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BuddyX, the ultimate tool for optimising your work, so you can focus on the important things.

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Description from store Buddy App makes OnlyFans profile management fast and painless. Stop losing hours on boring manual jobs. ✔ We do not collect any data and require NO log-in information ✔ Our browser extension integrates directly into OnlyFans to help run your profile with ease. ------------------------------------------------------------- 🥁 NEWEST Update V2.17.2 (30.01.2023) 🥁 - Message Templates: Add button to copy the message template into the input instead of sending the message directly to the fan - Message Templates: Add input field to define notes for each template - Message Templates: Add sorting ID for each template, so that you can change the sorting order manually - Follow Expired Fans (v2): Add feature to run the scan every 6 hours automatically - Bugfixes for List Management: Fix for server errors when creating a list - Bugfixes for timezone (User Info Module) - Bugfix Recent Chat Labels: Small fix for chat lists below 10 fans - Check for promotion reactivations is now running every 5 mins (instead of 15 mins) 🎖 ALL FEATURES: 📝 (PRO) Create lists based on spending amount and your recent chat activity (fans you chatted with in the last X min) 📝 (PRO) Message Template shortcuts in the chat view (above text field) 😃 (PRO) Add emoji bar above chat input for fast selection of your favourite emojis 🎞 (PRO) Attach vault media items to your message scripts 🏷 (PRO) When in the chats view, all fans are marked with amount spent, rebill information and if they are newly subscribed. You can also create custom emoji labels based on lists. 🏷 (PRO) When opened in a fan's private chat, Vault items are labelled as sent, purchased, or not purchased and are colour coded. Items which have been posted on the feed are also labelled with an icon. 🟢 (PRO) Create a list of fans online right now and target them with mass or priority message. 🐾 (PRO) Automatically follow expired fans so that you can target them with PPV messages 💌 (PRO) Send 100s of mass messages that end up in user's priority messages and make them personal by adding fan name to each message 🕺 (PRO) Never miss an online fan! See all fans who are currently online and filter the list by amount spent. 📝 (FREE) Messaging and Reply Tools save you time managing your channel and get you back to creating. 🗓 (FREE) To-do lists help manage tasks and deadlines ⚙️ (FREE) Tweak the UI to make other creator images smaller, so you can save time scrolling! Our mission is way grander. We are constantly working on making Buddy App the one extension you need to manage all things OF! Stay tuned. We look forward to your feedback. Feel free to reach out to us with feature requests, bug reports or any questions you might have! Telegram: https://t.me/lana_secret Or leave us an email at [email protected] 📣 ALL FEATURE UPDATES: Update V2.17.0 (24.01.2023) - Message Templates: Add button to copy the message template into the input instead of sending the message directly to the fan - Message Templates: Add input field to define notes for each template - Message Templates: Add sorting ID for each template, so that you can change the sorting order manually - Follow Expired Fans (v2): Add feature to run the scan every 6 hours automatically - Bugfixes for List Management: Fix for server errors when creating a list Update V2.16.0 (09.01.2023) - New PRO Feature: Create list of fans you chatted with in the last X min - Bugfix for Recent Purchases: Very old content was sometimes not shown Update V2.14.0 & V2.15.0 (30.12.2022) - Emoji bar: The bar is now also available when you create a new post - Emoji bar: You can now choose up to 40 emojis in the bar (will break into 2 lines) - Vault labelling: Label media in the vault which was posted on the feed when creating new post - New PRO feature: Choose emojis as custom chat labels when a fan is part of a list - Small bug fixes Update V2.13.0 (11.12.2022) - Message Templates: Add button to pin templates to the top of the list - Promotions Reactivation: Add input to set the duration for the renew promotions (in days) - Vault Labelling: Label media items in vault with an icon if they have been posted on the feed - Bugfix: Count of online fans was shown as 0 (in the home tab) - Smaller improvements Update V2.12.0 (27.11.2022) - New PRO Feature: Auto-Renewal of Promotions (Beta) - Add sorting for message templates Update V2.11.0 (16.11.2022) - New PRO Feature: Message Template Shortcuts in chat view - New PRO Feature: Sync Message Templates across devices - List Management: Add option to include expired fans when creating lists Update V2.10.0 (27.10.2022) - New PRO Feature: Fan notes are synced across all devices - New PRO Feature: Create lists of fans based on spending value and duration of subscription - Fan Info Tab: UI changes and show lists the fan belongs to Update V2.9.0 (18.10.2022) - New PRO Feature: Fan notes are synced across all devices - New PRO Feature: Create list of non-spender fans based on max spending value and duration of subscription - New PRO Feature: New' "follow expired fans" bot (v2) - List Management: See list of fans where the message could not be sent to - Bugfix for "show recent purchases" in user info tab Update V2.8.0 (08.10.2022) - New PRO Feature: Customisable emoji bar above chat input for fast selection - New PRO Feature: Attach media to message templates and add a "fast send" button to directly send the message to the selected chat - New setting: Keep Buddy App always open (even after refresh). The last selected page will be opened - Link accounts to license you want to use PRO features for Update V2.7.0 (27.09.2022) - New PRO Feature: Chats are getting marked with labels: Amount Spent by the fan, if they are newly subscribed and subscription status: Re-bill option off or expired - Import and Export Message templates - You can have the same scripts/ templates across different devices - Bugfix: Scroll bar in priority message modal was missing - Online Fans Feature: Clicking on the message icon opens the chat in the same window, not new tab anymore Update V2.6.1 (21.09.2022) - New PRO Feature: Vault items already sent to a fan are marked as sent / paid / not paid - Bugfix