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Do even more in Gmail. Export emails, follow up until you get a response, and more features to bring your inbox to the next level.

Image from store Mailmeteor: Follow up, export emails in Gmail
Description from store Mailmeteor for Gmail helps you do more with your emails. Export, send automated follow-ups right in Gmail and more powerful features to ensure your inbox takes full advantage of automation. 👉 Search and export emails in one-click 👉 Send your emails with a follow-up 👉 Manage all your follow-up in a single place 👉 Get more responses easily Mailmeteor is the #1 email platform for Gmail. Easy-to-use and privacy-focused, Mailmeteor lets you send unlimited follow-ups during the Beta. Get more features and access advanced features with a premium account. GETTING STARTED Here's how to boost your productivity and increase the engagement by following up in Gmail: 1. Install Mailmeteor by clicking the "Install" button at the top of this page. 2. Open Gmail and write emails as usual. 3. Instead of sending the email with the “Send” button, click on “Send with a follow-up” 4. Write your follow-up and define when to send the next message 5. Click "Send with a follow-up" and voilà! You stay at all times in Gmail, where your work happens. No need to add extra tools or switch to another dashboard or SaaS. WHY MAILMETEOR? - #1 Best-rated email platform for Gmail - 4 million users of our add-on for Google Sheets - Rated 4.9/5 - Used by the best: Spotify, Uber, Pinterest, Shopify, Change.org, … - Recommended by Google in 2022 MAILMETEOR FOR GMAIL BENEFITS ➤ Follow up with ease in Gmail ™. Send automated follow-ups in one-click, without your recipients knowing. ➤ Make sure your follow-ups land in the Inbox. We maximize your email deliverability and send emails directly from Gmail ™. ➤ Designed to respect your privacy. Mailmeteor needs only minimal permissions to send emails on your behalf, contrary to most other mail merge add-ons. FEATURES ✓ Export emails in Gmail ✓ Follow up for free in Gmail: Send unlimited follow ups during the beta ✓ Auto follow-up: send a reminder when not opened, not replied… ✓ Bounces detection: make sure you don’t follow up to dead email addresses ✓ Hubspot / CRM integration ✓ CSV data Export ✓ Available in English HOW TO FOLLOW UP IN GMAIL? Once you’ve installed this extension for Gmail, here’s how to follow up in Gmail: 1. Compose a new message as usual 2. Instead of clicking on “Send”, click on the caret and select “Send with a follow-up” 3. Select a follow-up template or write a new message 4. Define when the follow-up should be sent (e.g. 3 days later, if no reply) 5. Click send SUPPORT & DOCUMENTATION Need a helping hand? Check our support center: https://mailmeteor.com/support You will learn: ⚑ How to send follow up in Gmail ⚑ When it’s the best time to follow up with a prospect ⚑ Tons of follow-up templates ⚑ Gmail best practices to improve your deliverability And also, everything you need to know before doing a mass mailing in Gmail ™, such as: ⚑ How to send mass emails in Gmail ™ ⚑ How to send mass customized emails with Gmail ™ ⚑ How to send a mass email without showing addresses in Gmail ™ ⚑ How to use your Gmail ™contact list to send emails *** FREE FOR EDUCATION Have a .EDU email address? Mailmeteor provides free licenses for students and staff, as part of its Education Program. Learn more: https://mailmeteor.com/education-program *** UPDATES Feb 13, 2023 - Export emails directly from the Gmail inbox with the new powerful export feature. Search, export, and do more with your emails. Dec 6, 2022 - Skip snoozing: you can now schedule a follow-up and completely forget about it. Mailmeteor will watch for replies and send the follow-up email when needed. Nov 15, 2022 - Beta release of the Google Chrome extension to follow up in Gmail. January 7, 2019 - Our birth date: Introducing Mailmeteor, a simple, affordable, privacy-first solution to mail merge in Gmail. *** GMAIL WITH SUPERPOWERS Mailmeteor turns your Gmail inbox into a complete email marketing solution: ✪ Follow up with ease to make sure your recipients replies ✪ Templates to reuse your best follow-up messages ✪ Skip following up when the recipient replies ✪ Bounce detection ✪ Mailmeteor Dashboard to do even more with your emails POPULAR USE CASES You can use Mailmeteor in many different ways, some use cases: ➤ Sales & Marketing: to boost your conversion and re-engage your leads at scale ➤ Customer care: to make sure a ticket is closed ➤ Finance: to put an end to unpaid invoices ➤ Marketing: personalized thank-you emails to HR recruiters, crowdfunding supports, Product Hunt, business angels, friends & family. ➤ Job hunt: follow-up after an interview and make sure the recruiter doesn’t forget about you ➤ PR: bump to the top of journalists or influencers inbox. ➤ Email No Code: follow up with prospects without a line of code ➤ Events: Inviting people to an event (webinar, wedding, job-dating, fair, conference, meetup...) and