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This extension import reviews from Amazon to your Shopify store.

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Description from store FindNiche is a Shopify store traffic analysis Chrome extension which helps you inspect Shopify stores' marketing, listing, Google search, Bing keywords and social media campaign. With this plugin, you can dive deep into your Shopify store competitors' store overviews, and understand their traffic sources and marketing strategies, to make foreseeable decisions! Aren't you bored of dataless guessing? All you have to do is install FindNiche quickly. 💰 FindNiche Features - Store Research ‒ Quickly draw a picture of store visits over time. With the monthly trend of website visitors (up to 6-month historical trends), you can easily understand the popularity of the website and determine if the website is in a fast-growing phase and deserves further analysis. ‒ Bring new ideas on what to sell next. We pick up the best-selling items (sorted by sales) and newly-released items (sorted by create time) of each Shopify shop to inspire you on what to sell next. ‒ Know competitors' traffic sources at a glance. FindNiche presents the detailed insights (volume and percentage) of store traffic sources, including direct, search, email, social, referrals, and display ads. ‒ Integrate each Shopify store's social links in one place. Visit competing Shopify stores' social profiles, and you'll know which platform they are putting the most marketing efforts into. 💰 FindNiche Features - Search Analysis ‒ Get a quick overview of the keywords in use of target websites for Google Search and Bing Search and learn from their SEO strategies. ‒ For every Google keyword and Bing keyword of your competing Shopify stores, FindNiche displays the search volume, trend, CPC, and paid difficulty for complete keyword research. ‒ With the information we offer, you can choose the most suitable keywords for your Shopify store, reducing costs and maximizing effectiveness on Google advertising. 💰 FindNiche Features - Ad Insights ‒ Advertises on social medias are one of the most effective way to quickly increase Shopify store's traffic and acquire customers. ‒ FindNiche spies on ad campaigns of your target Shopify store, display recent ads and ads engagement. It helps you find their popular products and potential products more effectively. ‒ Currently covers: Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Audience Network ads, and Messenger ads. ‒ With these information, you can optimize your Shopify store's ads strategy and better release your products. FindNiche is to ease your pain on aimless and inefficient competitor analysis, especially when it comes to traffic contributions. How to use FindNiche? ‒ Simply install this extension, then go to any Shopify store you know ‒ A floating icon will show up on the lefter side of the page ‒ Click it, all information you're longing for are in sight! What more can you expect from us? We plan to provide the following features in the next few versions: ‒ Keyword performance on more platforms, such as google, facebook, tiktok ‒ Ad spy on more platforms, such as google ads, tiktok ads, pinterest ads ‒ Shopify store and products monitoring ‒ Any other features can help your Shopify store be better FindNiche is right here to save you time, immortalize your moments and solve your problems. In this extension, which was developed with a special software by a professional and expert team, the needs and expectations of the users were prioritized. FindNiche is the result of all the research and projects done for a successful Shopify business. As a download browser tool, FindNiche will make your internet and visual experience unforgettable for you. Join FindNiche now as the most preferred Shopify traffic analysis tool to save time, energy and internet for unique and original website analysis and traffic reseatch experiences! We want to serve you and anticipate your needs. Remember, it is up to you to prevent problems that may occur while monitoring competitors! If you have any needs or ideas for future plans of our products, you can contact us at [[email protected]]. This chrome extension and Shopify Raise are provided by FindNiche team. FindNiche is powering sellers with growing database and intelligent analytics. To learn more about the all-in-one FindNiche suite of tools, visit us at findniche.com ------------------------------------------------------ Glossary: , web trafic counter, traffic for web, sales navigator pro vs team, how to check traffic on a website, how to develop keywords for seo, how to find search volume for keywords, sales navigator advanced, competitive market research, key word search, sales navigator trial, how to find unique visitors for a website, keywords search volume, websites visitors, check rank of website, check competitors keywords, keywords find, market research on competitors, keyword research for seo, how to check a websites traffic, kw research tool, site statistics, check website google position, keywords research tips, track website keywords, checking traffic on a website, how to check any website traffic, bounce rate website, display ads examples, analysis of the market, kw research, market research trends, keywords analysis, how to access sales navigator, 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Latest reviews

  • (2023-10-21) Thiago D'Angelo: It was better, but apparently live sales tracking has stopped working. Every time it updates it shows as if all the products in the store had been sold at that moment
  • (2023-03-28) yash sonani: I have tried their tools etsy hunt and I'm ok with that so I have tried findniche and I didn't get data which I want to track so it's useless for me and I hope I took trial version but I forgot yesterday to cancel this so i request to them please refund my money. and they didn't respond me and neither I have their email address to contact them
  • (2022-12-06) Ecom Expert Pro: A extensão é ótima, mas está faltando o idioma do Brasil. Incluam por favor. Coloquem o idioma do Brasil nesta extensão.
  • (2022-10-14) jia peng: Wow ! That's great Shopify Plugins. Before this, I have never encountered such a useful plugin. It can instantly analyze the Shopify data of the entire page.
  • (2022-10-14) YiChen Dai: Not bad
  • (2022-10-14) Cheug Wade: Really great tool !
  • (2022-10-14) xin wang: The only tool dedicated to analyzing shopify traffic, it's great!
  • (2022-08-30) Pi Zoidberg: not only convience, data it provided Helps a lot
  • (2022-08-29) Zhang Xiaotong: So easy to use, and useful for me~

Latest issues

  • (2023-03-28, v:1.1.7) yash sonani: Refund
    I have tried your tools etsy hunt and I'm ok with that so I have tried findniche and I didn't get data which I want to track so it's useless for me and I hope I took trial version but I forgot yesterday to cancel this so i request to you please refund my money.


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