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Writingmate: #1 AI Copilot powered by GPT-4

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Writingmate AI Copilot Chatbot by ChatGPT, OpenAI, Claude: Translate English, Chat Chatting GPT, Check Grammar, Rewrite

Image from store Writingmate: #1 AI Copilot powered by GPT-4
Description from store WritingMate.ai is the #1 ChatGPT and GPT-4 powered browser extension. Write emails, messages and many more in seconds. 🔐 100% privacy-friendly 🆓 Forever free-to-use ⭐️ Works with your favourite sites 👍 Easily accessible from any tab with just 1 click Simply click on the crystal ball icon or press Cmd/Ctrl+M shortcut! With WritingMate.ai, you'll save yourself at least 30 mins daily on various communications/writing-related tasks. Try it out now for free and see how it improves your productivity! WritingMate.ai works great with all of your favourite websites! WritingMate.ai will help you to: 1. 📭 Draft or reply to emails or messages in seconds in Gmail 2. 🧑‍🎨 Generate blog posts, essays, or other personal content 3. 📈 Create marketing copy, press releases, or other work content in Linkedin 4. 🧑‍🎓 Write twice as fast: fix grammar, rewrite, or translate on the go 5. 🧠 Research more effectively: summarize texts, brainstorm, or ask questions About WritingMate.ai: WritingMate.ai was created by Ava Labs — a team of experienced professionals who previously worked at tech unicorns (companies with $1B+ valuations) such as People.ai and Palta.com. WritingMate.ai is a perfect alternative to tools like Wordtune and Jasper.ai. If you need to contact us, please email ednevsky at gmail.com. Any feedback or feature requests are always welcome! 👉 To see our Privacy Policy, visit: https://ednevsky.notion.site/WritingMate-ai-Privacy-Policy-af55afebc43745cea9938e7a9ea98a80 ❓❓❓ Frequently asked questions 👉 For the full version, visit: https://ednevsky.notion.site/WritingMate-ai-FAQ-99ba6b4322ff4e1db8cf45a48cc6694e Q: What is WritingMate.ai? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai is a browser extension powered by ChatGPT and GPT-3 that allows you to write emails, messages, and other content in seconds. Q: What kind of writing tasks can WritingMate.ai assist me with? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai can assist with various writing tasks such as composing emails, messages, social media posts, and much more. Q: How does WritingMate.ai work? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai uses the advanced language capabilities of ChatGPT and GPT-3 to generate text based on your input. Simply type a few words or phrases to start a conversation with the AI, and it will generate a full text based on your instructions. Q: What are the benefits of using WritingMate.ai? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai saves you time and effort by allowing you to generate high-quality content in seconds, without having to spend time on writing and editing. It's also easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. Q: Is WritingMate.ai accurate? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai uses the latest in AI technology, including the powerful GPT-3, to generate accurate and high-quality content. However, as with any AI tool, the accuracy of the output will depend on the quality of the input and the specific context of each use case. Q: Can I use WritingMate.ai for commercial purposes? 🔮 A: Yes, WritingMate.ai can be used for commercial purposes. Q: Is WritingMate.ai free to use? 🔮 A: Yes, WritingMate.ai will forever be free-to-use! However, we also offer a Premium version. Q: How do I install WritingMate.ai as a browser extension? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai can be installed as a browser extension through the respective app stores for Chrome, Firefox, and other supported browsers. Q: Is WritingMate.ai compatible with all browsers? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai is compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and others. Q: Can I customize the suggestions generated by WritingMate.ai? 🔮 A: Yes, WritingMate.ai allows users to customize the suggestions generated by the tool to match their writing style and preferences. Q: Does WritingMate.ai support multiple languages? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai supports all the languages you want! Q: Is WritingMate.ai secure and privacy-compliant? 🔮 A: WritingMate.ai takes security and privacy seriously and follows industry standards to protect user data. Q: How often does WritingMate.ai receive updates and improvements? 🔮 A: We update WritingMate.ai every couple of days with the latest features, improvements and bug fixes. Q: What happens if I encounter a problem while using WritingMate.ai? 🔮 A: In case of a problem with WritingMate.ai, you can reach out to ednevsky at gmail.com for assistance. Q: Can I share my feedback and suggestions for WritingMate.ai with the team? 🔮 A: Yes, WritingMate.ai encourages users to share their feedback and suggestions to improve the tool. You can reach out to ednevsky at gmail.com!

