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Description from store **BitMask** is a browser extension that allows you to access decentralized applications on the Bitcoin blockchain using protocols like RGB. It enables you to discover and explore Bitcoin’s Unique Digital Assets UDAs (NFTs), Bitcoin Finance, and other assets. By using BitMask, you can experience true financial sovereignty and take control of your Bitcoin and Lightning Network Wallet with Taproot-enabled features. It also allows users to access different types of assets and smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain and also off-chain on the Lightning Network, providing a more versatile experience. The BitMask extension and web wallet, features Lightning support, Taproot support, QR scanning support, RGB 0.10, RGB assets and UDAs, browser notifications, PayJoin for invoices, and more. ### **Mission** Our mission is to empower humanity by creating robust infrastructure built on top of the secure and decentralized platform of Bitcoin. Our focus is on the individual, and through that, the entire human community. By using our tools, people can gain access to assets that are resistant to censorship, highly secure, and protect against surveillance capitalism. We believe that by achieving this mission, we can help bring about a more equitable and free society for all. ### **Deep Web3 on Bitcoin** "Deep Web 3 on Bitcoin" refers to using the advanced technology of the Bitcoin blockchain, like smart contracts, to construct decentralized applications and services. The idea behind this concept is to revolutionize the web by making it decentralized and trustless through the security and immutability features of the Bitcoin blockchain. This can open up new opportunities such as anonymous marketplaces, privacy-protecting social networks, decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, and many more. ### **Core Features of BitMask** - **Non-custodial-Bitcoin Wallet with Taproot Support** BitMask is a special kind of Bitcoin wallet that helps you keep your digital money safe. It's like a piggy bank for your computer. It makes sure that only you can access your money and no one else can take it away from you. It's similar to a safe deposit box where you have the key, and only you can open it up and access your money. This way you are in control of your own money and don't have to trust anyone else to keep it safe for you. BitMask can make your Bitcoin transactions cheaper and more private with the help of an upgrade called Taproot. This upgrade allows BitMask to lower the fees for certain types of transactions by more than half. It also makes Bitcoin more programmable, and is used in RGB assets. - **Lightning Wallet** With more than 40 million transactions per second, the Lightning Network is considered the future of Bitcoin payments because it addresses some of the limitations of the Bitcoin blockchain, such as high transaction fees and slow confirmation times. BitMask is a top-of-the-line Bitcoin Lightning wallet that offers security, ease of use and support for the latest features of the Lightning Network. It is designed with robust security measures to protect your funds and private keys. Your BitMask Lightning wallet can be recovered automatically using your mnemonic seed phrase, so you won’t lose access to your funds if you lose your device. - **Bitcoin Smart Contracts and Multi-asset support** Multi-asset support is the capability of a wallet or platform to store and manage various digital assets, not just Bitcoin, but also other assets that are built on the Bitcoin Blockchain, such as assets that use the RGB and TARO protocols. This allows users to easily access and manage a variety of digital assets within one platform, making it more convenient and efficient to use digital assets in different use cases. Connect to the [DIBA marketplace](https://diba.io/) to access digital assets, including art, and join the decentralized ownership revolution. Experience financial sovereignty with our user-friendly platform. - **Carbonado** *An apocalypse-resistant data storage format for the truly paranoid.* Carbonado is an innovative archival format that allows for secure and efficient storage of important data. It uses encryption to protect the data, and also uses compression and error correction. Additionally, it is able to make copies of the data in a provable and reliable way, without the need for a blockchain or powerful hardware. The data can be accessed and decoded through a browser using WebAssembly, or through remote nodes on peer-to-peer networks, cloud storage, or even on a local disk as a single highly portable flat file container format. Carbonado offers a versatile solution for the storage of important data. Carbonado is a decentralized storage solution that utilizes the power of the Lightning Network and can be accessed through BitMask. With Carbonado, you can rest easy knowing that your digital assets, such as UDAs, are securely stored and easily accessible. BitMask allows you to access your digital assets stored on Carbonado in a non-custodial way, giving you full control over your private key and making it highly resilient and resistant to censorship. With Carbonado and BitMask, you can have peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are safe and accessible at all times. ### **Distributions** - Chrome store - Web wallet - Mobile and desktop support - **Planned** - Safari - Native Desktop - Start9 - Umbrel ### **Tech used in BitMask** BitMask Core is open-source and entirely built using the Rust programing language. Rust is considered the best programming language for the future for several reasons: 1. **Security**: Rust has built-in safety features that make it difficult to write code with security vulnerabilities. This makes it ideal for building systems that handle sensitive data, such as cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain-based systems. 2. **Performance**: Rust is a compiled language that produces low-level machine code, which makes it faster and more efficient than other languages. 3. **Concurrency**: Rust has built-in support for concurrent programming, which makes it easier to write code that can take advantage of multi-core processors and other forms of parallelism. 4. **Memory safety**: Rust has a unique memory management model that makes it difficult to write code with memory errors such as buffer overflows and null pointer dereferences. 5. **Community**: Rust has a strong, vibrant and growing community of developers and contributors that are constantly working on improving the language, libraries and tools. 6. **Industry Adoption**: Rust has been adopted by many companies and organizations for various use cases, such as browser engines, operating systems and blockchain protocols and wallets. Overall, Rust is a modern, powerful and safe language that is well-suited for the challenges of the future; it's a language that is built to last. **Other tech** - Voltage - BDK - LND - RGB - Client-side validation (entire RGB tech stack) - WebAssembly - React App for the frontend The DIBA team and a community of exceptional open-source Bitcoin developers have come together to craft these wonderful tools, with the goal of using technology to empower individuals and give them more control over their assets and financial sovereignty. They truly believe in the power of free markets to create a more decentralized and fair society, and these tools are designed to support this beautiful vision.

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