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Hi-speed Downloader for Instagram. Fast Downloading Photo, Video or Stories from Instagram to your PC. Single and Bulk Downloads.

Image from store Downloader for Instagram - Summary with ChatGPT
Description from store This Extension can help you download videos,reels and pictures on Instagram, so that you can save your favorite videos and pictures anytime and anywhere.In addition,you can also get the summary of the IG videos, save time and learn quicker. ❤️ Features: ● Easy to use: Save videos,reels and pictures from IG with one click. ● Powerful functions:Download the highest definition pictures and video resources to your machine, so that you have the best viewing experience. ● Get the summaries of insta videos without watching the videos. ● Super Safe: We only provide you with convenient and efficient download functions, you can rest assured to save any videos and pictures.Quickly understand the content of the IG videos. How to use: ● Just go to Instagram website. ● Find the Video,Reels or Picture you want to save. ● Click the download button to save video or image. ● Your favorite pictures and videos are automatically downloaded to your computer. ● Click the View AI Summary Icon, If you already logged in chat.openai.com, we will get the video summary. Q&A Q1:What is ChatGPT? A1:ChatGPT is an OpenAI-developed language model that utilizes a large pre-trained Transformer-based neural network to generate human-like text in response to user prompts. With its diverse range of training on internet text, ChatGPT can provide responses on various topics, such as general knowledge, conversations, and creative writing. Q2:What is Instagram video summary? A2:It is a summary generator to write overview of the content in a video. The summary tries to provide a quick way to understand the video's topic and important information. Q3:Why i choose this videos downloader? A3:If you are looking for an Extension that can download Instagram reels videos conveniently and efficiently, This Extension must be your best choice. This ig downloader can download all the videos or pictures you are interested in, and you can review these videos at any time . Or you can download some videos to kill the boredom and protect you from network fluctuations or outages. Q4:Is this extension free? A4:Although our extension is currently free, we are exploring the possibility of introducing a small paywall to sustain the service in the future. By upgrading to the paid service, you will enjoy faster response times, unrestricted access, and high-priority customer support. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best possible service in a way that is affordable and accessible to everyone. Q5:Do I need to create a ChatGPT/OpenAI account to use this extension? A5:Yes, you must have a ChatGPT account to use this extension. 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Latest reviews

  • (2023-06-15) Ömer Faruk Yıldırım: AŞIRI İYİ ÇALIŞIYOR
  • (2023-06-08) Elle Schlotfeldt: Downloaded images are not in original resolution
  • (2023-06-07) Hamza Hamza kafeer: Hands down, this extension is the best!
  • (2023-06-07) Ted Carballoy: Lifesaver! It makes downloading Instagram videos, reels, and photos a breeze, and the AI-powered summary generator is an added bonus. Highly recommended for an enhanced Instagram experience!
  • (2023-06-07) Reinaldo Santacruz: This extension is incredibly convenient! Not only can it download content from Instagram, but it can also generate summaries using AI. It's truly practical! Highly recommended!
  • (2023-06-07) Bookmark Manager Plus: This extension is a game-changer for Instagram users. It allows easy downloading of videos, reels, and photos, while the AI-powered summary generator provides concise summaries for any text or article. A must-have tool for saving and summarizing Instagram content efficiently.
  • (2023-06-06) RusAA1: не работает
  • (2023-06-05) Alex R: doesn't work
  • (2023-05-19) kar Tv: fake 100% dont use it this is hack 100% im a dev
  • (2023-05-19) Hamza Hamza kafeer: Nice,Easy to use.
  • (2023-05-13) JENGUYEN DESIGN: Dont work for me at all :
  • (2023-05-10) Sherwin Dunkum: Love it
  • (2023-04-27) Manuel cash: nice work- funciona
  • (2023-04-25) hoi lau: it’s awesome,after trying other apps,finall choose this.
  • (2023-04-24) Arnold Cillon: 超級棒!!!
  • (2023-04-24) Avery HALL: Great
  • (2023-04-24) Anamika Alexsy: very very good it is bast instagram downloader
  • (2023-04-24) Anni Eryuu: 很好用嘿嘿,简直太棒了
  • (2023-04-24) Hongyuan Cao: Instagram Downloader work for me, but Summary with ChatGPT is not working.
  • (2023-04-24) Abcd Ghijk: Nice Downloader, work for me.
  • (2023-04-07) Ravi Bod: not working at all
  • (2023-03-16) Ufhknln Chvjbkln: Loved it

Latest issues

  • (2023-06-13, v:1.0.6) Prabhu2086: Download filename with user ID
    This is a great extension. Downloaded files are currently named as some numbers. Could you please let the downloaded image or video to be named as the Instagram user ID that the file is downloaded from ?


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