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The security tool protects you from web3 scams by auditing transactions and detecting phishing websites

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Description from store In Web3, it only takes one signature to lose everything you own. Web3 Antivirus is a security tool that helps you keep your crypto assets safe against scams and fraud. 🛡How it protects you: 1. Transaction analysis When you’re about to sign a transaction or a message, Web3 Antivirus puts it on a brief hold and analyzes for potential risks. It detects honeypots, suspicious logic, dangerous functions, compromising access permissions to assets, wash trading patterns, poisoning attacks, and other threats. The extension also simulates the transaction and shows what happens if you approve it. You will clearly see what you will receive and what you will give away as a result of the transaction. Within a few seconds, W3A summarizes all the potential threats in a 🚦report. With all the information in hand, you can decide whether or not to proceed with it. 2. Personal Dashboard Your Dashboard is a control panel where you can keep tabs on your web3 activity, easily revoke token approvals to dApps, and check other users’ wallets before interacting with them — all in one place. You now have access to the latest data and can make well-considered decisions on asset management and safety. 3. Phishing website detection Web3 Antivirus offers proactive phishing protection. It checks domain names against its extensive blocklist database using AI similarity validation, identifies suspicious content, and immediately alerts you if you’re heading to a phishing site. *** 🧩 Web3 Antivirus currently supports Ethereum and protects Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and BitKeep Wallet, while other crypto wallets are added regularly. 🔒Web3 Antivirus doesn’t have access to your funds and never asks for your seed phrase or other personal information. 🔍 Transparency This wallet security tool is open-source and we encourage users to check our GitHub repository: https://github.com/web3-antivirus/chrome-extension 🔐Privacy Keep in mind: Web3 Antivirus will never ask for access to your wallet, assets, or seed phrase. ------------------ Release notes v0.12 * Enhanced WalletConnect transaction analysis. * Detection of website-injected malicious smart contract code. * Transaction analysis now 3x faster. * Improved gas price evaluation algorithms. * Expanded contract insights, highlighting attributes and risks. * New activity charts for contract, token, and collection trades. * Advanced analysis for proxy contracts and wash trading. * Quicker balance calculations in the Dashboard. * Upgraded design and notifications for an improved user experience. ------------------ Release notes v0.12 * Major extension redesign * Refined risk display layout * Detection of new risks: No DEX pair, Volatile token liquidity, and Token-draining transaction * Enhanced risk detection & transaction simulations * Fine-tuned calculation mechanism in Portfolio value and Value at risk widgets ------------------ Release notes v0.11 * View potential DEX token pairs * Calculate buy/sell commissions * Improved detection for contracts' custom white/blacklists * Identification of new honeypot scams * Spanish/English language switch * Enhanced design and performance * Real-time push notifications ------------------ Release notes v0.10 * New detects: direct transfer, phishing website, phishing contract, and phishing swap. * Upgraded honeypot scam detection featuring details of different honeypot types. * Identification of suspicious activities within addresses linked to the contract a user interacts with. * Wallet Health feature showing the percentage of users with lower health scores. * Quick tweet generation to share your Wallet Health score on Twitter. * W3A Dashboard Help section clarifying all its features and available metrics. * Whitelist improvements. * Fine-tuning of detection mechanisms for better accuracy. * UI/UX enhancements for more comfortable user experience and smooth navigation. ------------------ Release notes v0.9 * Introducing a new referral program that enables users to invite friends, climb the leaderboard, and win awards. * Update to the Wallet health score that evaluates three key parameters: granted approvals for assets, exposure to poisoning attacks, and assets associated with wash trading. * Improved detection of potential scams involving addresses that mimic a 0x0..00 address. * Alerts for detected poisoning attacks on a user's wallet. * Enhancements to detection mechanisms to achieve greater precision and accuracy. * UI/UX improvements to make the extension more intuitive and user-friendly. ------------------ Release notes v0.8 * Extension redesign for more intuitive and engaging user experience * Detection of scam tokens exploiting the original token’s address in their names * Detection of a risk associated with the ability of contract owner to grant approvals to user’s tokens * Report on contract’s involvement in suspicious activities, such as contract exploit or theft * Possibility to revoke token approvals to dApps * Upgraded list of project audit companies * Bug fixes and enhanced extension performance ---------- Release notes v0.7 * Highly detailed wallet dashboard where you can search for any wallet address to check its portfolio value, value of compromised assets, activity, and more * Overview of your activity: last transactions analysis, frequently used dApps, and phishing alert history * Token approvals section where you can check which dApps have access to your assets * Comprehensive history of transactions analysis featuring all the vital details such as tokens sent and received and transaction risk score * Regularly updated alert history with risks elimination recommendations * Gas overpayment estimation * Fixed bugs and improved extension performance ---------- Release notes v0.6 * Fair NFT price estimates on Rarible, LooksRare, Golom, Foundation * Fair bid estimates on Rarible, Foundation auctions * OpenSea transaction details for NFT listings * Fiat equivalent for token prices * Enhanced blocklists & allowlists for site verification ---------- Release notes v0.5 * Honeypots and slippage detection * Display of wash trading risks for tokens * Alerts for requests to sign a message * Trading cooldown warning * Price breakdown for NFTs that one is about to grant access to * Warning for contract’s ability to be paused, preventing users from making transactions * Detection of contract’s ability to block transaction approval, preventing users from selling tokens * Detection of a method that allows the contract owner to transfer user’s tokens * Detection of a method that allows the contract owner to burn user’s tokens * Support for Edge browser

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