow you to increase the sound of your system. It can raise volume level up to 600%. Improve the sound quality in the Chrome browser to get more pleasure from listening to music and watching videos. If you feel that your volume is not loud enough then use Sound Booster to enhance the loudness of the audio or video that you are playing. It is simple and easy to use with a sliding bar where you can slide up & down on the volume that you want to use. When you open a site with audio, you get, at the most, two options to control the volume. The operating system provides one option, and it is always available. It changes the volume of the entire web browser, however. The second option is provided by the browser or the site the audio is playing. You may get individual sound controls or use the browser's muting functionality to mute audio playback. Sound booster adds sound control options to the browser. One of its main features is that it can change the sound of each tab individually. If you happen to play a too-loud or barely audible video or audio clip in the browser in a tab, you may use it to either reduce the volume of that tab or boost the sound by up to 600%, all without changing the default volume of the web browser or impacting the sound in any other browser tab. All you need to do is click on the extension icon in the tab that is playing audio. The extension displays a volume slider that you may use to change the volume. The icon of the extension indicates the volume level at any time so that you see it at first glance. Boosting works similarly to reducing the volume, only that you don't stop at 100% but can jack the volume up to 600%. The change takes effect immediately so that you may adjust the volume as you see fit. Another helpful feature is listing all tabs with audio playback in the interface. A click on a listing switches to the tab immediately so that you may control the audio or other functionality on that tab. Sound Booster will amplify your sound at a maximum and provide you with better sound quality wherever you are! Play music in your browser and adjust the sound to your headset or speakers just how you want it! Click on the extension icon to adjust the sound level. You immediately get a more transparent and robust sound. ✅ Easy To Use: 1. Click on our extension logo in your extension bar 2. Open up a Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, or any tab that produces sound 3. Slide the bar to your comfortable volume - All the way up to 600% ✅ Features: - Increase volume on your computer inside of google chrome tabs - Convenient & simplistic design/UI - Switch to any tab that plays audio with one click - Tells you what is currently playing inside of drop-down extension Please note that if the video player allows increasing the volume, you should do it. This app can distort the audio, so you should increase the original volume to 100%. WARNING We are not responsible for anything that might happen to your speakers or another audio device! Do not listen at full sound volume or with a bass boost for too long. This can be harmful to your speakers. Use it wisely!

Latest reviews

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  • (2023-12-02) Zix maxim: Отлично работает
  • (2023-11-30) trafalgar grimm: топ
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  • (2023-11-23) RB Sapallo: its bad the sound get staticky and terrible dont recommend dont download
  • (2023-11-19) aku dia: keren
  • (2023-11-17) milpopskiy: егорп
  • (2023-11-16) Justin “creecrowfeather” Cree: this is a super dope extension,especially if your a music lover
  • (2023-11-14) Alander Freitas: Muito bom
  • (2023-11-14) Eugene Kosyakov: топ
  • (2023-11-08) Jean Pierre Altamirano Sanchez: excelente
  • (2023-11-02) azimp and XD_Vaniaa: Топ
  • (2023-10-30) hưng nguyễn văn: thank you
  • (2023-10-28) Ксения Свирид: ес
  • (2023-10-27) Саша Мирный: все идеально
  • (2023-10-25) Temir KZ: классссссс!
  • (2023-10-24) Олексій Єрмак: Норм
  • (2023-10-21) Руслан Садовский: щл
  • (2023-10-20) Александр С: Супер! на ноуте с со слабыми динамиками то что нужно!
  • (2023-10-20) Jestoffe Gloria Sanchez: dude i got 🔊📣sound booster
  • (2023-10-19) Zakaria Echelfi Guennaoui: me gusta mucho
  • (2023-10-18) Egor: Иногда срабатвает не с 1 раза, но свою функцию выполняет на 100%. Советую)
  • (2023-10-17) Vladimir Frolov: Не работает, восторженные отзывы откуда?
  • (2023-10-15) Nicolae Craciun: Super faina extensia,face treaba buna si sper sa functioneze incontinuare...pprea multe cuvinte nu isi au rostul.
  • (2023-10-13) накачанная тётя: вау
  • (2023-10-11) Eloiza Cogo: uma belezinha
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  • (2023-10-03) Данил Мингалеев: да
  • (2023-09-29) Валерьевич Валерий: damn cool А я их рашки
  • (2023-09-27) Zander Peter Edmund Mullins (Acsj): Super efective!
  • (2023-09-26) rtjrtzipj: gut
  • (2023-09-23) stepan ivanov: Классная программа
  • (2023-09-23) tayyaba shaukat: very good
  • (2023-09-21) Иван Ведов: Удобно весьма.
  • (2023-09-10) Алексей Кольбедюк: На ютубе не работает
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  • (2023-09-01) ХАЛЯВНЫЙ НЕКСТОР: гуд
  • (2023-08-31) Achiles Fernando B. Beriña: Easy to navigate & good performance.
  • (2023-08-30) furkan pekdemir: mük
  • (2023-08-30) Lakshya Chauhan: very good
  • (2023-08-30) Anose Rai: good app
  • (2023-08-29) Xaysber: imba

Latest issues

  • (2023-09-01, v:1.0.2) Joy Broughton: On & Off
    The first week was great. Then, I was away for a week, and now I'm having problems with it. I try to move the needle up and nothing is happening. Sound is not changing at all.
  • (2023-08-22, v:1.0.2) Joy Broughton: Controlling the sound
    In the upper left hand corner it will not allow me to increase the sound. It is blurred over and not active. How do I change that?


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