for dark mode Update V2.5.0 (19.09.2022) - New PRO Feature: List Management - create list of all online users - Bugfix for excluded lists in priority messaging Update V2.4.0 (11.09.2022) - Todo List: Add option to edit todos - Todo List: You can now tag todos with a fan (in the fan information tab) - Top Online Users: This feature moved to the Buddy App Pro tier - Change payment method to Stripe Update V2.3.0 (06.09.2022) - Priority-Messaging: Custom Name placeholders for Priority messaging - you can add personal names to each message. Please read the blog before using this feature. - Priority-Messaging: Improved speed sending. Send 2x faster. - Online Users: Bug Fixes so the list is always up to date. - Follow Expired Fans feature: Add error handling and improved speed. Update V2.2.0 (01.09.2022) - Priority-Messaging: Add option to exclude lists - Priority-Messaging: Add option to unsend the last mass message (the latest one sent) - Priority-Messaging: Add option to send a message to list: "All fans" Update V2.1.1 (29.08.2022) - Small bug fixes for "Auto-Follow Expired Fans" and "Priority Messaging" feature Update V2.1 (24.08.2022) New Paid Feature: Send Mass Messages as Priority message Did you know Priority messages have 80% more likelihood of being opened? With this new feature: - Choose a list of fans, define a message (like you do a mass message) and click send. For all your fans, the message will appear in the Priority tab and will not be lost among other mass messages. Update V2.0 (14.08.2022) New Paid Feature: Auto-Follow Your Expired Fans ⁃ Automatically follow expired fans — just click a button ⁃ Choose if you want to follow back expired CREATORS or not. (No other tool gives this option) ⁃ Add followed fans to a new or old list Sell PPV / custom content via mass-messages to everyone you followed and grow your account much faster! 🚀 Update V1.3 (07.08.2022) ⁃ "Fan Information Tab": Add a birthday for fan (with calendar picker) ⁃ "Message Templates" feature: Rebuild message templates. You can now add categories and edit message templates ⁃ "Resource Tab": We decided to remove the resource tab for now. Might be replaced later with a better version Update V1.2 (19.07.2022) ⁃ "Recently Active Fans" feature: Enables to see all online fans and filter by amount spent ⁃ "Recently Active Fans" feature: Add filter to remove creator accounts from list ⁃ "Recently Active Fans" feature: Load more online fans while scrolling the list More updates are on the way! Stay tuned. Disclaimer: OnlyFans is a registered trademark of Fenix International Limited. This Chrome extension (Buddy App) isn't in any way affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Fenix International Limited.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-05-03) Elie Gutierrez: Probably the best add-on you can find right now for your OnlyFans ! Highly recommend it
  • (2023-05-02) Gabriel spiridon: Very Helpfull , there is an profesional team behind this , if you have a problem customer support will answer you in 5 minutes even if is 4 AM
  • (2023-05-02) Sarah Guerra: Absolutely brilliant extension. I wouldn't be doing so well on OF without it. Can highly recommend.
  • (2023-01-26) Devon Bennett: Makes my life 10x easier and makes me 10x the amount of money as before. OF Buddy always is releasing new features that help the day to day slow grind of OF. Recommend this product to anyone wanting to test out a full OF page manager. This thing is great! Customer service has been excellent as well.
  • (2023-01-22) Vitaly Partasov: It's veeeery useful and saves tons of time! Lana is constantly working on the extension and adding new features. Whenever I had interesting ideas - OF Buddy team would always implement them. But what is worth a million is the customer service! Literally! Every time I have questions - Lana is there to help. If there would be a new, better and cheaper product made by someone else - I would still stay with OF Buddy purely due to their amazing customer service!
  • (2023-01-22) model modella: They arent asking for your password, but this pluing requires to "Relog" into your account it's like installing a relogger (they'll get all of your passwords)
  • (2022-08-27) Ari D.: 10/10! This is literally completely changing the OF game for creators!! I have no idea how I spent all day online without it lol. If you wanna maximize ur profits + spend less time copy/pasting over from your notes app that u use to batch responses, thats just one of the amazing features this extension has. I found it when I was re-starting my account full time, and it has kept me more organized thanks to its task lists, keeps me aware of who is currently online/ how much theyve spent/ what content they bought/ notes and more (so i dont waste time with freeloaders) and they even have a "follow expired users" feature which saves sooo much time! They're constantly adding new features and fixing bugs, and their telegram team is super supportive + helpful. Can't wait to see what else they add!
  • (2022-07-01) Lilli Top 6%: Overall good, but I wish some were some more features. Good job so far
  • (2022-07-01) Shy Asian: Finally a tool for us creators! Love the quick reply feature and that I can filter out users based on online and spend value. One question: Could you please implement an upload to Vault feature and also, it would be very helpful if I could see to which post the comment belongs! But thaaaank you for this awesome tool, looking forward to your new updates!

Latest issues

  • (2023-06-05, v:2.27.3) Jaedon Long: personalized names
    how do i send mass messages using personalized names?
  • (2023-05-11, v:2.24.0) Kevin Knopf: Auto-Follow Feature
    Hi there, love your tool so far. Looking forward to purchase PRO! Just wondering for the Auto-follow; As OF doesn't allow Bots, how do you guarantee that OF won't detect the Auto-Follow bot and ban me? Also, once the bot followed all the expired subs - will they be sorted into a list or is it possible to unfollow again? As I don't want non-subscribers to message me all the time or answer them unless they subscribed. Thank you so much!
  • (2022-10-17, v:2.8.0) Eric Gauvin: Auto message resubs
    Does this have a feature to auto message resubs? That's something we're really looking for.


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