Latest reviews

  • (2024-02-06) Ayşenur Çalım: Very creative and so useful extension
  • (2024-01-17) monjed askafi: نعف
  • (2024-01-15) Ahmad Abc: أعجبني التطبيق.أعجبني التطبيق
  • (2023-12-15) Angus Cunningham: Much better than I anticipated, thanks!
  • (2023-12-07) Vincent Miles: A sidebar AI tool that helps in writing and also can create images, scrape information from websites and allows to share content to different Google documents. Simple and functional
  • (2023-12-04) Daniel Gardner: Nice extension! Eliminates the need to constantly open a separate webpage for logging into OpenAI. It provides a convenient and efficient method to query whenever I need.
  • (2023-12-04) Debbie Amy: This tool works well. Access to free GPT-4 by a trial
  • (2023-12-01) John Holland: I'm very optimistic about the AI revolution impacting all sectors, and this app is arguably on the frontline
  • (2023-12-01) Lou Moreno: It's really helpful for taking notes and summarizing on textbook pdf pages and images.
  • (2023-12-01) Blake Cook: Overall, things have been going smoothly for the most part. However, there have been occasional issues when the system fails to provide the requested information accurately. To be frank, I experience the same with OpenAI chatGPT engine from time to time.
  • (2023-11-30) Harry Davis: A really efficient tool. It provides easy access to ChatGPT, I haven't come across any other extension that has been as simple to use. I'd suggest increasing the limit of free messages in the free version. Thank you
  • (2023-11-30) Rosalie Cunningham: A useful tool when you have to read and summarize information from a web page.
  • (2023-11-29) Lorraine Forbes: כלי מדהים שתומך ב-GPT-4 (אם תפעיל ניסיון חינם). השתמש בזה כעזר לצד לכתיבת טקסטים.
  • (2023-11-29) Brooke Cumming: Wanted to rate by 3 out of 5 stars coz log in didn't work yesterday but luckily you have fixed that 😁
  • (2023-11-27) Md. Shariful Islam: it's cool
  • (2023-11-27) Miles Ladies: i need this
  • (2023-11-26) Roberta Ortega: Rather decent tool. Can recommend.
  • (2023-11-26) Florence Laura: It might be useful for those who have to edit a ton of text as I do every workday.
  • (2023-11-26) George Blomfield: Nice clean design, nice generated images, wish I had gpt-4 for free
  • (2023-11-25) Lynda Natalie: I've been using this tool for a while now and it's been cool. I haven't had any problems with it at all. However I'm actually using the paid version. As for me, it's super easy to use and has been really handy for generating and formatting text/images and then pasting them to Google documents.
  • (2023-11-25) Corey Fraser: Works well, straightforward and easy to use. Image generation works also great
  • (2023-11-23) Donna Simpson: This tool actually works great! I use it mostly in two ways: 1. Select the text from emails and ask Writingmate to come up with a quick response. 2. I generate images for social media posts and email campaigns, and I can say DALL·E provides cool results. Please add a selector for the size of the images if it's possible.
  • (2023-11-23) Bruno Murphy: Now I can hide the app icon! Finally!!!
  • (2023-11-22) cohen gadol: Тестирую!) пока что все замечательно )
  • (2023-11-22) Myron Warren: Works fast and Dalle3 engine draws cool images, but needs more prompts in the library
  • (2023-11-21) Rajnikant Patel: working good
  • (2023-11-13) phương văn: 👍👍👍👍
  • (2023-11-07) Karim Pazoki: It Doesn't work for me :(
  • (2023-11-06) Harendra singh: excellent result.
  • (2023-11-04) Ronaldo Hernández: es una buena herramienta
  • (2023-11-02) Alpha News Network: Decent extension. Combining ChatGPT with the web gives good results
  • (2023-10-30) Yuri Bere: Please add a possibility to choose which Google file the text should be shared to.
  • (2023-10-27) Артем Jexlyy: 1. Please don't change the style. Leave everything simple, in the same design as it is now. I used the writeGPT extension, they changed everything (design, features) and removed everything, which is why I didn't like it so I removed them and bought your extension. 2. Add the ability to change the size and position of the window (chat) when you press ctrl+m. So that you can change its size, move it down, up, left and right. 3. Add the ability to add your own hotkey instead of ctrl+m. Thank you, I hope you will read my message and add this as soon as possible. I bought your product and am very pleased with everything.
  • (2023-10-26) Alex Gorbash: Decent extension. Combining ChatGPT with the web gives good results
  • (2023-10-26) Olga Khursevich: It's a really helpful Chrome extension especially when you're doing your homework!
  • (2023-10-25) Ruby Pesel: Give you five stars. But pleeeaase, reduce the subscription price!!!
  • (2023-10-24) Tacciana Piatrouskaja: Love it! Waiting for image generation 📺📺📺
  • (2023-10-23) Alex L: Awesome tool. Working like a swiss clock and very easy to use.
  • (2023-10-23) Gosha Klionski: Installed in August and still use almost every day. Writingmate is my real writing buddy. Please add custom API support!!!
  • (2023-10-23) Sergei Fedorov: If you add image generation I will become your subscriber.
  • (2023-10-20) Yauhen Rachkouski: Satisfied with the simplicity of this tool, there's nothing redundant. ChatGPT bot works well
  • (2023-10-20) Александра Виноградова: Easy to install, user-friendly interface, great to use. Thanks!
  • (2023-10-20) Egor Suhadolski: Like the idea with the icon (fortune ball) and your visual style overall.
  • (2023-10-20) dmitry chekan: Sometimes useful. In my work, I have to read a lot of technical documentation, so I use the following approach: I highlight several paragraphs at once and ask this app to briefly summarize information for me. Also, I've gotten rid of the sidebar icon and use hotkeys now because I don't fancy seeing it all the time over my PDFs.
  • (2023-10-18) Анастасия Новосел: Works rather fast. The main thing to me is that I can use it on any page. I just don't want to open ChatGPT every time I need to write something.
  • (2023-10-18) Kseniya Potapova: I've tried a dozen similar AI sidebars so far and this one has arguably the most clear and uncluttered interface. Fed up with these casino-like extensions, that's why I'm giving you five stars guys but please add more features and increase the limits
  • (2023-10-17) Nonna Galuso: Great that I can extract a summary from a page and send it to Google Slides. However, I would like to have more flexibility in terms of choosing layouts and selecting the document where the summary should be pasted, rather than just creating a new file. Also, I saw that image generation functionality is coming soon. When this feature expected to be delivered? Will it be free or not??
  • (2023-10-15) Stasy Ka: I love this! Very useful❤️
  • (2023-10-13) Jakub Dudkiewicz: I'm loving the recent update with web page interaction and an option to share texts directly to Google Slides and Documents. It's still not perfect – sometimes the web page interaction works slowly (especially on the pages with ton of text) – but like the way you're moving. Also, I would ask you to increase the daily limit of free messages and add more prompts and quick actions.
  • (2023-09-17) Collin R: This App is not as good as Grammarly, and it makes subscription-cancellation very very hard. I literally find no button to cancel it, and it's not managed by Google pay -- subscriptions either. Think twice before you subscribe it!

