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Share interesting links and sites. Follow anyone on any instance. Boost and favorite posts with one click Schedule posts.

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Description from store Roam makes it incredibly easy to share quotes, images, videos, etc. And with added features like quote posts, threading, scheduling, and screenshots: • Share a page and Roam will pre-fill the URL, title, and image for you • Highlight text or image and right-click "Share to Mastodon" • Take a screenshot of the current page with a single click • Thread like a pro — Roam will help you compose and publish thread with multiple posts • Schedule for later — spread your posts through the day or over multiple days • Quote post — share and remark on Mastodon posts, also works with Twitter posts • Upload images and video, drag & drop to change order • Draft multiple posts in separate windows With Roam you can follow, boost, favorite, bookmark, reply, and quote from any instance: • Look for the "Roaming" badge at the top of the page • All actions work as if you're on the home instance • Use the quote action to share and comment on posts Roam works with most Mastodon instances. Supports Elk. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and all compatible browsers. To learn more: https://fo.llow.social/roam For questions/feedback: https://mas.to/@assaf

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-15) Lyn: I like this extension and it works great!! But sometimes I just want to toot on it and I don't need to share any links or text. It's convenient because I don't need to go back to origin instance. And it's more private for toot when I was in workplace... Can you just add a button to customize this feature about toot but not to share? It will be great and I would like to pay for the new feature!
  • (2023-02-14) Joshua Jones: Great extension over all, really makes using Mastodon across multiple instances much simpler and adds some features that should be a part of the platform. I've posted reviews previously, but as every time I leave feedback it gets addressed, I keep posting new reviews. New feedback: I'm having a strange issue that has just started (possibly with the 3.3.0 update?) where attempting to quote anything from my home instance instead pulls in text to the composer as though it were any random page. If you'd like a screenshot or something to demonstrate it, you can message me @[email protected]
  • (2023-02-09) Tony Hoyle: Can only review the bits I can see.. it appears to be a dialog that pops up containing the links on the mastodon page. Not sure what that adds, but I can see it being useful for some. Alas I couldn't get any further because all that happens when you enter your handle is the dialog goes grey and.. nothing.. until you eventually close it. Probably doesn't work with all instances I guess. It really needs more feedback as to what it's doing & what mastodon versions it's compatible with.
  • (2023-02-09) Joshua Jones: Removed my original review as it mostly focused on a bug which has been resolved. Posting a new review with some additional reports and thoughts. I wanted to also add some details about a use case I just experienced. In composing a reply, I added a content warning to the first post in the reply then added and wrote two additional posts using the Add new thread button. I noticed that there was not an option to add content warnings to the additional posts. There was also no option to set the privacy level for those additional posts. I just assumed that the content warning and privacy level from the first post would also be applied to the second and third. The privacy level was but the content warning was not. So I had to edit the follow-up posts separately to add in the content warning. Not a huge deal except that the text of the content warning also applies to the character count, and so one of the posts had to be modified after the fact to account for the additional characters of the content warning. Also, just an opinion: the bell icon is not a great icon to represent content warnings. I've seen an eye icon (👁) used by some apps and I think that mostly works, but it actually never occurred to me that the bell might be the button I needed to hit until I started mousing over them. I don't know if others feel the same. Finally, a very trivial request that you can easily ignore if you're not personally interested in it: any chance of a dark mode toggle for the screenshots?
  • (2023-01-25) Joshua Jones: Great app. I don't use it at all for anything dealing with Twitter, only for the Mastodon side of things. One thing I did notice: it seems as though with replies it doesn't include a mention to the person you're replying to. I think this may be problematic because Mastodon doesn't notify on replies, only on mentions. If I reply to a reply, it will then add in the cc: @[email protected] bit at the bottom, but the user it includes is the OP, not the poster of the reply that I'm replying to.
  • (2022-12-20) Byron Miller: Works great! This really simplifies being able to browse other server timelines and easily follow/engage people as well as post articles and create new posts based on the profile you're viewing. No promo text in mine. Can confirm it works great.
  • (2022-12-17) Hendrik Mans: This extension is great and does exactly what it says. Unlike that other review wrongly and libellously states, it does not add promo links to the toots you post with it.
  • (2022-12-08) Sushubh: adds a promo text with link for some ios app in every toot by default.


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