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An free ai art generator, transform your ideas into stunning visual masterpieces effortlessly!

Image from store Free AI Art Generator - JourneyDraw
Description from store Welcome to JourneyDraw, a powerful software leading AI drawing technology! JourneyDraw is a professional drawing software equipped with a powerful AI engine, offering users a range of innovative features. With advanced AI content generation technology, JourneyDraw enables diversified image creations, such as Text to Image and Image to Image. Whether it's the ink style, colorful anime, realistic art, or two-dimensional works, JourneyDraw can meet your diverse needs. Key Features: ● Text to Image: Utilizing intelligent algorithms to transform text into artistic-style images, enabling rapid creation. ● Image to Image : Through advanced AI technology, recombining and blending images to create entirely new creative artworks. ● Image Variations: Utilizing AI technology to apply transformative effects to images, giving them a unique visual appeal. ● Image Upscale: Using advanced upscaling algorithms to achieve lossless image enlargement while preserving high-quality details. ● Partial Image Redraw : Utilizing AI to paint specific parts of an image, repairing damaged areas or adding details. ● Image Content Removal: Intelligent recognition and automatic removal of unwanted elements from images, simplifying the editing process. ● Built-in Prompt Generator: A built-in generator that inspires creativity and helps you embark on a journey of ideas. ● Advanced AI Image Generation Settings: Providing a rich set of parameters to precisely control the image generation process. ● Diverse AI Engine Types: Supporting a variety of image generation styles, including colorful anime, realistic art, ink style, two-dimensional works, animation style, and AI-generated app icons. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more intelligent applications are being widely used in our lives. In the field of drawing, AI smart technology has also gradually become popular. In the past, drawing a high-quality original picture required a long period of preparation, conception and technical reserves. But now, with this smart extension, you can easily generate a high-quality original picture that meets your needs with just a short one-line prompt. This program makes creation more efficient. Creators only need to input short prompt words, and the program will use powerful artificial intelligence technology to quickly generate a picture that meets the requirements. Creators no longer need to spend a lot of time and cost to learn and master painting skills and tools. This program greatly shortens people's drawing time and difficulty, allowing more people to have the opportunity to create beautiful original works. Because the more specific the prompt words are, the more the pictures generated by the program can meet the creator's needs. Therefore, before using this program, creators should fully understand their own needs, and then describe in detail the image, color, and expression techniques they want as much as possible when inputting prompts, so that the pictures generated by the program can be more in line with the creators requirements. We promise that the pictures generated with this extension will be of high quality and high definition. This program uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technology, which can automatically identify possible problems and defects in the drawing, ensuring that the generated image is very fine and natural in terms of clarity, color and outline. Even beginners can easily produce high-level original works. In the era of AI intelligence, we no longer need to rely on manual drawing to express our creativity and imagination, but can rely on smart technology to express our creativity faster and more efficiently. 👉How to use: 1. Enter the prompt words to generate the picture, click the "Sure" button to start waiting for the generation. For better picture quality, this process will take about 1-2 minutes. You don't need to wait, just check it later on the history page! (In order to generate the highest-quality and highest-definition pictures, we only support English prompts for the time being. Later versions will be updated to support other languages, so stay tuned!) 2. After the picture is generated, you can download the picture with one click. 3. Can't write picture descriptors? No problem, we have provided some examples for you to refer to. In addition, we also provide relevant teaching documents to guide you in detail on how to write descriptors that can meet your own needs. 4. For your convenience, we have saved the history of your creation of pictures, and you can check them at any time. 👉Advantage: 1. Use the most advanced ChatGPT technology and the most powerful OpenAI to automatically generate a picture that matches the description according to the description words entered by the user. The popularization of this technology will obviously bring great convenience to graphic designers, advertising personnel and marketing personnel, and quickly generate high-quality publicity pictures. 2. In this AI drawing tool, users only need to input description words to automatically generate pictures. This means that users don't need to care about specific drawing techniques, but put their main energy into the conception and design of images. At the same time, the AI drawing tool also solves the problem of human language understanding, and can automatically understand the user's words to generate a picture and output the corresponding result. The emergence of this technology has greatly improved the efficiency of users, so that they can reach their work goals faster. 3. It can also be used for new media operations, publishing materials or short videos on platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, and Bilibili. It can help new media creatives generate pictures more quickly. By inputting description words, the keywords in the description can be automatically analyzed and understood, so as to generate a picture that matches the description. At the same time, these tools can realize batch generation, which greatly improves work efficiency and saves time and labor costs. Secondly, in terms of visual design, it can provide more creative directions for new media operations. In the past, in the design process, creative personnel often need to design according to their own subjective experience and knowledge base. By using AI drawing tools, creative personnel can quickly see a variety of different design schemes, so as to try and explore different visual effects. This is a very valuable resource for new media operations. 4. In addition, on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), visual content can better attract users' attention. Because pictures can better show the characteristics and selling points of the product, so as to better interact with users, strengthen users' awareness and favorability of the brand, and achieve an effective brand promotion effect. In this regard, It can help new media have more high-quality and diverse pictures, so as to better meet the needs of users and improve the effect of brand promotion.

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  • (2023-11-27) Mr. Hero: meh not actually 5 starts but it is free tokens
  • (2023-11-27) james: i love the pictures it makes, but hate the way it makes you pay.
  • (2023-11-27) Bear Polar: 速度非常快,模版多!
  • (2023-11-26) liu sandy: 还不错,很方便
  • (2023-11-26) John Sangenito: I find this an amazing tool. The wonders one can create is endless.
  • (2023-11-25) Francisca: good
  • (2023-11-25) shahan khan: It is a unique thing.
  • (2023-11-25) king Winfred: 很nice,有了自己喜欢的头像
  • (2023-11-24) Wes McCollaum: ENDLESS FUN.......................
  • (2023-11-23) Xiomara Nicole Carranza Bueno: simplemente la mejor IA que he adquirido, realiza muy bien su trabajo
  • (2023-11-23) Huỳn Thủy Thanh: thấy oke ghê
  • (2023-11-23) 郭sir: 先体验一波,要是免费先试用就好了
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  • (2023-11-23) We jean: 还不错
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  • (2023-11-23) Leonardo Randu Rojas Trev.: buenixsimo
  • (2023-11-21) xia yan: 操作简单
  • (2023-11-20) Natalicio: conhecendo
  • (2023-11-20) Yook Feng: 不错,接近需要的结果
  • (2023-11-20) School Account (School): Handy and Useful
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  • (2023-11-17) E than: 復古
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  • (2023-11-14) 涂图图: 好用的呢,只要提示词用得到位,就能生成想要的图片

Latest issues

  • (2023-10-27, v:1.2.8) Brrdi Berdi: Payment
    Hi, is there any option for a traditional payment instead of buying coins?
  • (2023-08-01, v:1.1.1) Ali Cambeiro: Creating
    My daughter created her own app that will be published for android and apple phones - she needs a 32x32 pixel image and a 12x12x5 image. Can you tell me how to get started with your app to help me create this image?? Basically, I downloaded your app to chrome, but do not see where or how I get started.


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