Latest issues

  • (2023-03-23, v:1.7.5) FireTap Digital Marketing Agency: Invoice
    Hi, we recently purchased the premium option. We need to send an invoice for our accouts team. No invoice has been sent to my email. Please may you confrim where we can get the reciept from?
  • (2023-03-10, v:1.7.2) Aleksandra Wysocka: Problem with logging nn to Writing Mate
    Dear Support Team, I am having trouble logging in to Writing Mate today. I click on the "Continue with Google" button, but nothing happens. Could you please help me?
  • (2023-03-01, v:1.7.0) Anoir Ben Tanfous: Breaks this website layout
  • (2023-02-08, v:1.5.1) Steven Beste: Writingmate user manual
    I would like to refer to the user manual in using writingmate, i can't find the webpage to download it.
  • (2023-02-07, v:1.5.1) Jared King: Google Login Failure
    The app asks me to login to Google. I do. Then go back to the original page I opened the app on and it asks me to login again. I have repeated this step at least 5 times giving it 30m to 1h each time. Still no luck. Please help thanks.
  • (2023-02-06, v:1.5.1) Deputy Dot: Can't connect to google
    Nothing happens! Not working at all
  • (2023-02-06, v:1.5.1) Haitham Al Ansary: WritingMate Stopped Working
    I am on the paid version and things were working fine until yesterday. No I am getting a "rate exceeded" message when I try to authenticate with my google account.
  • (2023-02-05, v:1.5.0) Paul Evans: Issues connecting to Google
    This plugin seems to have a problem to Google - the API response is "Rate Exceeded"
  • (2023-02-05, v:1.5.0) Jacob Bartoszek: Problems logging in
    I tried using for the first time, but when I clicked the "Continue with Google" button to log in, I receive a "Rate Exceeded" error. Any idea what is causing this?
  • (2023-02-03, v:1.4.6) Abhishek Mishra: ERROR WHILE LOGIN
    I got an error , I just install this extension and when i was trying to login in the extension 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


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