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Use cute mouse cursors via BTS BT21 Custom Cursors For Chrome. Install extensions from Chrome Web Store

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Description from store BTS BT21 Custom Cursors For Chrome by Changer is a new extension that will help you to customize your browsing experience. It changes the default mouse cursor with cute BTS BT21 custom cursors. It is easy to install and use extension from the Chrome Web Store. It is very easy to change default mouse cursor to custom cursor via this cool extension. This awesome extension will change your browsing experience completely by giving it a new look and making it unique. Cute BTS BT21 custom mouse cursor for Chrome. This cursor set is based on the animated series of characters designed by the members of the popular K-pop band Bangtan Boys, known worldwide as BTS. A collection of cursors inspired by the Kpop group BTS and their BT21 characters. You can choose between cute hands and funny characters, such as Cooky, Chimmy, Tata, RJ, Mang, Koya, Shooky, Van or Chimmy hand cursor for a laptop or computer for free. The extension is available in the Google Web Store and is absolutely free! BTS BT21 Cursors is a must if you want to customize your web browser, especially if you like to personalize your browsing experience with themed cursors. Just by looking at the wide variety of available cursors, you can see that there are many different styles to choose from and they are all completely free. Install this awesome extension for free from Chrome Web Store to get a cute and cool mouse cursors and enjoy! - All cursors are in one file so it is easy to install. - We will update with new BT21 characters soon! Be sure to check back. - If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at You can install it on different Chrome versions it works better on newest ones. bt21 minini plush buff cartoon guy bt21 travel cute unicorn cartoon boxer bot bt21 sweatshirt dj cartoon characters foodie toys b cartoon characters brown and friends characters rj shook cartoon sister characters bt21 animation bt toronto jungkook line character antonym of greedy bts cd collection kpop eyebrows llama llama red pajama toy vans puffy prince's bakery photos unicorn cookie cookie run cookie bts21 cartoon koala bears miniso dallas tx fortnite character 21 hybe superstar bt21 headband official jimin tiny tan japanese grocery san jose bunny head cartoon boy unicorn names charitors jin halloween debut namjoon how do the avatars mate une mascot suga merch tour bt-12 dog wif hat fortnite llama llama duck song japan store las vegas bts cartoon robot dog dancing bt21 face mask cute little characters perky dancer 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