reducing show off by sending a reminder shortly before the event. *** FEATURES ROADMAP We are working hard to improve Mailmeteor, here are some of the features we are considering for the next versions of Mailmeteor: ✓ Send newsletter in Gmail ✓ Multi follow-ups & email sequence ✓ Follow-up with images & attachments ✓ Templates management to write emails faster ✓ Open & Click Tracking ✓ More follow-up triggers, such as open/no-open ✓ Cold emailing & Mail merge in Gmail We aim to build all those features in one extension so you can get rid of Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Gmass, Briskine, Mailtrack, Snov, Yamm, Lemlist and many more. Suggest a missing feature: ➢ https://mailmeteor.com/contact#others/features-request *** PRIVACY & SECURITY Mailmeteor complies with privacy laws (especially GDPR) to protect your data. Learn more about how we respect your privacy in our Privacy Policy in our Security center: https://mailmeteor.com/security Mailmeteor is audited by Google every year for optimal security. *** Gmail and Google are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions. *** WEBSITE: https://mailmeteor.com SUPPORT: https://mailmeteor.com/support CONTACT US: https://mailmeteor.com/contact

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-22) Allan Bradley: I am in a small home based business. I also have family groups that I help take care of. I just started using MailMeteor and have found it to be extremely easy to use and incorporate into the things that I do here. My home business is just one of the reasons I believe this will help me do what I want to do. Planning to buy the premium version for more opportunities to send more without being concerned about going over the daily limit, and for the other reasons which come as part of the premium package. The price for having it is quite reasonable too. I have looked at and tried a few other programs/add ons the last few days and they are a bit confusing and after the trial, you pay for it too. Hope this helps you if you are looking.
  • (2023-03-22) Events Boston: Loved it.
  • (2023-03-22) Ridoy Hossan: Thanks Mailmeteor to boost our work.
  • (2023-03-21) Logan Hamilton-Mathy: Love mailmeteor, great extension
  • (2023-03-21) Pradeep nair: I've been using Mailmeteor and now and it's become an essential tool in my daily workflow. This extension for Google Sheets has made it incredibly easy to send personalized emails to a large number of people at once, without having to resort to copy-pasting or sending separate emails to each recipient.
  • (2023-03-21) Kennedy Osuji: Great app i must say.. Been using it for a while and it makes bulk easy.
  • (2023-03-20) Torcuato Pulido Mantas: Awesome tool! Save tons of time and very versatile even in the free-version!
  • (2023-03-17) Blake Kaldahl: Loving using this tool! Has saved me a ton of time.
  • (2023-03-17) Ngọc Châu Giang Lê: Amazing! Simple to use and help me to save lots of time!
  • (2023-03-15) Daniel Chapman: Really enjoying the tool... does what it says it does without any fuss. Would reccommend.
  • (2023-03-15) Igor Pokorni: Mailmeteor is a powerful email management tool that simplifies the process of exporting search results from your inbox. With just one click, users can download a CSV file of their search results, enabling them to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. One unique feature of Mailmeteor is its follow-up email functionality, which allows users to schedule automated follow-up emails if they do not receive a reply from the recipient. This feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their response rates and engage with their customers more effectively. Overall, Mailmeteor is an excellent tool for optimizing email management and increasing productivity.
  • (2023-03-13) Nikki Ragonese: Very simple to use & the new, updated interface is much sleeker. It would be great if you could import your contacts directly into google sheets without having to enter each name individually. If you don't have a Microsoft 360 subscription you'll need to download into Microsoft Xcel, download into Microsoft One, then cut & past the fields you want to use into Google Sheets then upload into Mail Meteor. Perhaps there is an easier way to do this but I can't figure it out. Worth the extra effort, though. Works as intended.
  • (2023-03-13) Mat Gladdish: Love it! So simple and saves so much time!
  • (2023-03-07) Stuart Dowell: If you are a small business and you need to easily start email campaigns without a steep learning curve, then Mailmeteor is great and works seamlessly with Google sheets. The basic version is enough for me, but the paid options offer a lot more functionality
  • (2023-03-02) Steven Whitehall: awesome tool!
  • (2023-02-28) Bert: Mailmeteor allows users to set up automatic follow-up emails, which can be a powerful tool for boosting response rates and conversions. Absolutely brilliant.
  • (2023-02-27) ADVERTISOR MEDIA: Absolutely Brilliant.
