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A tool to help you find more keywords, and optimize your listing.

Image from store AliGPT: Aliexpress Listing Optimize
Description from store **New FeatureÔľöNo OpenAi or ChatGPT account needÔľĀ** AliexpressGPT is a free AI-powered listing optimizer that helps Aliexpress sellers optimize listing to improve Aliexpress search ranking. With the help of AliexpressGPT, you will never need to search for Aliexpress tips or templates for your listings. Just one click, you can get some better listing choices by ChatGPT OpenAI. ūüöÄ Features ‚Äí Optimize title of Aliexpress listing ‚Äí Optimize description of Aliexpress listing ‚Äí Keywords finder and Keyword suggestion ‚Äí Copy optimized listing content with one click ‚Äí Export optimized listing content as .doc ūüöÄ How to use 1. Optimize title a. Go to listing page of the product b. Open the AliexpressGPT and select Title Generator c. Search and pick keywords d. Click Generate Title button and get suggestion. 2. Optimize description a. Go to listing page of the product b. Open the AliexpressGPT and select Description Generator c. Search and select keywords, and set parameters. d. Click Generate Description and get suggestion. ūüöÄ How it works AliexpressGPT analyzes current product information such as title, description, keywords and uses ChatGPT to provide you with optimized listing content. 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  • (2023-07-13) Andrey F: doesn't work
  • (2023-03-24) Hailey: OMG! this is amazing, definitely will recommend this tool to others ūüĎć


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