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This extension finds videos on the web sites you are browsing and allows you to play them on your Chromecast device.

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Description from store Stream web videos directly on your Chromecast from websites which have not added Chromecast support yet. This extension finds videos on the web sites you are browsing and allows you to play them on your Chromecast device. When it finds Chromecast comptible videos ( .webm, .mp4, .mkv etc), count of videos is shown over extension's menubar icon, which you can click to Select a video and extension will send it to your Chromecast device. Once a casting session is established, you can control video playback from Extension's popup page. Features: * Find comatible videos and allows you to stream directly on your Chromecast * Control playback ( Play/Pause/Seek) from extension's menu * No need to keep your computer running once streaming starts on Chromecast * Allows you to manually enter a URL for Video to play on your Chromecast * Support for adding videos to Queue Update: 10/07/2018 - Fixed extension not working after chrome update

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-27) P N: Maybe I don't know how to use it properly, but I can't make it working on a youtube page, it doesn't accept the Youtube URL of the video.
  • (2020-03-25) Oscar: i cant add video files from my pc?
  • (2020-03-24) Ruby Rendle: does not find any devises to chrome cast on yes i have got chrome cast on my tv's but for some reason it does not pick it up
  • (2020-02-15) George Machun: I was hopeful this would work but it just didn't seem to work at all well. Endless loading but no playing. Too bad it's a great idea.
  • (2020-01-01) Clara P: I thought this would be the answer to all of my issues, however the website I wan't to stream from does not work. The extension says "No compatible videos found on current page, visit any page containing videos you would like to cast.". I know the video isn't compatible with chromecast, that is the point of the extension, to watch the videos that chromecast won't connect to itself.
  • (2019-12-13) Κανάλι: it's buffering a lot..
  • (2019-12-10) Роман Иванина: Отлично работает. Транслирует видео со многих сайтов, глюков не замечено. Спасибо!
  • (2019-10-15) zbik zbik: super! Jak na razie wszystko da się wrzucić na TV, a jak jest jakaś oporna stronka, to rzutowanie "pulpitu" załatwia sprawę.
  • (2019-07-14) Ryan Morwick: They did it! Nice one, they did it right out the gate!!
  • (2019-07-02) Ryan Sheets: It detects Video and everything fine, and I was able to queue everything I wanted up, but when it came time to cast, it just loaded forever.
  • (2019-05-31) BİBİSTİK: bok
  • (2019-03-08) Laura Peralta: Used to work flawlessly but now refuses to connect to chromecast.
  • (2019-03-01) Görkem Akkaya: harika
  • (2019-02-10) nazım KOZAN: harika
  • (2018-10-28) Graziana Ghio: E' stato aggiornato, ora pare che funzioni anche con l'ultima versione di Chrome, la 70.0.3538.67 . Grazie, è un grande aiuto, senza CustBuddy il mio pc non riusciva più a castare nulla
  • (2018-10-19) David Pinos: Works great and on most sites. Thank you for the constant updates.
  • (2018-09-26) hamiid Yare: good
  • (2018-09-21) Marcos Sanchez: It stopped working with the latest chrome version
  • (2018-09-20) Moa Hajaji: con l'aggiornamento di cherome nn fuoziona piu!!
  • (2018-09-18) Amir Samir: I works well, just make sure to disable flash in the website you are trying this on
  • (2018-09-16) stefano pivato: con aggiornamento di chrome, non funziona più. pessimo!
  • (2018-09-12) Mahmut Keklik: yotubun kendi ozelliginden tv baglanıyorum. ama film sitesinden yapıyorum ceviyor film buluyor ama aktarmaya gelince tv bulunmuyor aktarılacak cıhaz bulunamadı diyor
  • (2018-09-09) Works about half the time.. the other half it sits there and does nothing even when it detects a video stream.
  • (2018-08-29) Jannes Schwarz: absolute trash
  • (2018-08-28) Keerthi Nandan Vitta: This is what every one wants.... :) I liked it a lot and can cast any web url video. We can queue the videos and dont need to keep your pc on while playing the videos. Thats the perfect app for chrome cast

