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Turbocharge lichess.org with a ton of features

Image from store Lichess Tools, by Siderite
Description from store This extension adds a lot of extra functionality to the https://lichess.org web site. Main features: - Extended Interactive Lessons allow you to play ALL variations - Explorer Practice allows you to play against the moves in Opening Explorer, essentially helping you train against any rating bracket on the Internet or a specific opponent - Enhanced PGN Import in Analysis board allows you to merge multiple PGNs into a single one (lichess limitations strip down the comments, but I am working on a solution). This helps you quickly collect a player's repertoire and maybe save it as a study Interactive Lesson, simulating their play. Then you can export the current analysis moves into separate lines as well, or just copy a single branch as a PGN. - See evaluation of possible moves of the selected piece in analysis - Automatic detection of interesting moves - Mobile device features (for browsers that support extensions on mobile, like Kiwi), including drawing arrows and circles on mobile, scroll/zoom lock while playing, etc. - Change the friends box into a menu or a button, live update Friends page, - Sound and voice notifications where players you follow start playing (with mutable option per player) - TV enhancements: Current games section for players you follow and streamers, menu to go to previously opened games, previous two games in player TV just like in category TV - Ctrl-right/left to play a random move from the available ones in the list. This also works for moves coming from transposing positions - Extra context menus for Analysis/Study move list. One allows you to copy the current branch as a PGN. Another will use add comments with the computer evaluation to the terminating moves in all branches - Show player country flags and game opening names - Custom chat buttons when playing There are many more. Here is a comprehensive list, in the order of implementation: - randomly play one of the next moves with Ctrl-RightArrow - configurable probability to play a move by putting prc:<number> in the move comment, where number is a percentage between 1 and 100 - highlights for the last move of variations in the analysis/study board - also showing which of the last moves that have not ended in mate have no comment - highlights the transpositions to the current move in the analysis/study board - also an option to show all transpositions in the PGN - play multiple variations in Interactive lesson mode in the same chapter! (using the prc: notations if present) - automatically open/hide/convert to menu the Friends box at page load - sound alert when one of your friends starts playing a game (for various time controls) - changing the shortcut for playing the next best computer move from Space to Ctrl-Space - a minimum chess engine level (if it is idle in a lower state, it runs until it gets to that level) - sticky Interactive lesson Preview mode (remains in Preview when switching between chapters) - use keyboard shortcuts (i, m, b, Alt-i, Alt-m, Alt-b) for inaccuracies, mistakes and blunders in analysis - show player country flags next to their names (if they have their country specified in the profile) - import multiple PGNs in analysis mode and merge them into one - show the order of arrows and circles in analysis/study - add an item in the Watch menu to go to last watched game (and from there to the previously watched game and so on) - show opening name in TV game and mini games - opening explorer button to quickly switch between you and the selected user - show history section (last two games) for user TV - copy branches from analysis/study to clipboard - TV games have a link to the game in the title and can be bookmarked during the game - languages supported: English, Romanian - extension options in the Preferences menu in LiChess - next moves from transpositions are now available in the analysis move list - study move list context menu item to automatically go to the last move of every variation and add a comment with the computer evaluation - option to save preferences in incognito mode, too (you have to set it from Preferences first!) - buttons to change chapter names from the Event or Black/White PGN tags in the chapter edit form - custom styles for study comments - study chapter navigation controls (including random chapter) - auto save and button to reload PGNs in Analysis mode (recover from accidental reloads) - enhanced Friends list now shows live online status and TV links, plus allows the option to "mute" playing alerts for each player - hide score tally crosstable during play - select move from variations, computer list or explorer by pressing . (dot), Ctrl-. and Shift-. respectively, then a digit key - global enable/disable extension switch - for the currently selected chapter, the ability to selectively remove just the comments, glyphs or drawn shapes - mobile device settings (use Kiwi browser on mobiles, it allows extensions) - custom user CSS themes (you can create PRs for them or ask me to include them, but you are maintaining them!) - delete all PGN tags in bulk or pick individual ones from the current chapter - practice with Explorer (computer makes moves based on what masters, lichess or a specific player played in that position) - additional glyphs on board - drawing of arrows and circles on mobile (for analysis, study, games, puzzles, TV) - collapsable preference categories - extra computer analysis metrics on charts and eval gauge - the many preferences now can be filtered by advanced or basic and the categories can be collapsed - a friends tab in the Current Games section, to see just the games of the people you follow - a menu entry to go directly to the last visited study - notification on unread timeline posts and comments from the blogs, forums or people you follow - showing evaluation on Explorer moves from local computer analysis/lichess/chessdb/winning stats - scroll lock on mobiles while playing - finding interesting moves and allowing cycling through interesting/good/brilliant moves just like with blunders - quiet mode on all tabs and manual button for setting quiet mode - explorer gambits shows which move to make to play a gambit - persist last study settings when creating new studies - button to create chapter after the selected one - PGN textarea in studies, similar to Analysis - Move list options: indented variations shows all variations as tree branches, not inline - Move list options: bookmarks allows tagging variations with a label, collapse/expand them, link to them, split chapter by them, open another window with just the analysis tools (move list, explorer, computer eval) - Option to not see cloud values in computer evaluation - Context menu on bookmarked positions to get the URL of the position - Move list options: Expanded move list and Hide left side in Analysis - a streamers tab in the Current Games section, to see just the games of streamers - search Wiki in analysis by position, not move order - practice with whatever computer engine you selected, ignoring cloud and with your specific custom engine level - TV options: - show history section (last two games) for user TV - TV games have a link to the game in the title and can be bookmarked during the game - a friends tab in the Current Games section, to see just the games of the people you follow - a streamers tab in the Current Games section, to see just the games of streamers - show pawn structures in analysis, TV games and mini-games - save different Explorer settings and toggle between them - click on Explorer sum row to get a random move, weighted on move probabilities - custom mini-game size - play again from where you entered Preview mode in Interactive Lessons and collapsible Interactive Lesson chapter controls - use Stockfish on Brave browser - learn from your mistakes in Study chapters - pin studies and broadcasts to home page - community forum - PGN editor (merge, split, normalize, count, search) - play lag chart - freeze board in analysis - download all studies of a player - larger coordinates, outside coordinates in Analysis - Profile date interval label and Puzzle statistics tab - #readgame URL to read games in analysis/study - restore position in the move list in study chapters on page refresh - move assistant shows evaluation on selected piece destinations - warning when playing against a suspicious opponent (disconnect rate) - commands! type /help to get a list URLs: - extension page: https://siderite.dev/blog/new-chrome-extension-lichess-tools/ - GitHub page: https://github.com/Siderite/lichessTools I am taking suggestions for other features, bug reports, styling help or any other kind. Please rate, review and spread the word!

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  • (2023-11-05) Felix Led: Thank you, siderite! :D I was in contact with the developer of lichess tools, because it didnt work at my pc at first. Siderite helped me out a lot over discord and we discovered, that my OS was the problem: I have windows 7 on my pc. Lichess tools seems not to work on a windows 7 system. On another laptop with windows 10 it worked fine instantly! Thank you for your awesome lichess tool, Siderite, and for your help! :D For all other users: Lichess tools only works with windows 10 or higher! Greetings Endspiellehrer
  • (2023-10-15) D B: Well documented, fills a functional niche of things I have been looking for. But now testing it. I am looking for chess variations tress navigation control from user-end and that seems to be the driving force behind the proposed features. It is rich in many features. Perhaps Lichess could find inspiration in there.


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