  • (2023-02-27) Brent Ely: Incredible tool that is easy to use! Highly recommend!
  • (2023-02-25) Shweta jain: Recently started using this and found supportive in daily follow up
  • (2023-02-23) Darrin Rosman: The whole application suite of mailmeteor is an absolute must for businesses. It simply is the easiest and best use of mail merge technology.
  • (2023-02-23) Enea Ceccherini: Très utile et pratique, je valide
  • (2023-02-22) Ajimati Victor: Mailmeteor is the best so far, Now I can reach my customers easily. Highly recommended
  • (2023-02-21) Kennedy Dafeakeh: Absolutely love Mailmeteor! It's simple to use and just an altogether piece of software!
  • (2023-02-21) Andy Williams: The follow up feature can compact hours of work into minutes, meteormail's value can't be overstated! If your objective is sales, customer service, or anything regarding email then meteormail is a must.
  • (2023-02-17) Harry Lawson: One flaw with Gmail is not being able to schedule follow-ups and have them cancel if you get a reply. This extension lets you send an email with a follow-up so you don't have to think about it! Running a small business, 'the money is in the followup'. And it's great this extension is free.
  • (2023-02-17) Bradley: MailMeteor est et restera le meilleur outil de mailing. Merci MailMeteor
  • (2023-02-17) Magna Cardoso: Congratulations on the excellent work! This tool is certainly very useful in the day to day of a company that handles a significant number of e-mails.
  • (2023-02-17) Team Sales: Using it mostly to handle customer support and send automated follow-ups to close a ticket.
  • (2023-02-17) Pulkit Kumar Ritolia: This extension is indeed a great one and once you start using it, you will surely get addicted to it :)
  • (2023-02-16) Jacqueline Brenhouse: Amazing tool ! Thank you Mailmeteor team! This has been a big time saver !
  • (2023-02-15) Scott Parker: Extension works well and helps to increase speed of sending!
  • (2023-02-14) Mayric Blondiau: Une de mes extensions préférées ! Outil essentiel pour gagner du temps. Merci Mailmeteor :D
  • (2023-02-13) Ma Jack: Đây là một tiện ích mở rộng cực kỳ tuyệt vời mà tôi từng sử dụng cho công việc của mình
  • (2023-02-13) Benedikt Lang: Right now I'm working on verifying a product idea of my own. To understand and embrace the market potential, I am writing many similar emails to various people. MailMeteor helps me to stay perfectly on track and to do the outreach quickly and efficiently.
  • (2023-02-11) Aditya Rane: Thank You Mailmeteor - This is the Best Way to Save time sending emails with Gmail.
  • (2023-02-10) Robin Pasco: This is a good extension, kudos to the team!
  • (2023-02-10) Manager Orchestra da Tre Soldi: An easy-to-use, really useful extension. Seamlessly integrated with Gmail
  • (2023-02-07) Alfredo Cruz: This is a good extension, kudos to the team!
  • (2023-02-07) S A Power Control: Wow! This is such a great app. With this chrome extension, it has been far easier for me to check up and follow up on my emails.
  • (2023-02-06) Omer Dahan: Amazing tool! goes really well with Mailmeteor's mail merge extentions!
  • (2023-02-02) Rigert Sharka: Very good idea but it does not work . When I choose "send with a follow up " a white rectangle pop up appears in the center of the screen and nothing happens. Hope it will get fixed and I will for sure change my valuation.
  • (2022-11-25) Geoffroy - Switchy: This is one of my essential time-saving tools. I use it for all my emails conversation and my reply rate increased a lot! Simple, beautiful & easy-to-use.
  • (2022-11-17) Corentin Brossault: Hey - Mailmeteor's co-founder here. I built this extension to bring your Gmail inbox to the next level. We all spend so much time in our inbox. And while there are great tips to use it like a pro (such as keyboard shortcuts and advanced search operators), at Mailmeteor, we believe we could x10 or even x100 more. Today, we're releasing the beta version which includes sending automated follow-ups in one click. That's right, you can now send an email and schedule a follow-up at the same time. No need to check your inbox, keep notes, or manually send messages. Now you can send automated follow-ups whenever your lead/customer/contact doesn't reply - right from Gmail. Much more features are coming along. If you want us to bring features that will x10 (or more) your productivity, we want to hear from you: https://forms.gle/hxR3MzJt6mCmtd7J8 Happy sending 💌 Corentin
  • (2022-11-17) Lucy Ride: Great tool! It lets me follow up with my clients in a few clicks. Using it mostly to handle customer support and send automated follow-ups to close a ticket. Thanks to the team behind Mailmeteor for sharing it with me!


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