Latest issues

  • (2020-05-23, v:0.0.106) kadriye asmalı: görüntü
    kaynak desteklenmiyor
  • (2020-05-10, v:0.0.106) LARRY ALLEN: how to change network settings
    how to change chromecast network setting
  • (2020-04-26, v:0.0.106) Burak Nalci: kaynak desteklenmiyor
    ben bilgisayardan bağlanacağım cihazı seçerken kaynak desteklenmiyor diyor
  • (2020-04-12, v:0.0.106) Klajd Klajdush: implement
    can u implement buddy in player menu?
  • (2020-04-11, v:0.0.106) SONGÜL GÜRBÜZ: bilgisayar
    televizyona bağlanamamak
  • (2020-03-04, v:0.0.106) Mohamad Fattah: CastBuddy stopped working
    Hi Team, every time google updates Chrome the app stops working. could you please check why iam unable to load movie using CastBuddy! Problem: Unable to see videos loading on the app, Thanks
  • (2019-12-29, v:0.0.106) GÖNÜLDEN ÖTE: custbudyy lcd ye bağlanma
    custbudy ile film sitesinden lcd ye bağlanmıyorum destekleniyor hatası
  • (2019-12-29, v:0.0.106) GÖNÜLDEN ÖTE: lcd ye bağlanma sorunu
    lsdye bağlanırken desteklenmiyor uyarısı veriyor
  • (2019-12-02, v:0.0.106) Stoner MTL: castbuddy
    could you please update the app so m3u8 extention files works nothing is loading
  • (2019-11-25, v:0.0.106) Carlos Camargo: Support for other Cast options.
    Thanks for your great work. Any chance to add compatibility to other cast options, like DLNA or Airplay ?? If you sell as premium option, i want to pay bro. For example, my samsung series 7 don't work with the extension.
  • (2019-11-23, v:0.0.106) yiğit Demir: kaynak desteklenmiyor hatası
    ben bilgisayardan bağlanacağım cihazı seçerken kaynak desteklenmiyor diyor
  • (2019-08-24, v:0.0.106) Oktay X: vkontakte
    vk.com Can you support this site. It uses html5 for videos but cast buddy isn't finding the videos.
  • (2019-08-14, v:0.0.106) Tim Kovalcheck: Cast Buddy Stopped Working
    Ever since Google updated Chrome Cast Buddy stopped working. Also Google says by end of 2019 they will be ditching adobe flash player for chrome and converting all to HTML5 format.
  • (2019-05-16, v:0.0.106) Vladimir Dugat: Monetization of browser extensions
    Hello, We are looking for partners with extensions who are interested in installing our SDK extension for Chrome/Opera/Yandex. Our SDK collects anonymously advertisements. Are you interested in the discussion? This can be an additional income for you. We do not compete with any other monetization. All this is compatible and transparent, does not affect the UX speed, surfing speed and user usability. Thanks! -- Kind regards, Vladimir grow.rdd at gmail.com
  • (2019-03-10, v:0.0.106) Carlos Morelli: Live Streaming
    Does it cast live streams? Every time I open a page with a video streaming live, the extension shows a 0 (zero) notification, and if I click on it, the "no compatible videos were found" message appears. The fact that it shows a 0 notification is as if the extension knows that there is a video playing but it's not able to cast it.
  • (2019-03-10, v:0.0.106) David Durgee: does not find video stream to cast on website
    I installed your extension expecting it to be able to cast the video from this website: http://church-redeemer.churchonline.org/ Unfortunately you are not seeing the video stream: No compatible videos found on current page, visit any page containing videos you would like to cast. Make sure to disable Adobe Flash Plugin under: Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content Settings -> Flash I have disabled Flash, so that is not the problem. Could you take a look at the site and add support for it? The stream will be available several times today, but you will have to wait a few days for it to be available again after that. Dave
  • (2019-03-08, v:0.0.106) Laura Peralta: Stoped working
    I see this was updated recently, but isn't connecting to chromecast as of today. It used to work wonderfully. nice work! Hope you can fix it again.
  • (2019-02-22, v:0.0.106) John Cole: Not working
    Doesn't seem to be working now?
  • (2019-02-03, v:0.0.105) Stoner MTL: Extension
    Broken since the last update, please fix.


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