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Description from extension meta Helps you accept FarmVille requests.
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Description from store In september 2010 my interest for social gaming started. FarmVille(FV) caught my attention because I had in a long time wondered why it had so many users. So I decided to try it and it really was a joy to play. However there was an element of the game that I didn’t like. In FV and almost all other Facebook(FB) game neighbors send gifts to each other through FB. These gifts end up in the FB “mailbox”. To transfer them into your game you need to click on 3-4 links for each gift to accept and send a thank-you gift. At a certain level in the game of FV I got really tired of this routine. Because I had gotten many neighbors and got really many gifts. The game makers are highly encouraging you to get more neighbors and play many of their games. But they don’t help you much against the huge amount of gifts in the gift box. So I got the idea to create FV Extender as an extension for Google Chrome. The basic idea was to let it click the links in FB without the need of a human hand. It is not intended that any of the features will in any way ruin the experience for the neighbors in FarmVille. Instead the features will focus on doing the opposite for both players and their neighbors. New in 3.1.31: * A workaround added for FV stability issues. New in 3.1.30: * Added added an option "Enable workaround for empty list of requests" that is enabled as default - to make FVE work again with recent modifications by FB. New in 3.1.29: * A tiny bugfix related to 3.1.29 that made FVE stop before time if number of seconds was set above 20. New in 3.1.28: * Added a new setting that can be used to slow down the processing by a number of seconds to limit the bandwidth FVE uses.
Latest reviews (2019-10-23) Irish Fancy: it doesn't work. Period. I cannot get to Farmville via Facebook Game Room. It is completely useless. The only button says remove from chrome. If i'm trying to add it, why would I remove it? This is the second time in less than two months that i have not been able to access the game through Game Room. Fix it or forget it. I'll find something else to play. (2019-09-10) bob jones: WILL NO LOAD SO IT IS NO HELP . KEEPS SAYING '' STOP PLUG IN'' .!! (2019-08-19) Mary Deptowicz: It does not work (2019-06-17) Fansiskus Itjang: good (2019-06-13) Morine Brown: it is good and helpful and i want it back (2019-05-24) Keyaunna Robinson: Just getting started (2019-02-18) Shamika Torey: it help me in the past but i am trying to put it an back to the game and have a trying time to get it but it was excellent (2018-11-09) Beverly Kuechenmeister: why does this not work for me.... (2018-10-04) Tito Susanto: Good (2018-09-18) karl doss: I LIKE IT BUT IT COULD BE BETTER (2017-10-10) Victoria H: no accept all button and individual accept button opens up a new window. not working for me (2016-07-17) Valeria Rosa Alves Pimenta: adorei ajuda muito (2016-04-30) Jan Horne: LOVE (2016-03-17) Nilda Guerra: love (2016-03-17) nilmary g: Good (2016-03-16) Maria Carter: Because it will not work for me and this is what I want and asked for, for a longtime. SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! (2015-12-26) Bear brown: AWESOME.... (2015-08-10) Sandra Rutkowski: for us elderly with severe arthritis in fingers, this is a big help. Wish it would work like gamers unite worked and did more to help (2015-07-24) Alvin Harve: Very useful tool. Do not take it away (2014-12-20) Audrey J Morrow: COULDN'T IMAGINE NOT HAVING THIS AMAZING TOOL, TY MARTIN (2014-09-04) billy fender: martin is a great person to work with on app (2014-07-10) Carol Flaherty: Must have app for receiving and sending farmville gifts. love it. (2014-07-04) Frehleygirl: I could not live without this app. Saves hours of clicking time. (2014-06-26) Marie Morgan-Roth: Best program for disabled or folks who have a problem typing for long periods! (2014-06-11) Gma Dlarosa: This is the best app for helping me collect the gifts given from my neighbors. It also returns gifts to them. Saves me so much time!

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