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Sales Engagement Software for Linkedin Lead Generation, Email, WhatsApp & Calls

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Description from store Introduction ------------ Looking to book more meetings and close deals faster? Overachieve your sales quota with SmartReach’s all-in-one sales engagement extension for Linkedin automation, sales email outreach, and Linkedin outreach. The sales engagement outreach chrome extension by SmartReach uses multiple channels like Linkedin outreach, Whatsapp, Email, SMS etc to connect and engage with prospects and when used to its full potential this Linkedin automation software would help achieve brand awareness, lead generation & sales conversions. This Linkedin automation software ensures that your prospect is targeted from multiple touchpoints thereby increasing the chances of sales conversions. Sales engagement which includes Linkedin automation and sales outreach has become a significant part of the sales process. Benefits of using SmartReach’s Linkedin automation software for multichannel outreach ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Explore multiple outreach channels to connect with prospects - Outreach via Linkedin Automation features like send connect, view profile, send Linkedin InMail & Message - Outreach via WhatsApp Messaging, SMS and Calls - Create manual tasks for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) - Focused task completion feature designed for SDRs - Fixed extension screen for task management - Add “Generic Notes” and assign them to team members - Common Team Inbox - Detailed reporting and analysis - Linkedin prospecting and lead generation - Native CRM integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and more Let's discuss the Linkedin automation for multichannel outreach extension more in detail. Steps to set up a sales engagement outreach campaign with SmartReach ----------------- - Create a sequence of communications via multiple channels like Email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, SMS & Calls - Add prospects via CSV upload or native CRM integrations - Integrate your email ID and set up a Linkedin profile - Set up campaign settings like sending time, max number of daily outreach etc - Start the campaign Once the campaign starts the team members (SDRs) would need to access the “Task” section of the SmartReach.io app and complete all daily tasks assigned in their tray. All email outreach set for a campaign would be sent automatically. What specialization does SmartReach offer under multichannel outreach? ----------------- SmartReach multichannel outreach provides an all-in-one sales engagement platform that assists B2B businesses to find emails and engage with prospects. It has special features designed to increase sales team productivity. It accelerates revenue growth by optimizing key interactions through the sales process. Manages B2B customer interactions via email outreach, Linkedin outreach, SMS and WhatsApp messages. Which communication channels are currently available? ---------------- SmartReach’s multichannel software for sales automation enables sequences using the below communication channels - Email Sequences - Manual Email - LinkedIn Automation - Send SMS - Send Whatsapp Message - Calls Does SmartReach’s multichannel software for Linkedin automation support drips? ---------------- Presently, this Linkedin automation software supports only sequences. Drips are currently under development and shall be supported in the coming months. Who can access the LinkedIn automation for the Sales Engagement Outreach Extension? --------------- All SmartReach.io customers who have active accounts can access the LinkedIn automation extension. The extension is not accessible without a paid or trial account. Does SmartReach offer a free trial of the Linkedin automation for sales outreach extension? --------------- Access to Linkedin automation for multichannel outreach is available during the 14 day free trial period. Step 1: Complete the sign-up process on Smartreach.io Step 2: Install Sales Linked Automation for Outreach from Google Chrome Extension Store Step 3: Sign in to the extension using the SmartReach.io login credentials What Linkedin outreach options are available with the Sales Linked Automation for Outreach extension? --------------- The multichannel outreach chrome extension engages with the selected prospect via the following: - Send Linkedin Connect Request - Send Linkedin Message - View Linkedin Profile - Send Linkedin Inmail The outreach chrome extension is designed to provide a fixed dual screen for SDRs. This enables them to access prospect information on one screen and Linkedin outreach options from the other screen providing full control and visibility of the activity in the Linkedin account. How and where to create sale engagement outreach tasks? ---------------- Campaign creation has 5 steps of which the first step is “Content”. Here the Campaign Owner or Sales Manager can create a sequence of outreach actions by selecting the mode of communication (like Linkedin, WhatsApp etc). Based on the channel chosen, tasks get created. Who has the access to the list of sales automation tasks & can it be assigned to the team members? --------------- The campaign owner has the authority to access and assign all the sales automation tasks. Is there a time frame & priority available for tasks? --------------- A due date option is available to complete each multichannel outreach task along with the option to set the priority of the particular task. Tasks can be completed based on the date & priority level. How does LinkedIn connect feature work? --------------- When the LinkedIn connect feature is selected, the profile page of the respective prospect opens up showing the “Connect” button. On clicking the “Connect”, the task would get completed. How does the LinkedIn Send Message feature work? --------------- When the LinkedIn message feature is selected, the send message box on the LinkedIn page opens up automatically showing up the message which had been saved when creating the campaign sequence. When the “Send” button is clicked, the task gets completed. How does the Send LinkedIn Inmail task work? --------------- LinkedIn Inmail is a service that is available to only premium Linkedin customers. If the “Send Inmail” task is selected, then the required page opens up to send mail. In case the Inmail option is not available, the SDR or team member can perform other tasks such as “Send Connect Request” or “Send Message” or “View Profile” following which the task gets completed. What is the Generic Notes option used for? -------------- The generic notes feature provides an option to create manual tasks to be assigned to self or team members. For example; the Campaign Owner could create a task of “Send message via Telegram” and assign it to a team member along with a priority and due date. This task then appears in the assigned team members' tray and should be closed once they have completed the task This feature helps to maintain a record of the important task or notes. How does sending SMS help with sales automation? ------------- The Send SMS feature helps with contacting prospects directly through their mobile number. This option could be used when no response is received even after sending follow-up emails. How can WhatsApp messages help with closing more deals? ------------ As most people are active on WhatsApp there is a high chance that a response can be received when a WhatsApp message is sent. Increasing the likelihood of more deal closures. When the “Send WhatsApp Message” task is selected, then the chat window on web.whatsapp.com opens up for the team member or SDR. What will happen when a prospect's phone number or Linkedin profile is missing? ------------ In case of missing phone numbers or Linkedin profiles, the campaign for this prospect shall get auto-paused until the required data is added. The list would appear under the Errors section. Path: Campaigns ->> Errors ->> Missing Linkedin Profile What are the upcoming multichannel software features on Sales Linked Automation for Outreach extension? ---------- The upcoming features are as follows: - Send SMS - Calls - Pop-up of Overdue Tasks with High Priority


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